Annual #1 Star Cures

Kan 1 White In 2024, Kan trigram is in the east

Kan #1 is a water element. In the physical body, it is the ear. The internal organ is the kidneys, and it is also blood. It also affects career and luck.

In period 9, the #1 star has become the secondary wealth star, and when activated correctly, this can bring success in one’s career and finances.

The #1 star during period 9 Feng Shui
Auspicious or inauspicious Auspicious
Influence, when activated – Enhances career, wealth, and overall luck
Enhance with water and metal cures

Kan water #1 (Tang Lang) has flown into the east in 2024, and the inherent energy of this sector is wood, which will weaken the auspicious energy of this area during 2024, and we will need to enhance the #1 star with water and metal cures this year to help strengthen this energy.

The east can affect all occupants of the household or workplace this year, although it is an especially important area for the eldest son and males during 2024. This influence can bring luck and advancements to careers, finances and relationships when activated correctly.

Below, you will find a good range of carefully chosen Cures and Enhancers for the Annual #1 Flying star to help you make the most of the east of your home or office for 2024.

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