Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2023 – 1 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2023 – 1 Star

Are you prepared for 2023 year of the Rabbit

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Are you prepared for 2023?

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Kan 1 White In 2023, Kan trigram is in the southwest

Flying Stars 2023 1 Star Kan

Kan #1 is a water element. In the physical body, it is the ear. The internal organ is the kidneys and it is also blood. It also affects career and luck.

Kan water #1 (Tang Lang) has flown into the southwest in 2023, and the inherent energy of this sector is water which will be destroying the annual energy; we will need to introduce some strong metal and water cures in here for 2023.

The southwest is an important area for the household matriarch and all females in general, although also crucial for males. This influence can bring luck and advancements to career, finances and relationships when activated correctly.

Colour choices for the southwest in 2023 – white, silver, gold, copper, bronze, black, grey, blue
Colours to avoid in the southwest in 2023 – green, brown, terracotta, beige, yellow, red, orange, purple, pink, burgundy, lilac
Elements to use in the southwest in 2023 – Metal and water
Elements to avoid in the southwest in 2023 – Wood, fire and earth

The best cures you can place in the southwest of your home or work place in 2023 to enhance the annual #1 star are a pair of golden Yufang Fu Dogs and two Xing Wang Buddhas to ensure that wealth, career and relationships are enhanced as best as they can be, especially if this is an office, bedroom or other commonly used room. As with every year, we include these as standard in our 2023 annual and deluxe Cures and Enhancers kits, as they are a vital cure for strengthening the #1 annual star.

Feng Shui Flying star predictions for the annual #1 star in 2023

A pair of Fu Dogs are one of the most recognised cures and one that we have carefully chosen to be placed in the southwest during 2023 to enhance the annual #1 star, bringing good protection, wealth, career, and relationship luck to occupants of the home.

Traditional metal cures enhance the annual star and weaken the inherent star this year, bringing very strong luck in new opportunities for the occupants, creating results in financial investments and academic achievements, and enhancing romance and relationships.

If you have any poison arrows outside facing towards your home, such as a busy road or power lines in the southwest of your home or office, I would suggest placing a Ba Gua mirror outside of the building pointing towards the poison arrow; if you are unsure which mirror to use, a Ba Gua wealth protection mirror is the safest bet to use in the southwest during 2023 as these are designed to reflect negative energy back to the poison arrow.

If you cannot afford the pair of golden Yufang Fu Dogs and two Xing Wang Buddhas, or if you do not wish to use traditional cures in your home or office this year, I would try to introduce some water or metal colours in the southwest; The easiest way to do this is by using bed sheets, pillows, pictures, ornaments, lampshades etc. The best colours to use are blacks, greys, blues, white, silver, gold, copper and bronze. If your bedroom or office falls into the southwest, I recommend placing a brass Wu Lou talisman here to protect and enhance wealth.

Please try to avoid introducing any fire, wood or earth colours in the southwest of your home or workplace in 2023, as this can lead to a loss of wealth. If you already have these colours in place and cannot be easily removed, I would introduce strong water or metal colours alongside traditional metal cures to balance the energies.

Using the colour red in Feng Shui during 2023

If you are introducing furniture and ornaments as cures in the southwest, I would try choosing objects with waves and ripples or round objects as these shapes bring good water and metal influence. If you have any heavy metal furniture, this will work well in the southwest.

Businesses that deal with investments, trading, jewellery, or online retailing can expect better times if they have an office or main door in the southwest this year.

If you have an office in the southwest this year, try to keep the land outside of the property open and clear, and keep windows open when possible, as this will allow fresh qi to flow around this area.

How to enhance the annual #1 star in 2023

Click here to view our range of cures and enhancers for the #1 star in the southwest for 2023

Summary for the annual #1 star in the southwest in 2023:

The best months for the southwest during 2023 are February, April, June, September, October, November and January (2024).

Take extra care in March, May, July, August and December. I would check back on our free monthly Flying star advice to further analyse these months.

Enhancement summary and advice for the #1 visiting the southwest in 2023

  • If you have a bedroom in the southwest in 2023, introduce a brass Wu Lou on your bedside table or under the bed along with white, silver, gold, copper, bronze, black, blue, grey or charcoal bedsheets, a throw or pillows.
  • If you do not wish to use a wu lou, you should place a heavy round object close to your bed; a quick, easy cure is to place a good quality frying pan under your bed for the year.
  • Place a pair of golden Yufang Fu Dogs in the southwest of your home or office to enhance and protect wealth for the #1 star.
  • Please avoid fire and wood colours like green, red, pink, purple, orange or burgundy; blues, blacks, grey or charcoal are good colours to use.
  • Avoid earth colours such as brown, terracotta, yellow or beige in the southwest this year.
  • Place two Xing Wang Buddhas in the southwest in 2023
  • Avoid burning candles in the southwest unless the monthly stars allow this.
  • Place a Metal Feng Shui singing bowl in the southwest of your home or workplace to enhance and protect the #1 star.
  • Metal objects are very effective when placed in the southwest.
  • This is not a good area to place crystals as this will destroy the energy of the #1 star.
  • Clicking here will take you to our page of all of our cures and enhancers for the annual #1 star
  • Although they will not be as powerful, you can use round metal shapes as an alternative to Feng Shui items, but please avoid sharp or menacing-looking metal objects.

Click here for the analysis for the annual #2 star for 2023

Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers for 2023

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