Form school Feng Shui

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Form school Feng Shui

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Are you prepared for 2024 – The start of period 9 Feng Shui?

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The oldest school of Feng Shui, you have probably seen websites, read books telling you Feng Shui is as old as anywhere between 3000-6000 years, well it is actually nearer 6000 years if not older. Form school was originally used for finding suitable orientation of tombs, as the Chinese believe that the burying of their ancestors will have a direct affect on their own wealth and fortunes.

You would think that it is no longer practiced, wrong, in China a Feng Shui Master can charge up £70.000 ($100.000) to locate a good site and demand for their service is extremely high. In this country and most western countries it is not practiced much, in fact there are few Masters that are qualified to practice it.

Using form along with compass school and Xuan Kong Feng Shui is the key that any good Practitioner will use and to me it is an imperative part of obtaining balance in your home or office, in other words you have to use it and every good Feng Shui Practitioner and Master does, as I type this I am thinking to myself I know I will receive e-mails telling me I am wrong and all you need to do is place a standard template over your floor plans and hey presto, Mel Gibson walks into your life, you win the lottery and you find yourself bouncing all over the place with unlimited energy. Please accept my apologies now for those who do not believe in this ancient time honoured style of Feng Shui, don’t be to hard on me. I have even been advised to change my views on the style of Feng Shui we practice as it would improve the sales in our on-line shop, as this way would be universal for everyone, Feng Shui can never be the same for all, every person, home, location is different and you cannot practice Feng Shui unless you apply these differences. My bank manager would go mad if he heard me saying this, but Feng Shui isn’t just about buying items from our shop and expecting miracles to happen you need to apply authentic Feng Shui alongside it, and this is done by using form and compass school, the items we sell are an important part of the jigsaw (had to get that in) but if you don’t combine them you will have limited results, in fact short term benefits are good, long term not so.

So how do I use and apply Form School Feng Shui? 

Form School examines shapes and symbolism in the environment, now these can applied to a property, office, room and even your car, talking about cars this would be a good example to use, imagine you have a car without any doors, no windscreen, no front chassis, no rear screen, no bumpers etc. how insecure do you think you would feel driving that car? You would have absolutely no support from any angle. Well Form school is exactly that you need to create support from the front, rear and sides, imagine yourself back in the car, I come along and place a rear screen, a rear bumper, rear chassis etc, you know this would make you feel more comfortable driving as you would worry less about someone running into your rear, the rear is known as the “Dark Turtle” now if I add a (Dragon) left hand door (as you sitting in the car looking out) and a seat belt, you would be halfway to the perfect car, now I add another door to the right side (white Tiger) now you are feeling really good, believe it or not though the front is often overlooked even by some practitioners, the front (Phoenix) is very important, like a car you need full unobstructed vision and the ability to drive without fear of having your body damaged from a crash, the front of your home is key, this is where you have the chance of catching water (Shui) and then using the wind (Feng) to distribute it, hence the words “Feng Shui”.

Form School Using landscapes fence panelsForm school using surrounding buildings
Form School using landscapes, trees, fence panels etc
Form School using surrounding buildings

That’s all very interesting but I don’t live in a car

You apply the same principals to your property, many of you would have read books or seen sites on the Internet showing lovely pictures of a beautiful home surrounded by mountains to the rear, a smaller and larger hill on both sides and a tranquil meandering river to the front, all well and good and would be lovely if we all had this home, but for most of us this does not exist especially for us in the UK, so many people, not enough land. So does this mean that if you don’t live in this perfect house as described in so many books you are doomed, no way, follow the advise below for the perfect DIY Form school home or office.




Phoenix: Associated with the front of your home, office or even a room you live in and also with the south, the perfect scenario would be a meandering river to the front. To replace this you can have a meandering road, or a circular flowerbed, or a low hedge/fence, associate it with the car, a low front with just enough space to see over the top without any interference to your view, whilst at the same time giving you protection from the elements.





Dragon: Associated to the left and the east (as you look out of the front of your property). This can made up of a building, tree even your next door neighbours house can be your Dragon, if you cant find a landform that replaces it, it is wise to plant a tree here or erect a fence line that is higher that the front, this will give you support on this side. 90% of homes will have some sort of Dragon already in place especially if you live in a town, use your imagination, try and visualise a Dragon on the left of your home, you will be amazed how you make the shape of a tree or building into a Dragon or anything you want within reason.





Dark Turtle: Associated to the rear and the north, if you have a mountain behind you this is great, if not you can use the landform to replace it, this can be made up of a fence to the rear, a row of trees, or a building. Ideally the turtle should not be higher than your home just a little over is OK, if it blocks sunlight and overshadows you this is not good. The best example is my home, I have a row of about 30 conifers growing to the rear and they have grown too large which means I will have to cut the tops this year because not only do they feel imposing they are blocking the valuable sunlight from the south. The weird thing is we haven’t been in the growing season, yet the trees have only just become imposing to us within the last few months, not really weird I suppose it is just our intuition telling us to get them cut this year.





White tiger: Associated with the right and west (as you look out of the front of your property) again this can be replaced with a building, fence line or tree/hedge. If it is higher than the Dragon (left) this will offer good support for the female (Yin), if it is lower this is good for male (Yang). The same applies try and visualise a Tiger from a tree, building, fence line (pretty hard with a fence panel I know) if it doesn’t look anything like a Tiger, Dragon etc don’t worry, its just nice when you can open your mind and see visions, a bit like staring at clouds, you can see anything you want out of the shapes of clouds, oh look there’s Mel Gibson, I wish.

is discovering the slip of paper under your windscreen is just an advertisement”

So what if I do live in my car?

I received an e-mail recently from a very good friend of ours in Maryland USA, he is a police officer and spends a lot of time in his patrol car and wondered if he could improve the Feng Shui in his police vehicle. The car is actually well designed with Form school as I mentioned above, however you can improve it. One thing I always do when I am driving alone at night is move the left seat forward (remember we drive from the right seat in the UK) to where my drivers seat is, this strengthens my Dragon, you will be amazed at how much more secure you will feel with this support to the left.




To the rear of the car you need support (dark Turtle) you can do this by having 3 raised objects on the rear parcel shelf/window, I have mine as 3 x 2 inch speakers, you can use window stickers. What you need to achieve is almost like a fence line in the rear window (obviously not blocking your view, and don’t use stickers that the driver behind you has to get close up to you to read it) if this is a problem you can place a figurine of the black turtle on the rear window shelf, do you know I have actually seen these on a website as nodding Turtles, whatever next. This is also achieved with your rear brake lights, as it is a warning to those behind you.





To the left of you need the Dragon, this can done by having half or all of your door window covered in stick on sun block material, I have a little suction sun screen, I place mine on the left door window, you can still see out of them as they have little perforated holes.





To the right you need the Tiger, nothing to do here as your doorframe emulates this for you, but if you want to add from your imagination this is good.





The front
is the Phoenix; this is almost built in with the windscreen, which
represents water.

Applying these simple techniques can have a major effect on the driver and as your home it gives a feeling of security and balance.

Try and use Form school not just outside your home or car, you can apply it to your living room, kitchen, office in fact any room. Use the formula above and you will be amazed at how much more enhanced and secure your home/office will feel. This school of Feng Shui is also used in Xuan Kong (flying star) and is one of the most important and often overlooked by many Practitioners with less experience, simply closing a door is placing a mountain or opening a door or window is creating water two very powerful ways of activating or deactivating good and bad stars.

The complete list of all our traditional and authentic Feng Shui resource:

You will find many articles on learning traditional and authentic Feng Shui. They teach you how to use cures and enhancers that nature provides us with, mainly the five elements. As many of you long time subscribers will notice some of the articles are taken from our monthly newsletter. I hope you enjoy them, we will be adding to the resource on a regular basis.


“A smile is the same in all languages”

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