Which way does my property face?

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Which way does my property face?  

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Along with an accurate compass direction, determining your sitting and facing direction is critical to performing a precise Feng Shui consultation. We would estimate that 70% of people get this wrong.

This area causes so much confusion, we have been to so many consultations and told beforehand that a property faces a certain direction and when we get there the direction of the front door is totally different to the facing direction.

To give the answer is actually very hard, as there are so many different views on how to find the front direction of your home or office, in fact, even a qualified Feng Shui consultant can spend some time analysing a property before she/he makes a decision on where the front is.

Forget your front door direction

Most people assume the front is the direction your front door faces, try and imagine you are in my home (while you are there can you do some ironing and dusting please) as you stand in the centre of my home you will be in my dining room with the living room and hallway and kitchen either side, I have five large windows and one small facing north, there is a road outside and a public footpath also my front garden, but I do not have a front door there. On the east wall, I have a main door with porch and one window, which looks onto the next-door neighbour’s house.

Hopefully, you will get the idea by now, because my front door faces east it does not mean this is the front of my home, my facing direction is north, this is where the most “Yang” (activity) energy is, the road, footpath, people and cars going by, the widest part of the building, if you were the architect designing my home from scratch you would definitely put my front door there. This part is very very important, as when you calculate any school of Feng Shui you need to know which way your property faces. If you take my house again (make sure you lift the ornaments and dust underneath) although I may have a driveway leading to the garage and front main door, for example, assume at the back I now have the main road, pedestrian footpath, lots of people and activity and even a lovely stream, you guessed it, this would now be my front direction as this is where all my Yang energy is, this is not uncommon when you think about it, drive down any main road you will see many homes with back gardens facing the road and yet they will always think this is the rear in Feng Shui terms. This can be hard to judge even for the most seasoned Master especially if you are on the top floor of a block of flats or a large office building.

So what is facing and sitting directions?

The facing direction is the front that faces the “yang” (active) energy, the sitting direction is actually more important this is the area that has the most “yin” (quiet) energy. The sitting direction determines your properties Trigram. So if your property faces 350 degrees north, the sitting direction is 170 degrees south, so the Trigram for this property is “Li”.

Now we know that this is a “Li” property we would know that the best colour to paint this property on the outside would be fire colours, red, orange, purple etc.

How do I know which is Yin (sitting) and which is Yang (facing)?

Yang (facing): This is the most active energy, the energy that is lively:

 A busy road.

 A public footpath.

 A flowing river.

The side of a property that has the most windows.

Your street sign.

The south (bright) is Yang and the north (dark) is Yin.

 A children’s playground or primary school.

v  The main entrance is usually (not always) the facing direction.

A nice view.

The architect’s intention, try and guess how he felt the sitting direction would be.

A living or family room is normally on the facing side.

Just because your home may face a children’s
playground this does not automatically mean this is your facing
direction, you need to consider all the factors given on this page.

Yin (sitting direction): This is where
the least energy resides:

A back yard usually is your sitting direction or an alleyway.

Tall dark trees at the back of your grounds.

Smaller darker rooms.

The north (dark) is Yin energy.

The quiet side of the property.

The kitchen and bathroom (not always) is normally at the back.

v     Bedrooms are normally on the sitting side.

v     Utility or washrooms are normally in the sitting direction.

v     The sitting direction could look onto a large building or a row of houses.

v     The side of the property that is not that attractive to the eye, i.e. down-pipes from the bathroom, gutter pipes placed sideways across the main-wall.

You will need to take a view on all of the above; a good test to find your facing direction is if you had to take a photo of your home or office which angle would you take it from? Would you take the picture of the front door that has nothing on that wall except the main entrance or would you take the picture of the side that has the most windows and is more pleasing to the eye?

*** Tip***
Do you remember the details you had from the estate agents when you bought your home, which angle did they take the photo from? I can remember when we bought our last home, the number of homes we viewed from the pictures on the property details showing the rear of the home because this was the most attractive or bright side, in fact, I was amazed at how the estate agents actually managed to capture the facing direction even though most people would have thought this would have been the sitting direction.

Examples of sitting and facing directions.

Example 1: This property has a main door that faces east; this door looks onto their neighbour’s wall and has no other windows on this wall.

Facing direction is different to front door direction.

The front looking out the living room window:

vA busy road.

vFaces north

vA playing field beyond the road.

vA street sign outside the lounge window.

vThe most windows on a wall

The rear looking out the kitchen/dining room:

vA patio/backyard.

vTrees at the end of the garden.

vLooks towards the south.

vA public footpath.

vThe quieter side.

This is a simple diagnosis of facing and sitting direction. Even though the main door faces east, this is not its facing direction, this property clearly faces North and sits in the south, even though it does not have a door on the north wall. You probably noticed I threw in a few little teasers, the front faces north which is “Yin” (normally sitting) energy, however, if you look at all the other “Yang” energy this does not dictate its facing direction. The rear faces south which is a Yang energy and it also looks onto a public footpath, however, the other factors say that this it’s sitting direction.

Example 2:

This house is clear cut, the front door is on the front main wall along with lots of windows, there is a pathway leading to it. Trees are at the back and this clearly the way the architect had designed it.

Now imagine the main door in the middle was on a side wall, which way would it face then? It would still face the same direction, even if the door was at the back of the house. Having the main door on the front wall makes it easier to make a judgment on facing direction, however, modern homes are built nowadays with the main door built in any location.

Example 3

Hopefully, you have the idea by now. The above house main door faces west, however, the front of the house is clearly the north wall where the four windows are. If you had to take one photo of this house and only show one wall you would take it on the north wall. So this house faces north and sits in the south.

Regardless of what books you have read telling you to use your main door as a starting point, this is not what a traditional practitioner would do, she or he will first determine the sitting and facing direction and then take accurate compass direction, then the door would be taken into account.

Now I know my directions, what now?

So your property faces 319 degrees and sits 139 degrees, use the chart below to find out the Trigram for your home. A property that faces 319 degrees is a Sun (Xun) house. Having this information will tell you that this year 2002, you will need to activate the north-east for wealth and more importantly you need to weaken the deadly 2 – 5 stars in the east otherwise your health, wealth and luck will be affected. This is going into a more detailed version of traditional Feng Shui if you would like further details on our comprehensive on-line consultations click here. These reports are very in-depth and do not just take into account your home they also analyse you and your family as individuals to make sure you face your best direction when working, sleeping, relaxing etc.

Example Flying star for a
Sun Trigram house.

Compass graduations and their
corresponding house Trigrams.

House TrigramCompass readingFacing directionSitting direction
– 202.5
Ken202.5 – 247.5South-westNorth-east
Chen247.5 – 292.5WestEast
Sun292.5 – 337.5North-westSouth-east
Li337.5 – 22.5NorthSouth
Kun22.5 – 67.5NortheastSouthwest
Tui67.5 – 112.5EastWest
Ch’ien112.5 – 157.5South-eastNorth-west

Our comprehensive on-line reports contain the following:

Professionally prepared accurate ground floor plans

Ground floor plan with Flying Stars “Xuan Kong” “Fei Xing” superimposed

Eight Mansions analysis “Ba Zhai” (4 good and 4 bad areas of your home)

Your personal Min Gua Trigram and up to 4 other family members

Which direction you and your family members should sleep

Which direction you and your family members should face when working

Your true personal element

Your favourable/unfavourable elements and colours

Ground floor plan superimposed with Eight mansions (Ba Zhai) analysis

Flying star “Xuan Kong” “Fei Xing” analysis report on your home.

Your house Trigram

You and your family’s Chinese animal and prediction for the year.

Form School Analysis from photos supplied.

Use of the “Five Elements” in your home.

Advice on how to activate your wealth, health, career, fame and romance sectors.

Where to place a water feature for wealth.

We will accurately determine the centre of your home and give true compass bearings grom reading you give us.

How to rectify a missing corner if you have one.

E-mail support after your consultation.

A Dusty Miller happy home kit to clear negative energy. 

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306 thoughts on “Which way does my property face?

  1. Hi Daniel,

    Our apartment’s kitchen is located exactly at the center of the floor plan. It’s an open-type kitchen. It has a huge exhaust fan that can prevent the unit from smelling.

    I know this isn’t good in feng shui. But is there any cure for this? Or anything that I should do to ensure it won’t be a bad luck?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jay,

      If you have your metal pans and cures in the kitchen, this will help a great deal as this will weaken the annual earth star. White decorations and tea towels will also help here this year.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi there. Thank you for this page and information.

    I’m in a house that is very clearly North facing, as in it’s main side (porch, living room and dining room windows face north. However, just the front door is at an angle coming out of the front onto the porch, so the door itself is Northeast.

    When considering the door color then, do I use the North Yang direction or use the Northeast door itself as the deciding factor?

    1. Hi Chris,

      When considering the door colour, I would base this on the compass sector that the door falls into when you divide the home into 9 grids of a tic tac toe grid.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  3. Hi Daniel!

    We are about to move to a West-facing house. Aside from that, the stairs in that unit directly faces the main door. I am bothered. But we really like this house. What should we do to counter it? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jay,

      The best thing for this is to try and break up the flow of energy between the door and stairs by placing decorations, furniture, pictures etc.

      I hope this helps and hope the move goes well.

      Kind regards,

      1. Is it okay to place plants in between the door and stairs? I am thinking of getting a money plant and bamboo tree. Will they help?

        1. Hi Jay,

          Yes, that will be fine to place plants here as long as they do not take over too much of the space. General advice would be to keep plants around waist height.

          I hope this helps.

          Kind regards,

          1. Thanks! How about tips on moving to a new place? What are we supposed to bring to our new house on the first day?

            If we just bring in furniture and stuff but won’t be sleeping there yet, is that considered as the moving day?

          2. Hi Jay,

            Ideally, I would move everything in one go and leave the home unoccupied for a day or two to let all of the energy settle. If you keep the windows open while you are at the home moving, this will help invite fresh Qi into the home.

            I would class the first day as when you spend your first night in the home.

            I hope this helps.

            Kind regards,

  4. Hi, Daniel. I’m currently living in a flat front door facing Northeast 30°-33° (main gate facing West) and I’ve been wanting to move to a different place for a while now.
    Coincidentally, there are few flats in the process of building on the opposite direction of mine and I’ve booked one to move into around July.

    If I decide to move to the flat, the front facing door would be Southwest about 210°-213° with kitchen and bathroom (also toilet) facing each other in the Northeast sector while my current flat has my kitchen and bathroom/toilet sitting side to side in the Southwest sector.

    My main concern is, I’m offending the Grand Duke this year and I’m torn between staying where I am now or go against the rule and move anyway.

    Could you consult me on these two directions? What is the best direction and how are they pertaining to my health and wealth? My DOB is 20/10/1992. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Julia,

      The northeast is one of your auspicious directions according to your Gua which will help with Tai Sui and as long as you keep this area calm and place a Tai Sui plaque here for the year, you should not see any problems from this.

      The southwest is also an auspicious direction for you and as Tai sui is only a passing influence for the year, I would go with the flat that works best for you as both front doors are in your auspicious sectors.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Yes, both sectors are auspicious for me. Is it okay for me to move into the new place during this time period? I will either move in in July or September. What are the best dates in those two months?

        1. Hi Julia,


          The best date for July is the 12th and I would try to avoid the 6th, 11th, 18th, 23rd and 30th.

          The best date for September is the 6th and I would try to avoid the 4th, 11th, 16th, 23rd and 28th.

          I hope this helps and hope the move goes well.

          Kind regards,

  5. Hi Daniel
    I wish to move into my new house in May 2022. Which are the best dates for moving in? My birthdate is 2 April 1977 while my husband is 28 June 1974.
    In addition, my stove is in the NW area. Is it really a big concern?


    1. Hi JoAnn,

      The best date for moving home is the 17th of May.
      The dates that would be best to avoid moving are the 7th, 10th, 19th, 22nd and 31st.

      For 2022, I would introduce some metal or earth to this area such as plates or pans to balance out the fire energy.

      I hope this helps and hope the move goes well 🙂

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Angelica,

      I’m afraid that I don’t like to advise on water features unless I have done a full consultation on the home as this can be difficult to advise on and I wouldn’t want to give the wrong advice.

      Sorry that I couldn’t help with this.

      Kind regards,

  6. Hi Master! Would like to ask about my favorable position so where I can put my bed for wealth luck this year 2022 i am male born in Nov 20 1989

    1. Hi Kan,

      Your best directions are the northeast, west, northwest and southwest. For 2022, this will be fine to sleep with the crown of your head pointing towards any of these directions apart from the northeast as this would be facing Tai Sui.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Master Daniel! Thank you for your reply… is south west safe this year is it true is it also the sickness star this year? Hope to learn more

        1. Hi Kan,

          It will be fine to face the southwest as this is classed as sitting with your back to Tai Sui for support. If you are sleeping in the actual southwest corner of your home in 2022, we have the annual #2 and Sui Po located here and to calm this, I would introduce metal cures and try to keep the area calm and quiet.

          I hope this helps 🙂

          Kind regards,

  7. Hi,

    Good afternoon.

    My son, born on 12th September 2017, what is the best direction (house) for him.



    1. Hi Ivan,

      Your Sons best directions are the southeast, east, south and north.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  8. Hi Daniel,

    Do you have any articles regarding conflicting house kua with personal kua? I’m female, kua number 5 living in a li house. Not sure where to put things in the house because of this. Hope there’s some fix for this.

    Thank you in advance for the help!


      1. Hi Daniel
        My husband is rooster with kua number 1
        And I am dragon with kua number 9
        I am a little bit confused as one of article I read said west facing house is good for rooster but based on kua number 1 , house facing west is not good,
        What is good facing house for rooster ?

        the facing of the house is when we stand inside and look out, am I right?


        1. Hi Sue,

          The best directions for Gua 1 are southeast, east, south, north.
          The best directions for Gua 9 are northeast, west, northwest, southwest.

          As you and your husband have opposite directions, you would usually go with the breadwinner’s directions for the home and try to balance the bed position, sofa, desk etc so that both have a balance of good facing directions.

          The facing direction is usually measured with your back to the front door, looking out although if your door is on the side of the home, you would usually pick the side with the most activity.

          I hope this helps.

          Kind regards,

  9. Hi Daniel,

    I am Kua 7, West Group person. I am interested in buying a property which is NE facing. Is it favourable for me in 2021?


    1. Hi Ishaan,

      The northeast is your Yan Nian direction which is auspicious to you.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  10. In light of the three killings being in the east in 2021, is it still safe to sleep with the head pointed in that direction? My kua Number is 3.

    1. Hi Calvin,

      That is fine to sleep with the top of your head pointing towards the east for 2021.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi. We are thinking of moving from one house to another. Can you please advise us on:
        1) best & worst direction for each of us?
        2) if there is opposite/conflicting direction, what the lower income earner can do to offset their bad energy in the house?
        3) confirm what our kua number is?

        My birthday: Jan 10, 1981
        My spouse: Jan 13, 1975
        Our daughter: Aug 2, 2003

        Thanks in advance,

      2. Hi. My name is Tony and wife Amanda.
        My bday is 08/13/1988 and wife 10/11/1986. The home will be under my wife name. Just want to see which direction is good for us to buy a house now. Thanks.

        1. Hi Tony,

          I would recommend taking a look at the link below to find your best facing directions for a home, sitting, working etc. To find your best directions, you can find your year of birth on the chart below to find your Gua numbers and then scroll down the page to find your best directions.


          I hope this helps.

          Kind regards,

          1. Thank you! Is it determined by mine or my wife’s? We are both buying the home but it’s under my wife’s name.

            The home we are looking to buy is West, but my Gua is number 3 and the direction is North, East, South, Southeast and my wife’s Gua is number 1 and the direction is the same. What happens if we buy a house that is West? Is there anything we can do?

          2. Hi Tony,

            If you cannot find a home that matched your auspicious directions, I would try to sleep, sit, eat, work etc facing your auspicious directions as this will help a lot.

            I hope this helps.

            Kind regards,

  11. I live in an apartment. Is the best facing direction based on my individual unit or the entire building? What is the best facing direction for a male rabbit born on June 1, 1963.

    1. Hi Matthew,

      When finding the facing direction of your apartment, you would usually choose the direction that has the most windows and activity outside.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel,
        I’m trying to define my facing direction in an apartment building. I’m fairly certain the facing direction is N. However, that means the sitting/facing “line” runs diagonally through my house. Is that wrong? It is clearly the direction with the best view and open spaces overlooking a farmers market, baseball stadium, freeways in the distance, and bluffs farther out. If this is wrong (and it does make my diagram more difficult), my other options are 3 windows facing NW or 2 windows facing NE. When facing directly out, both of theses options face other buildings. We are in a corner unit of a corner building.
        Thank you so very much for your help. I’m really stuck!

        1. Hi Kate,

          From what you’ve described, I would class the north as your facing as this sounds like the side with the most activity.

          I hope this helps 🙂

          Kind regards,

  12. Hello. My husband and I decided to finally buy our first home. Is 2020 a good year to sign a contract to buy a house? Is it better to sign the contract in 2021 instead? Can you please give us your advice on the best facing direction of the house -female born 2/2/64 and male born 6/2/67. Also, we have to choose either a staircase at the center of the house or a straight staircase slightly facing directly the front door. Which staircase should we choose? If both are not good, what cures can we place and where should we place the cures by the staircase? If the front door directly faces the sliding doors at the back, what cures can we place if this is not good? Lastly, are there any items to first bring inside a brand new house for good luck?
    I apologize for all these questions. We desperately need your guidance.


    1. Hi Rira,

      I would recommend reading your Chinese animal synopsis for the year; you can find this here – https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/chineseanimalpredictions2020.htm
      If you are unsure of your Chinese animal, you can find this out here – https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/chineseanimalcalculator.htm

      For the staircase, I would try to avoid one that lines up directly with the front door as this allows energy to flow too quickly through the home; this can be balanced by placing decorations between the front door and staircase though.

      Here is a helpful link to find your best directions – https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/eight-mansions-feng-shui-2/

      Unfortunately, it is very hard to advise on cures for a home without doing a full consultation. I would recommend placing the annual cures and enhancers as these are a strong influence each year for your home.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi, my name is Yenny , female, I’m the head of my family, working as a course teacher. I was born on January 20, 1982 at 10:20 pm. I’m planning to buy a house next year. Could you please suggest me the best house direction for me that will bring wealth and health for me and my family? Thank you

        1. Hi Yenny,

          Your best facing directions are southwest, northwest, west and northeast.

          I hope this helps.

          Kind regards,

  13. Hi! I am house hunting right now and am hoping you can provide a best house facing direction. I was born 7/23/1993 (rooster) and my partner was born 1/15/1993 (monkey)

    Thank you!

      1. Hi Maria,

        As far as I know, this should not mean anything in particular. If there is a large well close to the door, this could block fresh Qi entering your home so I would try to keep this area clear.

        I hope this helps.

        Kind regards,

        1. Dear Daniel,

          Thank you so much for your response. Thought it means something that’s not good because of what neighbors are saying. I can be at ease now. Was reading stuff on what to do to attract positive energy but im really confused. On which area should i be facing if i would like to decorate inside the house. Should i be outside the house facing the main door or inside the house facing the main door so can determine where is the right place to work on. Our main front door is facing NW and my KUA # is 7. Bdate is May 4, 1983.

          1. Hi Maria,

            No problem at all 🙂

            I would stand outside the house with your back to the front door.

            I hope this helps.

            Kind regards,

  14. Hello.

    I am Kua no.1 (rooster 81) and my wife is Kua no. 7 (pig 83).

    We would like your advise on what feng shui we should apply to our search for our first home.

    Many thanks. Respectfully,


  15. Hi Michael,

    We are build a house. My partner is born 23-02-1992 (Male Monkey) and I am born 21-08-1994 (Dog, Female).

    Which direction should our house face?



    1. Hi Lina,

      the best facing direction for your partners home would be the southwest, Northwest, west, or northeast.
      The best facing direction for your home would be the east, southeast, north, or south.

      As you have opposite directions, the best thing to do is to go with the directions of the person with the highest income (the breadwinner).

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

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