Don’t let your bathroom drain your good Feng Shui luck away

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Don’t let your bathroom drain your good Feng Shui luck away


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Are you prepared for 2022?

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Feng Shui your bathroom

Feng Shui bathroomThe bathroom, cloakroom, en-suite, utility room plays a significant role in Feng Shui and is a room that is often overlooked. They require particular focus as water represents wealth, prosperity, growth, and circulation of wealth. Good strong Qi (aka Chi) is vibrant and pure, and the germs and dirt that accumulate in the bathroom can destroy your qi especially if you have auspicious flying stars (Xuan Kong) in these rooms. Your good qi can escape or get flushed away through these drains or toilets. Thus, it’s essential to pay attention to this particular room.

A little attention to Feng Shui can make drastic changes to your life. It can improve the flow of money and balance the elements of the house. This will help you ensure it doesn’t negatively affect your life.

How does a bathroom in a particular compass sector affect the Feng Shui of a home or business?


Bathrooms and any wet room should use the reducing or destroying five elements in Feng Shui; this will help to reduce the negative effect that the bathroom can have on a home or business and that particular area of your life, such as your wealth, health, career, relationships etc.  Here is a list of the effects of a bathroom or any other wet room can have in a given sector; it should be noted that this is not from a Flying star point of view and you should consult the 2020 Annual Flying stars before making changes.

  • Feng Shui colours for bathroomNorth – A wet room in the north affects business, generating income, career and job prospects. Harms relationships at work and presents obstacles to advancement. Add porcelain, ceramic, crystals in here, or even a large beach pebble/stone placed on top of the toilet system.
  • South – A wet room in the south affects your reputation, increases gossip. Decorate in blue or black colours to suppress the energy.
  • East – A wet room in the east can affect and eldest son, family relationships and health. Decorate in white or red colours and keep brightly lit. Add some candles.
  • West – A wet room in the west affect’s children in the house, creative endeavours, fertility can be affected. Use watercolours, elements and themes here.
  • Southwest – A wet room in the southwest affect’s relationship, a woman (matriarch) of the home, marriage prospects. Place plants, flowers here and paint white, green, or brown.
  • Northeast – A wet room in the northeast affect’s education, decision-making, thought process. Add plants here and decorate with white, green or brown.
  • Southeast – A wet room in the southeast affect’s wealth, creates financial loss, bad investments, savings dwindle, harms the eldest daughter. Add metal elements and decorate using white or grey.
  • Northwest – A wet room in the northwest affects mentor luck, the breadwinner, man of the house (patriarch); in modern times, this will be the highest earner in the household. Hard for any man to get ahead in life. Add bright lights, decorate in red or blue colours.

Feng Shui Bathroom Principles and Tips


Following these basic principles can bring effective changes to one’s life.

  1. Feng Shui bathroomThis is an efficient yet basic rule and also common sense, keep your bathroom door shut. A closed bathroom door is crucial for the containment of the qi in the bathroom. This also creates a boundary for the germs and de-natured energy to stay within the confines of the toilet and not circulate in the rest of the house.
  2. Always keep your toilet lid shut when not in use. A toilet is a massive drain in the house, and when you flush it, you don’t only flush the evil qi, but you might flush the good qi as well and considered in Chinese tradition to be flushing your money down the toilet. Thus, it’s also advised to close the lid of your toilet whenever you flush so the germs go down the drain rather than float through the house. This also will allow good qi energy not to get drained away.
  3. If you have a window in your bathroom, keep it open as much as possible for the circulation of bad qi and good qi. If you don’t have a window, you can use plants as a way to clean up the air.
  4. Have your windows and mirrors regularly cleaned.
  5. Keep all the drains in your house closed whenever they’re not in use. There are various drain covers in department stores that can help you cover sink and basins.
  6. Make sure your bathroom is well organized and free from clutter
  7. Don’t store trash in the bathroom. Some advice against keeping a trashcan in the bathroom. They say it’s essential to take the trash out of the bathroom after you’re done using it.
  8. Keep your bathroom clean and appealing, and always smelling fresh.
  9. Natural sunlight is the best. If you have a window in your bathroom, make sure you make the most of this opportunity by allowing natural light to fill up space during the day. Fluorescent lights are distracting and harmful to the nervous system.
  10. If your toilet reflects in a mirror, it might have double the drain effect. Thus, one must ensure the mirror is covered in such a way that the toilet doesn’t reflect in the mirror. You can place a box, statue, or a vase to hide the view.
  11. If you have a bathroom or cloakroom (any wet room) by your main entrance door, the wet room door must be kept closed at all times the room is kept squeaky clean. If you can avoid having a #2 (poo) in here, I know this sounds crazy but we have a downstairs cloakroom by our main entrance which is quite common in the UK, and visitors only really use this door and we will only ever use it for a #1 😊.
  12. You may have read on some Feng Shui websites or books to hang a Ba Gua mirror on the bathroom door, this apparently makes the bathroom disappear, well it is a load of tosh, never place a ba gua mirror inside a home, they are very dangerous and can cause you many problems and should only ever be hung outside a building.
  13. Avoid clutter in the bathroom; in fact, avoid it throughout your whole home or business.
  14. Avoid mirrors reflecting the toilet seat.
  15. Replace broken soap dispensers, towel rails, toilet roll holders etc.
  16. Avoid leaking taps and water outlets; replace them immediately as they will flush away your money.

You can use a bathroom to your advantage


Feng Shui ToiletIf you have studied Xuan Kong flying stars or use our Feng Shui software you can use a wet room to your advantage as when you have a #7 robbery star or an argumentative #3 star or a disastrous #2 & 5 star located in a bathroom you should place the appropriate regular and annual Feng Shui cures and enhancers and keep the room spotless and when you close the door you are imprisoning these negative stars and believe it or not this is when you would leave the toilet lid up when you flush to flush away the negative qi. However, make sure you put the lid down after you flush.

Create a calm atmosphere


How to make the most of the Feng Shui in your bathroomYour bathroom should be a peaceful space. When we see symbols of beauty and prosperity around us in our lives, it helps channel and internalize them. Give your bathroom an upgrade by giving it a soothing, calm atmosphere that will affect the feng shui and attract happiness and fortune to your life.

  1. Make sure your bathroom has thick beautiful luxurious towels; they will make it look more appealing.
  2. Essential oils have a lot of benefits and the reason why we developed our own pure Feng Shui essential oils. They are not only the perfect choice to pamper yourself and feel luxurious, but they also improve the qi and atmosphere of your bathroom and the quality of air.
  3. You can add some beautiful soaps and candles. Invest in self-care and indulge yourself so that the universe knows what you need and brings that your way.
  4. Soothing artwork can be used to change the atmosphere of your bathroom. Give it a spa-like vibe with some interesting artwork as part of your decor.
  5. You can add some dynamic lights that you can manipulate according to what mood you’re in. You can buy switches that have a dimmer option and choose a soft tone when you want to relax while taking a bath.

Cures and remedies


  1. Bamboo stalks and money plants bring good luck, wealth, and prosperity. You can place bamboo stalks in front of your mirror to double the effect.
  2. If your bathroom is located in the centre of the house, it is even more crucial to keep the bathroom sanitized and clean at all times. The energy of the bathroom spreads through the whole house. Makes sure you keep the door shut at all times.
  3. You should never place a deity like a Buddha too close to a toilet or sink in a bathroom or cloakroom; try to place it on a shelf or cabinet away from the toilet or sink.
  4. Hanging faceted crystals spheres in a bathroom window area  perfect cure and enhancer

A few points to remember


Bathrooms and Feng ShuiIf you have a home that has two floors, you’ll want the Feng Shui of the bathroom on the ground floor to remain there. You can restrict the flow by adding rugs to the bathroom upstairs.

Similarly, you will have to find a way with which you can redirect the qi back to the upper portion of your house. You can do this by adding one of these solutions to your lower floor. A beautiful fixture, chandeliers, or a crystal sphere hanging from the ceiling can do the job for you. If you have tall lamps, keep them lit, use tall elevated mirrors, or change the feel of the room with some trendy wallpapers that have a vertical pattern.

Add earth objects like terracotta plants or salt lamps in the corner of the lower floor. You can also add symbols like a tall tree to elevate the Chi of your house. You can experiment with some decorations that suit your taste and bring in elements that face upwards like a beautiful long vase, bamboo plant or a tall statue

If your house is designed in a way that the kitchen is just below the bathroom, the negative energy can consume the atmosphere and damage your health and that of your family members. This bad energy can have a significant influence on your finances. You can use one of the cures mentioned above to solve the problem. If you live in an apartment or a high-rise building, use these cures to cure any possible issues you may face.

Bathrooms are an indispensable part of our lives, and we should consider them as a luxury as there are still millions of people all over the world that do not have this luxury, and personally, I could not live without them. You can change a few habits and improve the Feng Shui of your bathroom, making it a more comfortable place for you to unwind after a long day. These subtle changes will bring about some improvements that will enhance the comfort level of your house, improve the flow of energy, and bring prosperity and happiness.

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43 thoughts on “Don’t let your bathroom drain your good Feng Shui luck away

  1. We have 3 bathrooms/toilets in the house.south east and south west. How can we contRadict bad feng shui? Thanks

    1. Hi Kristobelle,

      As long as you keep the bathrooms clean and also place the appropriate cures for the sectors they fall into, this should not cause any issues having a bathroom there.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I have a bathroom in the southwest corner of my apartment. The door to the bathroom is directly facing the main door of the house. Can you give any advise regarding colors, plant usage and elements. I am a little confused because I keep reading contradicting information – like should I incorporate pink, plants, mirror on outside of bathroom door, etc.

    1. Hi Morgan,

      I would recommend following the advice here until the 3rd of February 2022 –

      After the 3rd of February, I would follow the advice here –

      If your bathroom is directly facing the main door, the best thing you can do is keep the bathroom clean and tidy and also keep the bathroom door closed as much as possible as this will keep the energy fresh in the rest of your home.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  3. Hello!
    We are remodeling our home and I am interested in offset sink vanities. Do you think this would effect the balance?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Naty,

      I don’t see this being a problem as long as the sink is kept clean 🙂

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Preet,

      The best and easiest solution with a bathroom or toilet above the kitchen is to keep the toilet seat down when not in use, keep the bathroom door closed as much as possible and also keep the bathroom clean and tidy as this will stop negative Qi from building up.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      The best thing you can do with a bathroom or toilet is to keep the toilet seat down when not in use, keep the bathroom door closed as much as possible and also keep the bathroom clean and tidy as this will stop negative Qi from building up.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

        1. Hi Daniel with me facing my house on the left side the neighbor’s house is taller than mine and on the right side of our house there is a huge narra tree beside our wall please help me what do I do?Thank you Daniel for any advise.

          1. Hi Cynthia,

            The best thing to do is keep the entrance at the front of your home clear and tidy as this will allow fresh qi to flow towards and enter your home.

            I hope this helps.

            Kind regards,

        1. Hi Cynthia,

          You can place a Ba Gua wealth protection mirror facing towards your neighbour’s house from the outside of yours as this will deflect any negative energy coming from them.

          I hope this helps.

          Kind regards,

  4. Hi Daniel,

    My bathroom is located in the northeast. My bathroom door is facing directly opposite the stairs both in the upper level & lower level of my house.What is the best cure for this?


    1. Hi Jocelyn,

      The best option would be to keep the bathroom door closed when not in use and be sure to keep the bathroom tidy as this will avoid any negative Qi flowing around the home.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  5. Hi Daniel, I am in the process of looking for a new house and a lot of houses in the UK have one of the bathrooms on top of the main door. My question: is it definitely a no buy? will it still cause problem if it is not used? does it make a difference if the drains of the toilet, sink, bath, shower are not on the same side of the main door? Many thanks in advance

    1. Hi T,

      I wouldn’t let this worry me when looking for a home. The best thing to do is to keep the bathroom clean and tidy and make sure ou keep the toilet seat down when not in use.

      I hope this helps and hope the house hunt goes well.

      Kind regards,

  6. Hi Daniel,

    I have read from other sites that bathroom floor higher than the room floor is not good. Any advice on how to deal with this?

    1. Hi Cris,

      This is more of a superstition and not something that I would be worried about if I were looking for a home. The best thing you can do with a bathroom, regardless of the floor height is to keep the door shut as much as possible and keep the bathroom clean and tidy.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  7. Hello

    I understand the center is auspicious in 2021 however I have a bathroom in center?

    Please advise the feng shui remedies?

    Thank you

    Mae M.

    1. Hi Mae,

      You can still enhance a bathroom in the centre this year. I would make sure you place cures away from the sink and toilet as this will help the cures work at their best.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  8. Dear Sir/Madam,
    MY bath toilet is in north direction. I have problems in job, relationship problems with seniors, job loss, no progression, now legal problem court case due to job issues. Please advise strong remedy.

    1. Hi Samir,

      The north is not a nice area in January as we have the annual #3 star located here along with Tai Sui and the monthly #2 star which can cause issues related to health, making this important area to treat this month. Metal cures are very important for the north this month to avoid illness issues.

      In January, we will have to treat the north with metal cures in order to create a stable balance of energies for the month as we already have fire cures in place for the annual wood star and the introduction of metal cures will create a good mix of energy.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

        1. Hi Samir,

          A white towel would be the easiest way to introduce metal colouring. For traditional cures, I would place 6 Chinese I-Ching coins tied in a row here.

          Kind regards,

  9. Hi, Very good advice!

    Quick question if you have the time.
    My bathroom is located in east, white walls with brown/greish coloured tiles on the floor and a large window and radiator below that – bathroom was newly renovated when I moved in. But there are some visble drains where my upstairs neighbours´ waste go through (washing hand, showering and using the toilet). I live on the ground floor (some steps up from the ground) and there are two other apartments above me with a total of 3 people living above me.
    Can I counteract their waste when it goes through my drains? I keep the bathroom clean with a plant and candles in the window, wooden shelves door closed and toilet lid is always down. But drains are visible.. I guess I could start there, lol!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jo,

      If I was living there, I would not be worried about the drains as they are sealed. As long as you are enhancing or weakening the Flying stars, this should not cause any problems.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  10. Hi Daniel.
    Would you have any tips to neutralise a toilet seat seen from the door? This bathroom is located in the east side of the house and at the moment there’s a huge pine tree in my neighbour’s land that takes away most of the light in that bathroom as well.

    1. Hi Marcia,

      The best thing I can recommend is to keep the toilet seat down when not in use and also keep the bathroom door closed as much as possible.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hi Daniel, my bathroom is in northeast. I have bought your flying star Long Baota Dragon Pagoda, is it safe to put it there? Thanks

    1. Hi A,

      That will be fine to place in your bathroom. I would make sure it is placed somewhere that it won’t get knocked.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  12. Hi Daniel,

    What great info about the bathrooms…I had not figured out how to counteract the sha in my bathrooms. I have more challenges in this property than I have had before and I am buying the fengshui software to help me, but still there are issues that I don’t know how to deal with…this house has 2 stories, therefore do I need to place the same cures and enhancers on both floors?
    Thank you again as always,
    S. Kelso

    1. Hi Shonna,

      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed reading the article.

      You would only need to place one set of cures across the two floors; the trick is to place the cure in the more commonly used room across the two levels. If you have a living room in the downstairs south and a spare room in the upstairs south, you would place the cure in the living room.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

    2. Hi Daniel. I just bought a house where the ensuite bathroom is on the wealth corner (along with the whole master bedroom). What colours or cures should I use in the ensuite to neutralise? Thanks!

      1. Hi Jas,

        For 2022, I would use water colours here to enhance the annual #4 star and also the inherent star.

        I hope this helps and wish you luck in your new home 🙂

        Kind regards,

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