Annual #8 Star Cures

2017 Flying Star Chart #8 Star

In 2017, the Annual #8 Flying star has flown  in to the east

Ken 8 White Zuo Fu is an earth star and a yang Trigram and is the most auspicious  star during period 8 (2004 –  2024).  It affects the hands, fingers, pancreas and back. It also affects wealth career and luck and because it is timely in period 8, it is considered the most auspicious flying star.

This is the governing flying star for the next eight years of the lower era of the sexagenarian cycle of the flying stars system and is located in the east for 2017, so if you have a door, office or any other important room in the east this is great news for you although we also have the Three Killings and Sui Po located here so care will be needed and if possible, you should try using another door this year although this is easier said than done for the majority but If you have all of your cures and enhancers in place, you can still activate the #8 star and leave Sui Po and the Three Killings undisturbed.

The Annual #8 star can be activated by human activity and normally, it would be encouraged to use this room as much as possible and with Sui Po and the Three Killings here, this room must be kept calm and quiet which is why the right cures and enhancers are so important in the east this year.

Below, you will find a good range of carefully chosen Cures and Enhancers for the Annual #8 Flying star to help you make the most of the east of your home or office for 2017.

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