Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2019 – 7 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2019 – 7 Star

Are you prepared for 2019 year of the Pig

© Written by Daniel Hanna 2019

Are you prepared for 2019?

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Tui 7 Red  The Lofty Wind of Tui (Po Jun) flies into the southeast in 2019

Flying Stars 2019 7 Star Tui

The annual #7 mischievous red star has a negative influence during period 8 and the trigram Tui is also known as ‘Broken Soldier’. The #7 is a fighting star and will cause problems if left alone without cures and enhancers and will bring a high risk of burglary, deception, copyright theft, gossip and backstabbing in 2019. With the #7 flying into the southeast, we have the visiting metal destroying the inherent wood element of the southeast, making it vital to weaken the bad #7 star for 2019.

Please take extra care during May, July, September and October as this will bring an increased chance of robbery and arguments.

Front door position in 2019 Feng Shui

If the southeast of your home or office falls into an area with a main door or window, I would highly recommend that you double check and upgrade your security regularly in 2019 as this area can bring an increased risk of theft and danger. You should check your smoke alarms regularly during the year of the Pig and make sure there are no fire hazards in the southeast.

The Most powerful cure for the southeast in a Yin Earth Pig year is to place a Wen Chang Pagoda to be used to dissipate negative energy and free home or workplace of problems in 2019. The 9-tier metal Pagoda symbolises strength, wealth luck, career luck, good studies, wholeness and decency which is why we have carefully selected this for our 2019 Cures and Enhancers kits.

The southeast can cause a lot of problems in 2019 as we have the annual #7 argument star enter and destroy the inherent good energy from the #4 star which can cause relationship problems. We also have Sui Po located in the southeast for 2019 which when paired with an inauspicious star, can make this an extremely hostile area.

Check security in the southeast in 2019

If you have the main door in the southeast of your home or office in 2019, it is important that you hang a Ba Gua wealth protection mirror outside for added protection in 2019 and make sure that you do not slam the door and oil the hinges regularly.

I know that I have mentioned before that you should check over security, but please remember to do this throughout 2019 as this influence can increase the risk of robbery and deception. Where the #7 star is concerned, prevention is always the best cure, and it always pays to take a little time to make sure that your home or offices security is in order. Do not display any valuable items on windowsills as there is a risk of a passer-by seeing a quick opportunity.

It pays to be wise and avoid taking too many risks if you have an important room in the southeast this year as there may be unscrupulous people working against you. There are indications of misunderstandings, pressure and business rivalries that could also lead to losses.

The best advice I can give for the southeast is to check or install smoke alarms, check electrics and check the security of windows and doors in the east.

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2019 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers

Summary for the annual #7 star in the southeast in 2019:

Keep the southeast of your home or office as quiet as possible and remember to regularly check that your doors and windows are kept closed and secured. Good colours to use in the southeast in 2019 are blue or black. I would try to avoid earth and fire colours and quartz crystals. If you have an office or door in the southeast, please be careful of people trying to deceive you, robbery, arguments and loss of wealth, always look at the very small print and be careful as this star normally causes problems with people you know and thought you could trust.

Recommendations and cures for the #7 visiting the southeast in 2019

  • You should try to introduce some watercolours such as blue in your decoration. You can introduce the colour with cushions, rugs, bed covers or doormats.
  • Do not use anything of fire element or colours red to control it as this may aggravate it.
  • Avoid candles at all costs in the southeast during 2019
  • Place a Wen Chang Pagoda in the southeast of your home or office for protection
  • Install or service/upgrade smoke alarms and security systems.
  • Do not hang metal wind chimes here.

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7 thoughts on “Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2019 – 7 Star

  1. Hi Daniel, thank yo very much for your reply. We do have a fence between our property and the neighbour. After treading the text about the annual #7 star, I get really scared, because our main door is in the southeast.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Now that you’re aware of what could be fueling the problem, there is a great deal you can do to solve it. I’d take a look through the page and make sure you open and close your front door quietly as you should soon notice a big difference.

      Kind regards,

      1. Thank you, Daniel.

        I have another question: since I dont have a Wen Chang Pagoda yet, would it help to put a photo of one in the south eastern corner of our house?

        Kind regards


        1. Hi Jenny,

          You are much better using the real cure if you can as this will not work in the same way. This focuses more on the colour than all aspects of the actual cure.

          Kind regards,

  2. hi ,
    i was wondering my home is very small. (i live in macau) and the only option is to place my tv in the sout east. is this ok?

    1. Hi Benjamin,

      This will be fine to place in the southeast although I would avoid having it too loud.

      Kind regards,

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