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The best way that you can protect yourself, your family and your business and avoid the wrath of Tai Sui, Grand Duke, Three Sha, year breaker, 3 killings, Sui Po, Three Killings and all other Feng Shui Annual afflictions in the year of the Yang Fire Monkey (Bing Shen) in 2016…

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Are you prepared for 2016 year of the Yang Fire Monkey Bing Shen

Are you really prepared for 2016?

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For as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed manual labour around the home, office and garden. Ever since I was able to use tools, I have loved creating something or fixing something with my own hands; there is something deeply satisfying for me when it comes to being able to say “I did that”. When I was younger, I would always help my parents when it came to painting (which I am dreadful at) or helping pot the plants in the garden or dig out the holes for new bushes and trees and I never understood why my parents would put off jobs in certain areas until I started taking an interest in Feng Shui and learnt about the Annual Afflictions and the reason why we need to avoid the fury of Tai Sui (Grand Duke), Sui Po, the Three Killings and more. In 2016, the year of the Yang Fire Monkey, if you are doing any work in the south, southwest or northeast, you will need to take extra care as this is where the Annual Feng Shui afflictions are located during the year of the Yang Fire Monkey 2016.

Predict Feng Shui Annual AfflictionsEvery year, we receive hundreds of messages from people asking us how they can calculate or foresee these afflicted areas in the upcoming years so that they are able to plan ahead for both minor and major projects in their home and office; especially for renovation. You will find the information for this year below but if you would like to be able to plan ahead and see the Annual afflictions for future years, you may be interested to know that our Feng Shui 2016 software will calculate for every year ahead and many other features too long to list here.

The Three Killings (aka three sha) is a direct translation from the Chinese ‘San Sha’. Although the perception of The Three Killings is associated with three earthly branches, its position is defined according to one of the four cardinal compass directions, namely North (water), East (wood), South (fire) and West (metal).

The twelve earthly branches are put in to four groups of harmonious alliances (trinities). If we are to establish the location of The Three Killings, we must explore the trinities of the earthly branches and their phases first.

The four trinities are:

Rat, Monkey and Dragon (Water phase) to the North
Sheep, Rabbit and Boar (Wood phase) to the East
Tiger, Dog and Horse (Fire phase) to the South
Snake, Rooster and Ox (Metal phase) to the West

Please do not get the earthly branches confused as The Three Killings; they simply indicate the position of The Three Killings. The Three Killings sits in the opposite cardinal direction (spanning 90 degrees) of the phase represented by the year’s earthly branch.

For example:

The 2004 earthly branch was the Monkey. The Monkey belongs to the trinity of the water phase to the north. As such, The Three Killings sits in the south. I e. 135º to 225º .Another example:

The 2005 earthly branch was the Rooster belonging to the trinity of the metal phase to the west which means that The Three Killings sat in the east during the year 2005.

Where the Three Killings is located in 2016, the best thing you can do is avoid disturbing the ground and this is the case wherever the Three Killings is located any year; avoidance is the best cure. You should always take special care wherever the Three Killings is located if the house or office facing position is the same direction as the Three Killings for the year. If the location of the Three Killings is disturbed by noisy renovation or digging activities such as rebuilding a section of a home or installing a pond, there may be unwanted consequences for the residents of the property which could mean poor health, loss of wealth, mishap, injury and, in extreme cases, the occupants could face fatalities so please read below for information how to avoid these problems in 2016.

Three Killings direction 2016

If the front door of your home or office is located in the in the south in 2016 which is where the Three Killings’ direction is located this year, this is considered a disturbance due to the constant opening and closing of the front door and heavy noise levels throughout the year which could cause the problems that I spoke about above.

You should take a great deal of care whenever there is a door located in the direction of the Three Killings as to not slam the door as the Three Killings can be a lot more settled if the door is opened and shut calmly or if you are able to; the ideal situation would be to enter and leave your home from another door but sadly this is sometimes easier said than done, especially with apartments and mid terraced homes. The traditional cure is to place a Hotei Buddha in the south this year as we also have the #6 metal Annual star flying in to the south meeting metal and fire (#9) and a very special Cure is needed as this combination is known as “fire burning heaven gate” in traditional Xuan Kong flying star Feng Shui and can cause a great deal of conflict especially for females of the home or office such as legal issues or disputes and also problems with family and friends.

So in 2016, if the front door of your home or office is in the south, southwest or northeast, you should follow our 2016 annual advice and place a pair of Fu Dogs/Temple Lions by your door and try to avoid using the door if this is possible although I can appreciate that this is easier said than done.

Can I still cut the grass in my garden?

Garden Feng Shui 2016When doing garden work in 2016, the traditional cure is to place a six rod hollow metal wind chime between the property and the garden (or the place of disturbance). If you wish, you can use any metal object but to get the full effect, the ideal cure would be to place a metal wind chime with six hollow metal rods as the chimes resonate a sound which helps weaken the ill effects. Another traditional school of thought advises that you should place a symbolic statue of deities and one of the most popular deities is the God of wealth “Tsai Shen Yeh”. Tsai Shen Yeh is one of the most powerful and popular Chinese Gods of Wealth who is normally depicted wearing a dragon robe and sitting on a tiger; he is also known at times as Lu Hsing the Star God of Wealth.

Tsai Shen YehThe Tsai Shen Yeh carries a gold ingot and a sword on him. After he returned from a forest after studying the Tao, he was seen riding along on the back of a black tiger in all directions and carrying a sword to ward off evil influences around him. He is not meant to be worshipped but is actually there to symbolise money and wealth and attracts the same into the house.

Three KillingsAnother thing that you should take note of is that you should never sit with your back to the Three Killings direction and should always sit facing towards the direction of the Three Killings (2016 – do not sit facing north). Every year, we receive hundreds of emails from clients asking if they need to move the sofa chairs in the living room to avoid sitting with their back to the Three Killings; we always advise that you do not sit with your back to the Three Killings but this doesn’t refer to temporary incidents as much and is more relevant to prolonged periods of time spent in this position that affect you more such as eight hours a day in an office. Avoid having your back to the south in 2016 and try to face towards the south instead.

An example of this would be if you were to sit at your office desk with your back to the Three Killings which is in the south in 2016 as this could affect your relationship with work colleagues and can also affect your performance of work. These effects brought on by the Three Killings can cause poor performance, complications, lack of focus or loss of concentration so try to remember this and check back if any of this comes to light in the year of the Monkey as you will soon realise the problem and the solution. There may also be rumours and back stabbing against you. If it is not possible for you to move your desk so that you are not sitting with your back to the Three Killings direction, your best option is to place a pair of Chi Lin on your desk facing the Three Killings direction.

Tai Sui which is also known as Grand Duke of Jupiter is also named the Year Star and its position is represented by the earthly branch of the year.

Tai Sui or Grand Duke Jupiter is totally unrelated to the planet Jupiter although there are some astrological reasons why it became the benchmark where the Tai Sui therefore it was also called Grand Duke Jupiter.

The positions of the twelve earthly branches are: Rat (north), Ox and Tiger (northeast), Rabbit (east), Dragon and Snake (southeast), Horse (south), Sheep and Monkey (southwest), Rooster (west) and Dog and Boar (northwest).

2004 was the year of the monkey and Tai Sui sat southwest.
2005 was the rooster year and Tai Sui sat in the west (262.5 – 277.5).
2006 was the dog year and Tai Sui sat northwest (292.5 – 307.5)
2007 Tai Sui sat in the northwest (322.5 – 337.5)
2008 was the year of the Rat so Tai Sui sat north (352.5 – 7.5)
2009 was the year of the Ox so Tai Sui Grand Duke sat in the northeast (22.5 – 37.5)
2013 was the year of the Snake so Tai Sui Grand Duke sat in the southeast.
2014 was the year of the Horse so Tai Sui Grand Duke sat in the south.
2015 was the year of the Sheep/Goat so Tai Sui Grand Duke sat in the southwest (202.5 – 217.5 degrees)
2016 is the year of Yang fire Monkey and Grand Duke will sit in the southwest again although sited between 232.5 – 247.5 degrees.
2017 will be the year of the Yin Fire Rooster and Grand Duke will sit in the west (262.5 – 277.5)

Unlike San Sha Three Killings, it is not advisable to sit facing Tai Sui for prolonged periods of time and instead, you may sit with your back to Tai Sui for support but the ideal solution would be to avoid sitting or facing Tai Sui all together if possible. If you have a front door or office desk that faces the direction of Tai Sui in 2016 (southwest) or any other year, a very important cure and enhanced to place in 2016 is a Tai Sui Plaque along with a Chu Men Chien Tsai Master Cure. I must strongly advise you not to disturb the ground of the location where Tai Sui sits for the year which is southwest in 2016. For the best protection in 2016, take a look at the 2016 Cures and Enhancers Kits. If you would like to find out the best seating positions and everything else to do with your Personal Feng Shui, you can take a look at our customised Feng Shui Report

The 2016 Annual Feng Shui Afflictions:

The Three Killings – is a direct translation from the Chinese ‘San Sha’. This annual affliction is mostly in the south (142.5 – 217.5). It is imperative that you do not undertake any form of noisy renovations or re-decorative work in the south part of your house or office between February 4th 2016 and February 3rd 2017. You should also not disturb the ground by digging holes, digging foundations or conduct any maintenance work with any noisy equipment in this area inside or outside your property or garden. If you have no option but to perform work in the south, I would advise that you place a 6 hollow rod metal Wind Chime in the south in 2016. Once disturbed, this affliction can bring about three types of misfortunes – financial loss, sickness and arguments so please apply care. This is the worst out of all the annual afflictions and in our home and business we take this very seriously as in our 35 years’ experience with Feng Shui we have seen some pretty nasty events from this energy when disturbed.

three killings 2016

Apart from not disturbing its ground, there are two other rules that you should follow regarding the Three Killings in 2016. Firstly, if you are moving your desk around this year, never sit with your back to this direction (south). Secondly, it is better to face (south) this direction, especially if this is one of your four favourable personal directions.

Cure Three Killings 2016If your front door faces the south in 2016, I would advise placing a pair of Fu Dogs just inside the house looking outwards as protective guardians for the year. You can also place a Ba Gua mirror outside in the south for the year. A very powerful cure and enhancer for the south this year is to place a Hotei Buddha. The Hotei can help avoid a lot of problems that can be brought on when the Three Killings visit the south. The Hotei Buddha really is a beautiful and powerful cure especially as it is one of the most traditional cures in Feng Shui.

If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the south during the year of the Yang Fire Monkey, you should place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the buildings and where the work is being carried out and ideally you should contact a professional Feng Shui Consultant to select an auspicious date to start the work or you can use our Tong Shu software.

Tai Sui 2016Tai Sui (The Grand Duke of Jupiter) – resides between 232.5º – 247.5º southwest.

Do not take this affliction lightly in 2016. Do not disturb the ground in the southwest at all costs.

If you have a southwest facing property with your front doors to the southwest, you must be careful not to allow the doors to slam when entering or leaving and do not renovate or dig in this area for 2016. If you have an office or shop door in the southwest this year, I would recommend installing a soft close attachment if possible. The traditional Chinese method to appease Tai Sui is to place a Tai Sui plaque to pay respect and appease the Deity. By paying respect to Grand Duke of Jupiter, we can weaken or avoid the problems this can bring. This is really important this year and we have included the Tai Sui Plaque in all our annual cures and enhancers kits.

Sui Po year breaker occupies the division directly opposite Tai Sui Grand Duke, which for 2016 is northeast. You should treat this area the same as the other annual afflictions with no ground-breaking work, renovations or any noisy activities. If disturbed this area can and usually will cause immediate health problems especially with regards to the elderly, so please be very careful. Traditionally to appease Sui Po in a Monkey year you need to display a Yi Fan Feng Shun talisman which we have included in all of our 2016 Cures and Enhancers Kits.

If you have to carry out work or emergency repairs in the southwest, place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the buildings and where the work is being carried out and ideally you should contact a professional Feng Shui Practitioner to select an auspicious date to start the work or consult our Tong Shu date selection software.

The annual five yellow has flown to the northeast in 2016 and this is not good as we have Sui Po located here this year also and the reason why so many specialist cures are needed in 2016. With both the 5 yellow and Sui Po located in the northeast in 2016, It is highly recommended not to disturb the northeast of your home or business with noisy activities, renovations or maintenance work. When disturbed, the Five Yellow can bring disaster, sickness, lawsuit and major loss of wealth so please be very careful in the northeast in 2016 as it is very afflicted. In 2016 you must place a set of six Chinese i-ching coins tied with red ribbon, a six rod hollow metal wind chime and a salt water cure in the northeast to avoid the problems that are associated the #5 yellow disaster star.

Please do not start panicking if you have a bedroom or office that is located in the south, southwest or northeast in 2016, just start preparing to place your 2016 cures and enhancers kit as of the 4th February 2016 to ensure a trouble free year and also cleanse any old cures that you will be reusing this year, and of course make sure you sign up for our free newsletter so you are kept up to date with the monthly flying stars giving you even more control of your destiny. To give you even better control, use our advanced Feng Shui 2016 software as this gives advanced analysis of every home or office facing any direction in any part of the world.

How far do we take the advice we give with regards to Feng Shui?

feng shui and driveways

In 2016, we will be placing the relevant Annual 2016 Cures and enhancers in the south, southwest etc to help dissipate the negative energy that is present for the year. Am I concerned about the south during the year of the Monkey? Not at all; having good Feng Shui is equally about being aware of potential dangers and making allowances and by doing this and also placing cures, you can and will avoid many problems as avoidance and preparation are two very powerful tools in Feng Shui.

What should I do if I NEED to repair a driveway or have a similar renovation?

If your garden is in the south, southwest or northeast in 2016, obviously you should avoid disturbing the ground this year but some things just can’t be left which could be something like an overgrown hedge or a collapsed pipe in the ground. If you can’t avoid building work or digging, use the following rules to reduce any harm that may result.

Back in 2008, we had to replace our large driveway that fell in the north, northwest and northeast and whilst some of these areas were affected, 2008 was the best year to do the work and if we left it until the year of the Monkey (2016), it would have caused us many problems as the northeast is where the 5 yellow and Sui Po are located for the year. We employed extra builders (6 in total) to ensure the work was done over 6 days as even the monthly stars can have an influence. With placing all the cures in 2008 and also placing a six rod wind chime in the NW, we had no problems at all so do not worry too much if you can’t avoid work in the south, southwest or northeast.

Place a six-rod metal wind chime between your house and building work whilst the work is being done.

Start trimming or mowing from a different corner of the garden. Let us say your garden is in the northeast of the property where the 5 yellow and Sui Po are located in 2016. You should remember to start your garden work from the west or east corner of the garden as this carries an auspicious energy in 2016.

The simple thing to remember is AVOID doing heavy work here and no digging or breaking ground, I have seen some nasty repercussions created from disturbing these afflictions in a year way too many times.

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30 Responses to Grand Duke, Tai Sui, Sui Po, Three killings in 2016 year of Monkey

  1. KELLY JUMAH says:

    Excelente la informacion suministrada por ustedes. Mil gracias por tener esta pagina y tambien en varios idiomas

  2. Joseph says:

    Very interesting. Looking forwards to see your newsletters

  3. ARUNA says:

    I read the articles in detail and found very informative and educational.
    I will be setting up my garden in the back yard soon which is in north direction of the house.

  4. ARUNA says:

    Very informative articles.

  5. Darshi Perera says:

    My eldest daughter’s bedroom is in southeast(2) part of the house. In 2015 it is very bad i think. So what can I do for this ? pl. help me.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Darshi,

      The southeast is not a good area in 2015. I would recommend placing six chinese coins in a row, a salt water cure and try to introduce some metal decorations and colours in to your daughters room for the door. This can be introduced with throws and a metal bowl.

      Kind regards,

  6. Janice says:

    my house kitchen is at West Sector. What should I do to reduce the impact in 2015.
    Help !
    Gratefully looking forward to your advise.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Janice,

      I would recommend introducing some metal objects and colours to negate the effects of the fire in the kitchen this year.

      Kind regards,

  7. ching says:

    My sign is rabbit, my partner is a rooster sign, our apartment is facing West. The 2015 just started but then we already experienced lot of misfortunes and misunderstandings. I feel so stress about it, hope someone advice me for some cures. Thank you very much.

    • Michael says:

      Hi Ching,

      The best thing I can recommend is the 2015 Annual Cures and Enhancers Kit as this covers all aspects.

      Kind regards,

  8. Samaki says:

    Hello, we are planning to remodel our home along the southern side so SW area where Grand Duke resides this year will be torn apart. I’m concerned of possible negative repercussions. I don’t see what remedies I can use in this case since the whole back wall will be removed to open the space up. Construction should last a good 4 months plus. Any suggestions.

    thank you,

    • Michael says:

      Hi Samaki,

      If you are not living in the property it will not be as much of a problem as it will not be your current residence.

      If you are staying in the property while the renovations are being done, I would recommend placing a 6 hollow rod metal wind chime in the southwest. We have had a similar situation in our home and this did not cause too many problems with the wind chime in place.

      Good luck with the renovations Samaki.

      Kind regards,

  9. muthalib ktv says:

    hola maestro, la puerta principal de mi casa es en direccion oyeste , tengo muchas problemas en mi vida ,como puedo evitar las problemas.por favor contestame

    un saludo
    muthalib ktv

    • Michael says:

      Hi Muthalib,

      I tried to translate this using google although it did not tell me your direction of your home.

      Could you please try to translate the direction to english for me, thank you.

      Kind regards,

      Hola Muthalib ,

      Traté de traducir esta usando google aunque no me dijo su dirección de su casa.

      ¿Podría por favor tratar de traducir la dirección de Inglés para mí , gracias.

      Saludos cordiales,

  10. Timotheus says:

    Hi Feng Shui Web,

    Great post! I have need your kind advice please.

    Next year, after the Chinese New Year, the toilets in my home will be undergoing renovation. The toilets occupy a bit of the Southwest sector, and mostly the West sector of my home. The renovation is a total remodel of the toilets – floors and walls will be hacked and replaced by new tiles, toilet bowls and sinks will be hacked and replaced by new ones. Some piping works will be done, too.

    Also, the main gate and door (facing North) is being replaced with a new and better gate and door. It will take a few weeks to complete. The renovations are part of a government initiative and is compulsory for all. So I cannot stop it from happening.

    May I know what remedies can I use for Southwest and West sectors? Do I have to do anything for the main door too?

    Look forward to your expert advice.

    Thank you.


    • Michael says:

      Hi Timotheus,

      If you are unable to put the work off, the best thing you can do for the southwest is to place a plaque of Tai Sui to appease him and weaken any negative influences. I know this will probably not be possible, but I would ask the builders to keep noise as quiet as possible when working on the bathroom and gate.

      I would also hang a 6 rod Metal wind chime where the work is being carried out as this will help calm the influence while the work takes place.

      Things like this cannot be avoided most of the time and as long as you check over the monthly Almanac and try to select a good date to start construction, it should not be too bad.

      Good luck with the renovations, Timotheus.

      Kind regards,

      • Timotheus says:

        Hi Daniel,

        Thanks so much for your reply. Great advice! I will do them.

        Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2016!

        Blessings to you and your loved ones.


  11. Kazi says:


    Please could you advise me on the North East sector which lands in my garden this year. As my house has the North East sector missing (Lshaped) the North East lands in my garden in 2016. My questions would be – Can I place salt water and 6 Chinese coins with red ribbon in the garden? Can I still sit in my garden in the summer? Is it still ok to mow my lawn? Blessings, Kazi

    • Michael says:

      Hi Kazi,

      The Salt Water Cure and Six coins in a row cannot be placed outside unfortunately. As your home is an L shape, you have a missing sector which would avoid some of the influences in the northeast this year.

      You can still use your garden in the summer and mow the lawn although it is best to mow away from the home so you would start with your back to the home and go away to the end of your garden.

      Kind regards,

  12. Kazi says:

    Also, please can you advise me regarding the North West. For quite some time I’ve had no choice to put my cooker there and after various reading up on feng shui – I can understand that this is apparently worse place for cooker. However, through reading hints and tips, some say have a black cooker paint the wall blue! or even put earth (perhaps ceramic plates) in cupboards above cooker. I’ve tried all of these and something feels better. However though I now hear in 2016 it is better to have fire there! Now with black cooker I understand that water and fire are mixed! Along with my black kitchen tops and wooden cupboards, please could you advise us on this! Blessings Kazi

  13. Lily says:

    How about install curtain at south or. North East, East? Can it be done in 2016?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Lily,

      This will be fine, just try to keep noise as low as possible when doing the work.

      Kind regards,

  14. Carol says:

    Hi, thanks for all the helpful information. We do gardening a lot. My question is: in the NorthEast corner, I have 2 small trees that died from the cold winter. I would like to replace with 2 small trees that are more cold hardy. Can I do it in 2016? or must I wait till next Year?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Carol,

      Apologies for not replying to your comment. We get several hundred spam comments every day and genuine questions can sometimes get lost. I found your original question using your email address and can confirm that if you avoid loud tools and stick to spades and shovels, this should not cause a problem as the problems occur when you are using diggers, chainsaws etc.

      Kind regards,

  15. ML says:

    I accidentally activated south by putting water over there for 2 weeks. What should I do now? Please advise.

    • Michael says:

      Hi ML,

      I would recommend removing the water and replace with colours associated to blue such as blues, blacks as it is only virtual water and will work well in this area.

      Kind regards,

  16. Carol says:

    Is there a reason my question (#14 above) was skipped? The reply was blank! It’s been over 2 months and I waited patiently. The question that came after mine got replied in 2 days! Help!!

    • Michael says:

      Hi Carol,

      Apologies for not replying to your comment. We get several hundred spam comments every day and genuine questions can sometimes get lost. I found your original question using your email address and can confirm that if you avoid loud tools and stick to spades and shovels, this should not cause a problem as the problems occur when you are using diggers, chainsaws etc.

      Kind regards,

  17. Agnes says:

    We are planning to purchase a north facing home but the south portion of the house has a huge empty lot and now being dug up for new developments for new homes and streets. What can we do to reduce the harmful effects of the digging and loud noise from the construction work?

    • Michael says:

      Hi Agnes,

      I would recommend hanging a six metal rod wind chime in between your home and the construction work. Depending on the distance between your home and the construction work, this should not cause a problem.

      Kind regards,

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