Crystal energisers

Feng Shui crystal cluster for health, wealth, career, relationships and more

An exceptional and exclusive collection of crystal art and Feng Shui crystal clusters only available from the Feng Shui Store.

A beautiful collection of crystal art designed especially for the Feng Shui Store. You will not find this range of exclusive crystal art anywhere else in the world. We only use the finest quality and all our products are hand made to the highest standard. As with all our products they are cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i energy, this means you are ensured that every item you buy from us has a unique positive energy.

The perfect present:

Swarovski Lead crystal and genuine semi-precious quartz cluster

These spectacular clusters have been custom-made just for us, a magnificent piece of unique crystal sculpture. Energise the energy in your home or office and clear negative energy. Made with 18 individual pieces.


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