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The ultimate Feng Shui cure and enhancer engraved with your name and personalised exclusively to you based on your birth date.

This brass Xiang Fei Fu Wu Lou is a very special talisman that we have been using with our private consultation clients for over twenty years, and we have now decided to release it to the public.

Each Xiang Fei Fu Wu Lou Talisman is engraved with a special talisman script and your name and Trigram engraved on the back, and you will receive instructions on where to place in your home or office based on your date of birth and what area of your life you would like to enhance. 

You can use up to four Xiang Fei Fu Wu Lou’s in a home or office focusing on your auspicious sheng chi (生气wealth and luck), Tian Yi (天医, Heavenly Doctor), Yan Nian (延年, health and relationships) and Fu Wei (伏位, Stability and overall harmony. With your Talisman you will receive instructions on how and where you activate each area.

Save up to £48 when ordering to place in your four auspicious directions

Order 1 Bespoke Xiang Fei Fu Brass Wu Lou at £48.88 each
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This Feng Shui Cure and enhancer is only known to a few specialist Feng Shui Grand Masters, and in the old days and even now in southeast Asia, you would have had to employ a specialist Feng Shui Grand Master to call at your home or business where they would come along with an expert zhuanke (seal carver) who would spend many hours carving the secret talisman engravings on to the Wu Lou with a powerful inscription Talisman for the client based on the day, month and year they were born and also taking into consideration of the gender of that person, and if that person was born on the Chinese New Year he would consult the Ten Thousand-year Calendar (Wan Nian Li) to ensure the correct Trigram is selected which of course we automatically do for you so if you are born on a Chinese New Day we may require more details on the hour and where in the world you were born.

The hollowed Wu Lou would then be filled with eight very special thought-form quartz crystals, and the client would write a list of all aspects of what they would like to improve in their life, so it could improve wealth, romance, career luck, health or any other aspect of their life and place it inside the Xiang Fei Fu wu lou and then screw the lid back on.

The Feng Shui master would provide instruction as to where to place the Xiang Fei Fu wu lou, but only four Xiang Fei Fu Wu Lou’s can be used at any one time per person in a home or business when placing them according to their Sheng Chi directions. You can still place the normal brass Wu Lou’s in your home as these are used to treat the Flying stars.

When ordering, you can either leave a note in the checkout with the following information to calculate the engravings or if no note is left, you will get an email requesting this: 

Name to be displayed on the Wu Lou
Date of birth – please list this as 13th January 1975 rather than numerical format.

One of the most critical aspects of this cure is the overall size of the actual width of the wu lou, in traditional Feng Shui you have auspicious and inauspicious measurements, and the entire width MUST fall within a Chai sector which is approximately between 0 – 55mm, and this wu lou is perfectly sited within 35mm (Chai) which is said to bring wealth creation and protection and said to bring six types of good fortune.

This stunning Xiang Fei Fu Wu Lou was made for us to exact standards and specifications and carefully crafted with red ribbon and a very special Talisman engraved on to each one. Embossed on the underside of the brass Xiang Fei Fu Wu Lou are the Eight Trigrams which signify wealth, luck, romance, career and health protection.

These are also the ultimate cure for the #1 and #5 star in Xuan Kong flying star Feng Shui and used for the fixed or annual and even monthly flying stars. We have personally used these for over thirty years, and they do not come any better than these.

Thousands of years ago, this talisman would have only been available to Emperors and the very rich as this cure and enhancer would have been made from gold; the ultimate Talisman although as you can imagine having it made from gold would cost tens of thousands of pounds and the brass we use is such good quality and the next best element in Feng Shui.

A Wu Lou is also known as Calabash, Gourd or “giver of life” is traditionally used to cure the #1 & #5 stars; in 2024 you would place a Wu Lou in the east and west. We have around 4 – 5 in our home at any one time as we sometimes use them with the monthly stars depending on where they are located, such as a bedroom or living room. We also place one on each side of our bed; this is something we have done for as long as I can remember.

We had this Wu Lou adapted so that the top can be screwed off, allowing the inside to be filled with eight assorted semi-precious quartz crystals that protect and enhance every different aspect of your life to further strengthen the enhancer and cure.

The trigrams that you see on the bottom of the Wu Lou are also present on the inside of the Wu Lou, and if you look with a flashlight, you will be able to see this; we had this done as this helps radiate the energy of this cure; there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to Feng Shui cures and enhancers, and we have implemented this into the majority of our cures since we started back in 1999.

The Wu Lou, when used and placed correctly using your date of birth, is also a very powerful manifestation wish enhancer, so it is good to place a list of all your wishes inside the chest that represents everything you want to achieve in life, an example to some would be a beautiful home that you desire, a man or female that you may admire, a car like a Ferrari or Mini, a mentor, the number of children you would like, I hope you are getting the picture by now, just create a dream list with all that you desire rolled up inside the Wu Lou. The size allowance for the paper that you can write on is 35mm high and as long as you need providing, you can roll it tightly and fit it inside.

The Wu Lou (Calabash) is a fruit and would be dried and used to store medicine or water; this is how it got its name “giver of life”. In the old days, travellers would hollow the calabash out and use it as a flask or vessel to carry their water and medicine in and the reason why in Feng Shui it was adopted as a powerful and became a prominent cure and enhancer.

The Wu Lou or Hu Lu is said to have the ability to absorb bad chi energy and the reason that Taoist monks use the calabash to imprison evil spirits. According to Chinese mythology, Monks and Deities of the Taoist belief made use of the calabash Wu Lou by imprisoning evil spirits inside to stop them from causing more problems. This is where Wu Lou got the ideology of being able to absorb negative chi in your surroundings.

This really is the most powerful Feng Shui cure and enhancer, and while there are no guarantees on what it will do for you, in our opinion, it is one the most essential item we have used in Feng Shui for the last 30 years. We would not be without it, in fact, if we appeared on the popular BBC desert Island discs and they give you one item to take to the Island, this Xiang Fei Fu Wu Lou would be that item without a doubt.

Please double check your name spelling and date of birth when ordering as once engraved it cannot be changed and please allow up to 36 hours for your order to be prepared as each one is made to order and personally engraved.

All our products are cleansed of negative energy and empowered with positive Sheng Ch’i.

Size (35 (w) x 70 (h) mm – 1 ¾ x 2 ½ inch) weight is a heavy and perfect 58 grams.

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5 reviews for Xiang Fei Fu Brass Wu Lou – Bespoke Feng Shui Talisman

  1. 5 out of 5


    Hi Daniel

    Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry for being so dumb, just to clarify, the dragon figurine should be facing me or should be facing the direction where I’m facing at my office desk? So if I’m facing northeast, the dragon figurine head should also face northeast?
    Really sorry for the confusion. Thanks again for your recommendation


    • :

      Hi Sheryl,

      Sorry, the dragon should be facing away from you towards the northeast.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  2. 5 out of 5


    Hi Daniel

    What will you recommend to put at my office desk to attract mentor and helpful people?

    Thank you


    • :

      Hi Sheryl,

      I would recommend placing a dragon figurine facing the same direction that you are at your desk or you can place a crystal globe.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  3. 5 out of 5


    I have ordered three of these so far in the last 18 months and the quality is so good and more importantly the effectiveness is incredible and pretty much all aspects of my life have improved and i have just ordered some more to place in my office. Two of friends ordered a few months ago and they also have had great results although do not want to post on here as they would rather be kept quiet, personally i want to shout out to everyone to just order them , you will not regret it and they area pleasure to look at and you can tell the quality is very high.

  4. 5 out of 5


    These are amazing and such great quality. The results i have had so far have been miraculous and cannot wait to activate my love area. Health and wealth have been good so far and just offered a great job which i really do not expect all. Thank you so much. Susan

  5. 5 out of 5


    These are absolutely amazing quality and the best i have ever seen. Since putting them in place in June 2017 my problems have almost dissapeared and good luck is slowly but surely returning, in fact i have just ordered three more for my sister and mum, they could also do with some luck. Thanks so much.

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