Power beads

Feng Shui crystal power beads and jewellery

From the dawn of history, people have associated different stones with certain powers – powers for healing, for happiness, for inspiration, wealth and love. Unlike some companies who sell glass imitations, we have selected the finest quality genuine semi-precious stones for our Feng Shui crystal power beads and jewellery.

Now you too can enrich and take control of your life with a little help from your power bead bracelet and necklace. Combine different elements for even greater power, be it passion, self control or money; whatever you wish to enhance in your life, we have some of the finest jewellery available to help you enhance your situation.

every Feng Shui crystal power bead and jewellery piece that we sell has been chosen by us from all around the world and has been checked to make sure it is of the highest quality and come with an explanation about the benefits of the different type of crystal.

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