Annual #5 Star Cures

The 5 Yellow In 2024 – The annual 5 Yellow Lian Zhen star of tragedy is located in the west

The annual #5 tragedy star will fly into the west palace of every home and workplace on the 4th of February 2024. When activated, this star can bring illness, accidents, fatalities or bankruptcy, making this an extremely important area to treat during 2024. Please do not panic if you have an important room in the west this year, as there is a great deal that can be done to keep this influence calm and undisturbed.

In period 9, the #5 star will remain an inauspicious star, and care and powerful metal cures will be needed to keep this influence at bay. The #5 star will still be inauspicious during period 9 (2024 – 2044), and we will not be changing the way that we treat this star with regard to the annual and monthly Flying stars.

The #5 star during period 9 Feng Shui
Auspicious or inauspicious
Influence when activated Issues related to illness, accidents, fatalities or bankruptcy
Weaken with
Metal cures.

In period 9, we will be treating the #5 star the same way that we did in period 8 by using three very powerful cures in the same sector; this is a tried and tested method for the last twenty years, and we have personally got great results from this along with tens of thousands of others.

Below, you will find a good range of carefully chosen Cures and Enhancers for the Annual #5 Flying star to help you make the most of the west of your home or office for 2024.

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