Annual #6 Star Cures


Dog Flying Stars chart - 2018 #6

In 2018, the Annual #6 Flying star has flown  in to the southwest

The 6 white star is a compassionate money star and in 2018, it has flown in to the southwest which is very good for career, wealth, politicians, leaders and anyone who is involved with jewellery and raw minerals. If you have a main door or important room such as an office or living room in the southwest this year, this is very good and you can benefit from this as this influence can bring success, fame and wealth luck when enhanced correctly in 2018.

Although the #6 white star signifies accomplishment, if you have the annual #6 star located in a bedroom, it can cause problems with the liver and/or legs and you would need to make sure you introduce some water colours such as bedsheets or curtains for the year.

Below, you will find a good range of carefully chosen Cures and Enhancers for the Annual #6 Flying star to help you make the most of the southwest of your home or office for 2018.

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