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Welcome to our Feng Shui store. You will find below all the different categories below with regards to Feng Shui products. We are not just another Feng Shui Internet company; we are one of the oldest and longest established specialists Feng Shui companies in the world and our products are sourced only from companies that share the same ethical values as us. We do not sell hundreds of McFeng Shui items, we only recommend and sell traditional and authentic Feng Shui cures and enhancers.

Josephine runs the shop side and is so passionate about our web site. She carefully selects only the finest products that we believe will enhance your surroundings – and help change your life. We truly believe that by applying a few Feng Shui principles in your environment – your life could change – for the better although you must not just reply on Feng Shui as a cure and enhancer especially with regards to your health and always seek professional advice.

18 thoughts on “Feng Shui Store Shop Categories

  1. HI Daniel,

    I hope you and you’re family are all safe and well.
    please can you advise me ,

    some of my lawn in my back garden has dies and I need to remove the dead off the top layer of the lawn the garden is in the East and the lawn is a mess. I need to sow more grass seed.

    im worried this will this be digging the ground very shallow just removing dead thatch really.
    many thanks

    1. Hi Ellie,

      As long as you are using hand tools, this would not be a problem. The further you get away from the house, the more noise you can generally make although I would try to keep it low if you can.

      Groundbreaking generally refers to digging down with machinery to build a home or pond.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel,

        Thank you for replying so prompt, Yes I’m using a hand trowel to clear the dead thatch away.

        kind regards

  2. hello , im levy from gensan, philippines, this year what is good for our business? we are engage in business of sales and marketing of airconditions including services, cleaning, repair & installation of AC. please give us advice on how we can get on top of our sales, thank you very much.

    1. This is ronda Bolitho you are not taking me seriously if you don’t reply back to me and give me my bracelet I will let the whole internet and YouTube no that use our faults I would like my bracelet I have given you my bank statement I have sent you 7 emails and you have not responded please send me an email telling me that I will get my bracelet and can l have your phone number it would be better if I ring you because I have 3 more bracelets to get and l would like to do it over the phone thanks Ronda

      1. Hi Ronda,

        I’m afraid I could not find any previous emails from you and can’t find any orders on our system for your name. Could you please let me know your order number and I will look into this.

        Our phone number is +44 1296 399100 if you would rather speak over the phone.

        I hope this helps.

        Kind regards,

  3. hi i want to know what is best for our store to have proseprity… we are renting a space and we are the 4th owner… the previous owner of the space they are all bankcrupt… were now 4yrs and 6mos in our store… and this year is not the best year of us.. we almost bankcrupt…what should i do… to prevent the misfortune we face now… please help us…

  4. Have two homes on 1 acre property – main house not the bread winner.
    have separate donga( transportable) for office.
    main house faces South, Office door faces west and granny flat in shed.
    Shed faces south and unit door faces east
    Which is the most important of all three? please
    Don’t have Facebook.
    Kind Regards

    Kaye- West Australia

    1. Hi Kaye,

      It is best to work out the Flying Stars for all of your properties if they are used or lived in although if you want to do a main building, it is best to work on your home first.

      Kind regards,

  5. Hi
    i have a shop which main door facing towards southwest. So plz advice me suggestion that how can i run a wealthy business?

    1. Hi Ajoy,

      The southwest is a good area for a business entrance this year although it has to be treated carefully. You can read more about the advice here http://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/flyingstars2015/9star.htm

      I would also take a look at the other Flying Stars for the year and make approiate changes where possible; you can view the Flying Star Analysis for this year here http://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/flyingstars2015.htm

      I hope this helps, Ajoy.

      Kind regards,

  6. hi,
    i am constucting the new shop at south east facing direction i want to know about the colour of flooring tiles and colour of wall for my prosperity and sitting also

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