Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2023 – 4 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2023 – 4 Star

Are you prepared for 2023 year of the Rabbit

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Are you prepared for 2023?

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Sun 4 Green has flown into the centre of the Lo Shu square in 2023

Flying Stars 2023 4 Star Sun

In 2023, we have the annual #4 romance star fly into the central palace, which can create a fantastic influence which will flow to the entire building and help to enhance the auspicious stars and weaken the inauspicious stars in other sectors around your home or work place when activated correctly this year.

When the annual #4 star is activated correctly, we can benefit from a lovely influence, creating extremely strong Peach Blossom luck, enhancing love, relationships, career, travel prospects, creativity, academic prospects and self-development.

To enhance this beautiful influence, you should place a Wanshouwujiang Zhenai wish and romance enhancer in the central palace of your home or office during 2023. In 2023, the Wanshouwujiang Zhenai romance and wish enhancer is one of the most crucial cures and enhancers to place in your home or office for Romance and wish manifestation and enhancement. We had this cure specially created and engraved for the year of the Yin Water Rabbit to enhance the annual #4 star, which falls into the central palace.

Any star that falls into the central palace for the year has the ability to permeate the entire home or workplace. When we enhance the annual #4 in the centre in 2023, we can significantly enhance and promote career, wealth, love and academic prospects for the entire year ahead. This special cure and enhancer is essential to ensure, strengthen and protect romance/relationships, career and academics are protected and enhanced in the year of the Rabbit.

annual 4 star love enhancement

This cure and enhancer, when used, is also a manifestation enhancer; You can also place photos of you and your partner or even pictures of people you would like to bring into your life. Think of this area as a manifestation area, and when you place your wish list, photos, romantic statue, photo of a dream car, house, boyfriend, girlfriend or whatever you wish to bring into your life, think very positive thoughts and try and imagine those items in your life already, remember the power of the mind is just as powerful as Feng Shui. This cure and enhancer is so important in 2023, which is why we included it in our 2023 cures and enhancers kit.

Colour choices for the centre in 2023 – All shades of Green, blue, black, grey
Colours to avoid in the centre in 2023 – white, silver, gold, copper, bronze, red, orange, purple, burgundy, lilac, pink
Elements to use in the centre in 2023 – Wood and water
Elements to avoid in the centre in 2023 – Metal and Fire

Please take cure when leaving the centre untreated in 2023, as this can attract unwanted attention for all occupants of the home and can lead to separation in relationships and undesirable business contacts. If you are hoping to attract a new partner in love or business in the Rabbit year, the safest and most effective way is to place a Wanshouwujiang Zhenai wish and romance enhancer in the centre this year.

Strengthen relationships in 2023 by enhancing the centre

Please do not introduce any fire or metal colours into the centre of your home or work place in 2023, as this will weaken the wood element of the annual #4 star. Good colours in the centre are either green, black, grey or blue. Avoid using orange, red, pink, purple, white, silver, gold, copper and bronze in the centre of your home or work place this year. If you already have these colours and cannot remove them, add water and wood colours and cures to balance the energies.

The centre of your home should be treated as the creativity and relationship area in 2023 and if you have an office or meeting room here, try to use this room as frequently as possible.

The #4 star has the power to increase the chances of producing intelligent children when conceived during the year of the Rabbit, and to increase your chances, I would place a statue of a Tao Hua Yun Mandarin Ducks in the centre of your home or office, especially if you have a bed located here. Another good cure for the centre this year is to place a blue Kwan Yin.

Another powerful cure that you can place to help you conceive a child during 2023 is a bunch of peanuts in shells (monkey nuts or groundnuts) or any seed products such as black or red melon seeds (Gua Zi). In Mandarin, peanuts are called ‘Hua-sheng’, and for the Chinese, this word is onomatopoeic in that the sound of it means ‘the birth of many children’.

When placing them they can be placed anywhere in the bedroom, although I would keep them close to the bedside table. A good alternative if you do not want to display real nuts or if you have an allergy would be to have a pair of mandarin ducks beside your bed.

Eating peanuts on Chinese New Year

How to enhance the annual #4 star in 2023

Click here to view our range of cures and enhancers for the #4 star in the centre for 2023

Summary for the annual #4 star in the centre in 2023:

With the Wanshouwujiang Zhenai wish and romance enhancer in place and some good water or metal colours in the centre of your home or office this year, you should be able to enjoy great rewards and enhance your relationship with others throughout the year of the Rabbit.

The centre of a home or office is a lovely area for anyone interested in writing, art, travel, studies and lifestyle. They should try to spend as much time in the centre this year, especially when working or studying.

Better months are February, April, June, September, October, November and January (2024).

Take extra care in March, May, July, August and December.

recommendations and cures for the #4 visiting the centre in 2023

  • Use blue or green in your décor in the southeast of your home or office.
  • Place a Wanshouwujiang Zhenai wish and romance enhancer in the centre of your home or office in 2023.
  • Place a crystal globe on the work desk if you have an office and study in the centre. Blue and green items can be added on the desk, e.g. blue paper, green books etc.
  • Avoid displaying too many metal objects in the centre, especially large heavy ornaments such as dumbbells.
  • Fresh flowers or small pots of green leafy or flowering plants can be displayed in this spot of the house to lift the qi. Blue or green flowers are a good choice.
  • If you have the Taohua mandarin Ducks, this is an excellent area to have them and other symbols of romance like hugging couples.
  • Place a Kwan Yin statue in the centre, but please keep it higher than ground level.
  • Place photos of loved ones or images of love to enhance relationships or attract new love. This can do with photos, paintings or statues; make sure there is always a pair in the image.

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Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers for 2023

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