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feng shui wealth in 2013

Wealth Tips for 2013 Added January 2013

It appears we are out of recession one day and then back in the next, heading for a fiscal cliff (new one to me) or a double dip recession, regardless of which country you live in, this seems to be click here to continue reading…

Placing your Master Cure in 2013 Added December 2012

The most powerful and imperative Feng Shui cure and enhancer in 2013 is called a Hu Shen Fu Master cure, amulet and protective talisman and can only to be used in Gui Si (yin water Snake) year, the last time this powerful cure would have been used was in 1953. This powerful cure is much needed in More…

Reusing your 2011 cures kit in 2012. Added January 2012

We realise that not everybody can afford to purchase a new kit each year and while the cures from the previous year will not be as effective, we have still found a way for you to implement the cures into your home for 2012. I know most Feng Shui websites and books will say that you should not reuse at all and throw away or bury three feet into the ground as the previous year’s kit stores so much collective negative energy, I do not like to advise this as I know that there are still many people who cannot afford to replace the kit each year and you will always find alternatives in our advice that everyone can implement a cure regardless if they use the kits or not. More…

Feng Shui Cures Added July 2011

Feng Shui Cures can help you get the most out of everything you do in life right down to finding new love or strengthening existing relationships, acquiring new wealth, optimising your health More…

Using the Lunar Calendar to cleanse your Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers.Added February 2011

There is a very simple and effective way to remove negative energy and empower your items with positive energy. When cleansing your cures and enhancers from previous years to use in 2011, there really is no substitute to a good strong full moon. Make sure you follow the Lunar calendar for 2011 below so you can prepare to cleanse your Feng Shui items.
Cleansing your products is actually very simple. All you need to do is follow these easy steps. More…

Oldest and most powerful Feng Shui cures. Added November 2010

The salt water cure has always been kept a closely guarded Feng Shui secret up until about eleven years ago when we released the formula. This cure has been copied by everyone nowadays although many people purchasing the cure from other Feng Shui websites are receiving the wrong information and are placing them incorrectly. More…

Brand new Feng Shui software version 3.0? Added November 2009

Introducing the brand new Academy of Feng Shui software version 3.0, the best Feng Shui software just got so much better with over 60 new, and many more updated and improved features. New on-line forum within the software, peach blossom romance section and so many extras to More…

Oldest and most powerful Feng Shui cures. Added July 2009

The salt water cure has always been kept a closely guarded Feng Shui secret up until about eleven years ago when we released the formula. This cure has been copied by everyone nowadays although many people purchasing the cure from other Feng Shui websites are receiving the wrong information and are placing them incorrectly. More…

Questions & answers on how we use Feng Shui in our life?s. Added April 2009

I thought this questions and answers section would interest you as these are questions sent to us personally and it gives you some insight into our personal life and how we use Feng Shui day to day, I hope you enjoy it. More…

New school dates announced for 2008. Added January 2008

New dates announced for the next foundation course in April 2008. This extremely popular 2-day course provides an uncomplicated, prepared system for anyone who is looking to learn the fundamentals of Feng Shui in the shortest time possible. Places are already limited so book soon: More…

Salt water cure secrets. Added October 2007

Everything you need to know about this once closely guarded secret until we revealed the formula around eight years ago and now copied by everyone although many still use them incorrectly and for this reason I have updated this page from November 2006 to clarify yet again as whilst extremely powerful, if used incorrectly they have a very negative effect. More…

Michael’s Feng Shui Blog Feng Shui and doors. Added August 2007

Forget about placing three legged Toads, Buddha?s and making your home or office look like a Chinese restaurant (unless of course you are a Chinese restaurant) and concentrate on the Feng Shui essentials that are so often overlooked. The main entrance door is probably one of the most important areas of a home or office, it is where the qi (ch?i) enters the building and the quality of the qi is dependant on the quality of the door area, hall and driveway.more…

Chinese culture, etiquette and Protocol. Added July 2007

Everything you need to know about Chinese culture, etiquette, protocol, visiting, doing business and communicating in or with China. I was born in Hong Kong and I know that there are many protocols, values and traditions that the Chinese hold close and since I still travel a lot in Asia on Feng Shui consultations and teaching. More…

Feng Shui academy update. Added July 2007

The September course is fully booked and unfortunately due to new software development and consultations all over the world we are unable to set new dates for the next weekend foundation course, dates will be announced as soon as possible. Our Feng Shui software that is included in the course again has been taken to new levels and we are so thankful of our Students and other Feng Shui Master’s and Practitioners throughout the world who have helped us develop the world’s most powerful Feng Shui software . This can be bought separately by following the numerous links on the website. More…

Ba Zhai (Eight house/mansions) Feng Shui Added August 2004

Feng Shui newsletter June 2004 Added July 2004

Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui. Added May 2004

Feng Shui professional store Added December 2003

Feng Shui and front doors Added September 2003

Which order should your Fu Dogs be placed? Added August 2003

Feng Shui professional series Added August 2003

Numerology and Feng Shui. Added August 2003

Feng Shui and the many facets of Chinese culture Added June 2003

A word of warning Added June 2003

Feng Shui Cures Kit Testimonials Added May 2003

Feng Shui consultations for your home & office Added May 2003

Philosophy of Feng Shui. Added April 2003

Feng Shui Store expands to Europe Added April 2003

Form School Feng Shui and how to use it on your home or office ADDED OCTOBER 2002

What to look for in your existing home or office or one you are thinking of buying. ADDED OCTOBER 2002

Should you use a Ba Gua mirror indoors? ADDED AUGUST 2002

Are you suffering from bad Flying Stars? ADDED AUGUST 2002

A word of warning about a costly mistake:

We recently carried out a consultation on a property in London, the owners wanted to share their experience about another practitioner who previously carried out a consultation at the cost of £1.000 plus after consultation telephone support at £250.00 per hour. If you see this page disappear, you will know we had letters from solicitors.

How to determine your sitting and facing direction:

Apart from your compass direction, this is one of the most important aspects of practising authentic Feng Shui. A must read.

How to take an accurate compass reading:

The most important part of a Feng Shui consultation and without one you cannot practice authentic and traditional Feng Shui. Even
the experts should read this one.

What is Ch?i?

Also known as Qi, Ki, Prana or Mana. Together with the sun, wind and water it is life, without it we would not exist. It is an invisible force that is around us at all times, it affects our health, wealth and happiness.

Indispensable and actual cures a Feng Shui Practitioner would use:

Now forget about our shop and three legged Toads, happy Buddha?s etc. for a minute (did I really say that) the cures below are ones that a skilled Feng Shui practitioner would use.

How to use the five elements in Feng Shui:

The elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water are the foundation for Feng Shui balance and play a very important role in creating the perfect environment.

Are you suffering from Geopathic stress?

Geopathic stress, sick buildings syndrome, black lines, Radon gas, Lung Mai (earth meridian) whatever we call them, they exist.

Wrong Shui or Right Shui? That is the question.

One book will tell you never place water in the south and other say you should, who do you believe? I have given up on all the books out there.

Feng Shui and your garden:

The garden is so often overlooked it really is the key to good Feng Shui, advice and cures that a real Feng Shui practitioner would use in the garden.

Children and Feng Shui:

The Chinese have always emphasized education. To them, education is crucial as it represents an opportunity of escape. The bedroom or study area is an important aspect of their development as well as the surroundings you give them.

Feng Shui for health:

Sleep is vital to your health and it determines how well you function in your day. As the famous mattress ad goes, “tomorrow begins tonight.” From a Feng Shui perspective, there could be various reasons for this.

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