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Feng Shui Essential Oils created by the Feng Shui Store

We have created three different buying options for the Feng Shui Essential Oils:

  • Feng Shui Store Essential Oil Kit – all five of our blended 100% pure Essential Oils, five Quartz Crystals, Feng Shui Oil Burner and aromatics software to determine where to burn the Oils. This is ideal for those that wish to enhance every aspect of their life; they also make great gift sets.
  • Feng Shui Store single Essential Oil – Single Essential Oil blend with harmonics software and Quartz Crystal – This is ideal for those who wish to only enhance certain aspects of their life.
  • Feng Shui Store Essential Oil Refills – Refill of any of the five Essential Oil blends for when you run out or if you just wish to use it without placement.

You can imagine our excitement at developing this range of Feng Shui essential oils.  Because we have used essential oils for such a long time, we are extremely selective and aware of the difference in qualities of oils and it took us over three years to select the right company to supply our oils and endless mixes to find the right blends.

We have used essential oils as an alternative treatment to modern medicine for around 32 years and have used them in Feng Shui for around 13 years.  We first started using essential oils in Feng Shui with the products that we sell on our website and each product is cleansed with the same blend of space clearing essential oils that is included in our Feng Shui Aromatics range.  Using essential oils and aromatics is not new to Feng Shui; as it has been used for thousands of years along with sound as they resonate close to each other.

Aroma is like music, the smell and experience can be so different to each individual.  I personally love the strongest English mustard and to me the smell and taste is a perfect combination of the most auspicious Sheng Chi Feng Shui you could ever wish for, but if I placed a jar of mustard under my wife Josephine’s nose she would probably be sick and for that reason, we had to test the oils with so many different people to try and make a blend that would suit everyone.  The power of these essential oils is actually quite amazing and because the aroma is so strong they resonate at a perfect frequency and the effects are extremely powerful.
Included in the kits is a very powerful and valuable piece of Feng Shui software that has been adapted for the Feng Shui Aromatics range giving you valuable information on where to burn your oils to enhance certain aspects of your life like wealth, health, relationships, academics etc. The software on its own will also show you which direction you should face while working, sleeping, meditating etc to enhance your life.

These 100% pure Feng Shui Essential Oils are a brand new range of ours and after 3 years of development, getting the precise blend, countless visits to blenders, hundreds of samples, bottle sizing and so much more we have finally got an extraordinary blend that we are proud to put our name on. This has been a massive project for us and was a great journey to get a completely unique product that is 100% customised to get the optimum results for health, wealth, career, relaxation, relationships and so much more.

These Feng Shui Essential Oil blends are made up of 100% pure Essential Oils and contain no carrier oils which was vital for us as this can weaken the aroma of the blend and also the effectiveness when using the Oil. We visited a great deal of suppliers over the 3 years of development to be sure that the product we supply to you is the best that it can be which actually put us 200% over our budget but was really worth it to get the best quality that we could.

Every bottle has been embedded with a message on the inside of the label with the words “I love you” which is a well-known method discovered by Masaru Emoto who did a series of experiments to prove that when surrounded by positive though and words, anything with energy will affect our physical environment for the better. If you search Google for the famous “rice experiment” you will find just how effective and amazing this method truly is.

As you are probably aware, the power of quartz Crystals are extremely effective in enhancing different areas of your life and have found that they are extremely effective when used with aroma and sounds as they resonate at a similar level and in our opinion, can alter the state of the oil and especially so when placed in the correct area which of course, our software will guide you on and for this reason we have also had a quartz crystal placed in each bottle to greatly enhance the effects of each Essential Oil blend. These Crystals have gone through a very intense cleansing process before being placed in to the bottles.

These Feng Shui Essential Oils have been blended using the finest Essential Oils and are 100% pure and undiluted with only the best quality Oils available to create the optimum Essential Oil Blend for you.

Please do not take these Feng Shui essential oils internally.  Keep away from children, eyes, wounds, animals open flames & treasured surfaces. If you are receiving treatment for any condition, please check with your health-care professional before using an essential oil.

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