Annual #7 Star Cures


Dog Flying Stars chart - 2018 #7

In 2018, the Annual #7 Flying star has flown into the east

The #7 mischievous red stars is a negative influence in period 8. The trigram Tui is also known as ‘Broken Soldier‘. This is a fighting star which cause problems if left alone. When combined with another untimely star, its negative nature denotes assault, deceit, violence and robbery. This year 2018 it falls into the wood element of the east Chen palace which places both stars in severe conflict and can cause many problems if left untreated.

The #7 Red indicates a high risk of burglary, deception, copyright theft, gossip and backstabbing especially in the months of February and August if not treated correctly this year.

If you have a main door or window in the east of your home or office in 2018, please make sure that you check the locks to make sure they are all functioning correctly and if necessary, upgrade the security in this area. Check over your smoke alarms in the east and make sure there are no fire hazards in this area for 2018.

Below, you will find a good range of carefully chosen Cures and Enhancers for the Annual #7 Flying star to help you make the most of the east of your home or office for 2018.

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