Feng Shui Store Green And Ethical Policy

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Feng Shui Store Green and Ethical Policy

Do the Feng Shui Store really practise what they preach?

Updated  22 August 2023

Feng Shui Store is not just following the Eco green craze to win ‘brownie points’ or because it’s cool to be green, we have had a green and ethical policy within the company since we started the business back in 1999.
The Feng Shui Store have been doing their best to stay on top of the latest technology where eco products are involved and since we started up in 1999, we have done a considerable amount to lower our carbon footprint which we are pretty proud of! Here at the Feng Shui Store, we ensure we do our part for the environment because we believe that whatever you put out into the universe comes back to you whether it is good or bad and we have had this company and personal ethos for a very long time.

Mercedes C220 CDI CoupeIn 2012 we took huge steps towards a completely green lifestyle by installing a very large 22 x 327 watts panels = 7.2 KW Solar Panel System in the office, which allows us to actually run our office free of charge and even export electricity back to the electricity company and in May 2023 we installed 19.4KW solar batteries so we almost run off the grid which is very rare to achieve in the UK. In March 2023 Michael purchased a Tesla Model 3 which is charged through the solar panels so pretty runs it free of charge.

With the solar panels installed, batteries and combining that with a top of the range Eco boiler, cavity wall insulation, double glazed windows, fully insulated loft and all of the other bits like radiator heat deflectors, individually controlled radiators and low wattage light bulbs inside and out and we now have an energy efficiency rating of A which brings us closer to our goal of an Eco home and office in modern Britain.

We had a 418 square foot custom-built office designed and built for Michael and Daniel from a local company and all of the material used in the project was all locally sourced, recycled wood, glass and insulation and the whole building is around 99% sustainable wood and was completely tailored to Feng Shui requirements using our Academy of Feng Shui Software. The office was built for Michael to help us cut down on commuting costs and lower our carbon footprint and in September 2023 Daniel is having an eco home office built that is even better than Michaels.

Feng Shui Store log burning stoveSince the build of the office, we have fitted a low energy radiator which runs free of charge 8 months of the year and have also had installed a pair of solar tube air heaters which cut energy costs out 100%. We’ve been looking into a wood-burning stove heater although we are still unsure if it is safe to use indoors, more research is needed and would love to hear some feedback from others who have used them.
May 2015 update: Over the weekend, we had a 5 kilowatt log burning stove installed in the office producing completely free heat. Admittedly, it is a comfortable 16 degrees outside at the moment of writing this although we still fired it up to give it a test run. Michael spent a long time searching for a good quality DEFRA rated stove that is completely clean burning and produces minimal fumes as it burns all of the toxic fumes before producing clean smoke. This is one of Michaels new favourite gadgets and also a fantastic way to cut out electricity and gas usage. Combined with a small oven and stove top, we are all looking forward to the winter soups and chestnuts!

Over the years, we have spent a great deal of time making both the home and office as green as possible which includes too many changes to remember but here are some of the adjustments we have made to our home and business over the years

  • 7.2KW Solar Panel System generating free electricity to the home and office
  • 19.4KW solar batteries
  • Changing cars to more eco-friendly, fuel-efficient models to lower carbon footprint
  • The home office made from fully recycled, environmentally friendly materials to help lower carbon footprint from commuting to the warehouse
  • New energy efficient boiler fitted to lower emissions
  • House and office fitted with cavity wall insulation to retain heat
  • Low energy radiators fitted in the office
  • Solar tube air heaters in the office to produce free heating

This is only a tiny part of what we have done to lower our carbon footprint and we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

In 2011, we introduced our “Good Karma packaging” which helped us to lower the price of our products and shipping costs for our customers by using eco-friendly packaging which consists of lightweight, renewable packaging that helps all of us obtain good Qi by doing our part for the environment.

We re-use around 99% of the packaging from our supplier deliveries which helps to minimise our waste management costs.

As one of the oldest Feng Shui companies in the world with over 88.000 clients and growing daily; we send packages out to every corner of the world every day, we make sure that we always aim to keep our carbon footprint to a bare minimum. We do this by purchasing recycled packaging materials such as bubble wrap, sellotape, eco-friendly packing chips, cardboard and envelopes as much as possible.

When dealing with suppliers, we try to do business with suppliers as local as possible so that we are able to reduce carbon emissions when having our goods delivered. The majority of materials that our suppliers use to deliver our goods is reused by us and anything that we are unable to reuse is taken down to our local recycling centre which happens to be only 5 minutes down the road which means we can take the materials down there quickly and efficiently and sort them in the appropriate recycling bins.

Although Feng Shui is becoming more and more recognised by the day with people from all walks of life, Feng Shui Cures aren’t something that you will find in Tesco or Walmart which means that most of our Cures come from the Far East so it can sometimes be difficult to source products locally although we have had many products designed and made in the UK over the years and have also been making products in house for many years now.

Eco Friendly

At the Feng Shui Store, we realise that every time you leave the lights running, forget to turn a computer off at the end of the day, leave a machine running for longer than you need or even leave a tap dripping you waste valuable resources like electricity and water. We have installed remote-controlled power-saving devices into all our equipment to ensure that all of our electrical products are shut off when not in use. We recently installed water-saving devices around the building to ensure water use is kept low, especially with recent water shortages in the UK. We also use solar panel technology on our outside lighting.

We try to cut our travel to a minimum when possible as we know that trains, flights and car journeys play a big part in pollution and have introduced a bicycle into the company and Daniel uses this to commute locally at our storage and runs to get the milk and coffee from the shop down the road to keep us going on those busy days.

Green commitment

Our Green codes of practice on waste and environment protection focus on:

  • Reducing waste on materials
  • Reusing materials whenever possible
  • trading with green suppliers & partners
  • Minimising the number of printed materials & direct mail we use
  • Recycling all materials that we cannot use
  • Encouraging our staff to be responsible, corporate green citizens
  • Utilising energies and water sparingly
  • Endeavouring to work with partner organisations that share our green values
  • Utilising public transport wherever possible
  • We recycle our old computers, mobile phones and printer cartridges. It is our intention to operate our business in an as environmentally friendly way as we possibly can.

Ethical policy…

Our ethical policy is based on the standards adopted by the UN through the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO Conventions and the laws of the universe.

The standards we apply are as follows:

  • The law is applied.
  • Employment is freely chosen.
  • Working conditions are always kept safe and fair.
  • Child labour is completely eliminated.
  • Working hours are not excessive.
  • Discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed.

We expect all of our suppliers to appreciate and comply with our strict policy and we reserve the right not to do business with companies where there is evidence that violations of the policy take place. In particular we will not bring companies onto our supplier list where there is evidence of underage workers; bonded or forced prison labour or any other unethical aspect of business that does not fit into our strict company ethos.

Can you help?

Of course! Everyone can do their bit to be green. Any of the above steps can help to improve the environment. If the Feng Shui Store provides you with goods, try to re-use the packaging when possible. If this is not possible for you, dispose of it using local recycling facilities instead of simply placing it in your refuse bin.

Take a look at how you leave your computer after you finish using it. Do you simply close the laptop lid or maybe just walk away from the computer in the study. Both will leave the computer in standby mode. Though less power is used than when it is in use, this still wastes a great deal of energy. Switch the laptop off completely, or shut down the desktop computer and turn off the monitor; be sure to shut the computer down properly as this can damage the hard drive if you just hold the power off button. Not only will this save money on energy bills, but it will prolong the life of your computer(s). How’s that for an easy way to save money and help the environment?

Another great form of recycling is to donate your old computer or electric equipment to someone who may not be able to afford new equipment, or may simply not need a fast, new super-duper computer. Be sure to delete all data on your hard drive before selling, donating or recycling your computer.

Further help and resources

Check out the links in the Related links section of this page. The Energy Saving Trust site includes a wealth of information about saving energy, reducing costs and even generating your own energy! The Recycle Guide contains loads of useful hints and tips about recycling in general, including computers. Recycle.co.uk is a great site to find a new home for your old computer equipment.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to this section or have a relevant service that you would like to tell people about, please get in touch with us via our Contact us page.

Michael Hanna

December 2008 (Updated August 2023)

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