Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2023 – 9 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2023 – 9 Star

Are you prepared for 2023 year of the Rabbit

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Are you prepared for 2023?

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Li 9 Purple You Bi Li 9 Purple is found in the north in 2023

Flying Stars 2023 9 Star Li

With period 9 beginning in 2024, we must start fully activating the annual #9 star, which falls into the north in 2023, as this will become the primary wealth star and is becoming much more powerful in the year of the Rabbit.

Throughout period 8, the #9 star has been known as the future wealth star, and in 2023, we will need to take full advantage of this auspicious influence by enhancing the north with fire and wood cures and colours to make sure we can benefit from auspicious wealth luck, fame, acknowledgement, growth and improvement this year.

We can benefit from new career opportunities and promotions when activated with the right fire and wood cures this year. The chances of this will be significantly heightened if you have an office or study in the north of your home or office in 2023. If you do not have an office here, you can still benefit by spending time in this area.

The north is a lovely area in 2023, and I would encourage you to make the most of this area, if possible. For those in studies and anyone who is still working from home, please try to set up your desk in this area, although if the north falls into a bathroom or other room that cannot be used to work in, you can still take calls in this area to benefit from this auspicious influence.

Colour choices for the north in 2023 – Green, red, orange, purple, pink, burgundy, lilac
Colours to avoid in the north in 2023 – Brown, terracotta, beige, yellow, white, silver, gold, copper, bronze, black, grey, blue
Elements to use in the north in 2023 – Fire and wood
Elements to avoid in the north in 2023 – Earth, water and metal

Enhance future wealth with Feng Shui in 2023

The north is a fantastic area for a bedroom during the Rabbit year, and anyone who shares a bedroom in the north with their partner can look forward to good relationships in 2023. However, please ensure that you have read the advice for the annual centre as this will also influence relationships in 2023. Anyone trying to conceive a child in 2023 can heighten their chances when sleeping in the north, especially when they place a Kwan Yin in this area.

With the future primary wealth star flying into the north in 2023, we will need an extremely powerful wealth cure in our home and workplace for the year of the Rabbit to take full advantage of this auspicious influence to make sure that wealth, career, general luck, and growth in all areas of life are as prosperous as possible.

We will be entering period 9 in 2024, which will see the #9 star replace the #8 star as the primary wealth star, and it is extremely important that we take advantage of this auspicious influence before period 9 begins as this will help create an excellent example of things to come. For 2023, we must place the Jubaopen Wealth bowl of fortune and success Talisman in our home and workplace to ensure that wealth and overall luck prospects are as powerful as possible going into period 9.

To enhance the annual #9 in 2023, you should place a Jubaopen Wealth bowl of fortune and success Talisman in the north of your home or workplace, along with some good quality wood and fire cures. This is a great area for candles.

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Summary for the annual #9 star in the north in 2023:

Be aware of the negative influences during March, April, August, October, December and January (2024).

The best months are February, May, June, July, September and November.

recommendations and cures for the #9 visiting the north in 2023

  • Healthy green leafy plants or blue flowering plants such as violets are good for this area.
  • Place a Jubaopen Wealth bowl of fortune and success Talisman in the north of your home and office in 2023.
  • Fresh flowers displayed here will bring positive qi too.
  • Candles can be used here to strengthen the inherent energy of the annual #9 star.
  • Symbolic objects such as a wu lou or eight Chinese coins can be placed here all year round to enhance benevolent influence and, simultaneously, dissipate the malevolent influence by visiting monthly #2 and #5 (April and October).
  • Fire colours such as red, orange, purple, burgundy, lilac and pink will work well in the north in 2023.

Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers for 2023

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