Annual #4 Star Cures

Sun 4 Green In 2022, Sun 4 Green sits in the southeast of the Lo Shu square

2022 Feng Shui Flying star chart 4 starIn 2022, the annual #4 Sun wood star will fly back to its inherent palace in the southeast and when activated correctly, can bring extremely strong Peach Blossom luck, enhancing love, relationships, career, travel prospects, creativity, academic prospects and self-development. With the wood of the #4 star combined with the wood Sun energy of the #4 star this is a harmonious relationship and we can expect a lovely energy from here.

To enhance this beautiful influence, you should place a  Dezhi Nianqian wish and romance enhancer in the southeast of your home or office during 2022. The Wish and romance enhancer is a very powerful Peach Blossom talisman and is a very effective manifestation enhancer for the southeast. This will work extremely well in the southeast this year as we have the annual and inherent stars pair up, creating double luck.

Below, you will find a good range of carefully chosen Cures and Enhancers for the Annual #4 Flying star to help you make the most of the southeast of your home or office for 2022.

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