Ditch the clutter & switch to an improved life – Clearing your clutter and making the most of self-isolation & Lockdown!

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Ditch the clutter & switch to an improved life!

Clearing your clutter and making the most of self-isolation & lockdown.


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Written by Daniel Hanna

Clearing your clutter with Feng Shui during COVID19 lockdown

You saw something, you bought it, and now it’s catching dust in the corner of your room. Decluttering Guru Marie Condo has stated, “If it doesn’t spark joy, let it go.” Cluttering is a serious problem and takes a significant toll on your mental health, decisions, Feng Shui, finances, relationships, career, and so much more.

Qi, the energy of a person or building, needs a clear path to flow through the house. When qi travels, it brings benefits into your life. When your home or office is cluttered, it restricts free movement.

Do you feel like you’re not living your life to the fullest? Well, so that you know, clutter will have a negative influence on the quality of your life. A habit of clutter can bring you stress and also harm the Feng Shui of your humble abode.

Every room in your house has a significant symbolism attached to it; thus, it’s only sensible to clean your home, and in these times of self-isolation in 2020 that have been forced on us it is a perfect time to look through your home or office and have a good clear out.

Clear Space = Happy You!


  1. The main entrance

Cluttered front door feng shuiThe entrance to your home or office is known as the mouth of the qi, and in Feng Shui it is considered one of these most important areas and often overlooked. If you clutter the threshold of your house, you’re blocking the flow of positive energy into your space.

The entrance of your house is connected to the path in your life. When there is clutter at the entrance, you may also find unnecessary difficulty in life. Keeping this area clear will welcome positive energy to your house, and you will be able to enter and exit quickly.

You must keep this area as clutter-free as possible inside and out, and shoes, boots and prams etc must never be placed here close to the door, and if they are, they should go in your cloaks cupboards if you are lucky enough to have one.

I know it easy for me to say this and I also appreciate it is convenient to place them here, but it makes such a difference

Shoes and even prams/strollers/bikes etc. with their wheels in contact with the outside surface, in Chinese and Asian culture, are considered the filthiest item we wear and of course, if placed by the main entrance door and this will affect and taint the energy (Qi) entering the home and if you do use a mat inside or out the best mats to use are the thin rubber backed ones with a thin cloth surface that capture dirt and can be machine washed; we get ours from Costco I think.

I’ve been taking my dog out for a walk every night down the streets around my home and have noticed a lot of people have been having a clear out and leaving a big pile of old decking boards, garden furniture, old bedroom cabinets and other bits on the front drive to the house to eventually be taken down the local dump. Unfortunately, the dumps are all closed in the UK at the moment and if you have nowhere inside to store the rubbish, try to store it as far away from the house as possible at the rear; the ideal situation would be to store everything at the bottom of your back garden.

I wrote an article with lot of advice for making the most of the entrance to your home or business a few years ago which you can read by clicking the link below.
Feng Shui main entrance tips and advice for your home and office

  1. Living room

Enhance the Feng Shui in your living roomThe living room is where the family comes together. The living room is often considered the heart of your home. This is the place where people bond and is also associated with community and harmony. When this place is cluttered, it creates distance and causes disruption in connections with friends and loved ones.

Try to avoid having too much clutter out on display in your living room; if you’ve been playing board games during isolation, pack them back up and stack them in a corner of the room where they will be out of sight. If you’ve got a pile of magazines or books, organise them into a neat stack; you’ll be amazed what a difference this can make when you walk into the room.

  1. Bedroom

Tidy your bedroom for good Feng Shui“If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.”

Are you unable to sleep well? Are you having problems connecting with your partner? One of the reasons exemplifying these problems is cluttered bedrooms. A messy bedroom can kill feelings of relaxation and romance. It can keep you stuck in one place forever.

If your bedroom has piles of clothes on the side, toiletries, and other things you don’t even remember buying,  then you must seriously consider cleaning it. Letting go of the unnecessary things will make your bedroom more comfortable and cosy.

For more advice on how to make the most of enhancing the energy in your bedroom, take a look at the articles below.
Feng Shui for the bedroom
Feng Shui for romance and the bedroom
How to adapt Feng Shui to a nursery or child’s room

  1. Kitchen

Clear the clutter in your kitchenA home cannot be healthy and nutritious if its kitchen is not. Kitchen clutter prevents you from being healthy. It may cause blockage in relationships with your friends and family. A clutter-free kitchen means more rich energy to pass by quickly.

The quickest way to clear clutter in the kitchen is to start with the dirty dishes by the sink each night; most of us hate doing this but it really is the quickest way to lift the energy in the kitchen and I always feel as though I’ve accomplished a little feat after I’ve had dinner.

Keep rubbish and recycling containers out of sight. This type of rubbish does not signify health and prosperity! I have always used plastic bags hung on a hook and thrown away each day.

For more tips and tricks on enhancing your kitchen, take a look at the article below.
Feng Shui Tips and advice for your kitchen; Say goodbye to the negative Qi that surrounds you.

  1. Hallways

Sheng Chi hallwayThe passages in your house are the trails for the energy to flow through similar to arteries, which help blood flow through your entire body. When clutter piles up in the hallways, it can have a severe impact on you and your family. If there’s something blocking the way to the room, maybe it’s a sign for you to clean things up.

One of the things to ensure is that all the doors in your house open completely. If they’re clear with nothing blocking them, then the positive energy will flow freely and energise your home or office.

The link below is a fantastic article filled with lots of advice on how to make your entrance hallway as good as you can to allow fresh Qi to enter your home.
How does your Feng Shui main entrance door and hallway affect the Feng Shui of your home?

  1. Bathroom

Feng Shui bathroomDid you know that on average, we spend nearly two and a half years of our lifetime in the bathroom?

The most intimate part of our house is the bathroom. It’s essential to clean the place where we groom ourselves. Cluttered bathrooms don’t pose good things in your future. If you have a clean bathroom, you will feel happy to go there and take care of yourself. However, messy, disorganised bathrooms may also mean you’re someone who is carrying around a lot of emotional baggage.

If you’ve got lots of toiletries, try to put them away in a cabinet or drawer and remember to keep your toothbrush out of sight. If you do not have much cabinet space, try to store everything together in a basket or neatly organised in the corner.

Try to avoid leaving your cleaning supplies for the toilet, bath and sink on display, this is especially the case with the toilet brush as this accumulates a lot of negative energy.

When placing Feng Shui cures and enhancers in your bathroom, try to place them as far away from the sink, toilet or bath as you can.

If you’d like to learn more about bathrooms and Feng Shui, take a look at the link below.
The long debate of energy with bedrooms and bathrooms nearby

  1. Storage

Does your attic affect the Feng Shui of your  homeMany people do not have a storage basement or attic in today’s real estate. But if you’re lucky to have one and it’s overflowing with things you can’t let go of then it’s high time to take some action against the clutter. It may be stuffed to the brim with the Christmas decorations and boxes of things that you don’t even remember.

In my home, we’ve got a large storage cupboard in the living room which we originally planned on taking out to open the room up; after a month of living there, the cupboard was completely full with the hoover, boxes and other day to day junk and we soon realised there is no way we could live without this space. We end up having to tidy this cupboard out every other month as everything gets dumped in there and soon becomes unuable.

  1. Closets

Clean your closet to enhance your homeThese overcrowded closets are an alarm for help. Organised closets will help you find what you need in an instant and keep track of things that you require. No satisfaction comes close to that of finding things just in a place where you want them to be. Closets are a symbol of items in your life, and if they are overflowing, then maybe it’s time to remove those things that you don’t need anymore.

Cleaning your closet can be an incredibly cathartic experience. You will be able to let go of an enormous burden that you’ve been carrying around with you in this world. Clean spaces unleash the creativity in you. When chi flows without any barriers, the results will follow. You will feel more relaxed, enthusiastic, ready to take on new challenges.

Clutter – Clearing strategies that will help you in the long-term.


  1. Use the Top-Down method

Clean the highest places like top shelves first and then work your way down. This way, you will also be able to clear the dirt that was collected while cleaning the higher places.

  1. Distribute your belongings in 4 boxes.

Name these boxes “Keep”, “Donate”, “Giveaway” & “Throw” and distribute your items accordingly. Don’t spend too much time contemplating if you want to throw an object or not.

  1. Most used items at the most accessible spot

Place things you often use at a place that is within reach. This will help you finish your task efficiently without spending too much time just to attain the materials required. You can put the utensils and clothes you wear at lower shelves rather than the ones on the top.

  1. Take one, give one away philosophy

Every time you purchase a new item of clothing or technology, try to donate an item of the same category. This will help in maintaining the balance of the number of things in your house and also keep the number of things you own at a stable count.

De-cluttering is a long-term battle; you cannot win it in one day. Some habits are difficult to let go of because we’ve spent our entire life doing those things. However, once you do it, you’ll notice the shift in mood, you’ll enjoy spending time here. Ditching the clutter isn’t an easy task and can be an even more complicated process if you share your space. For auspicious Feng Shui energy to flow through your home or office, it’s essential to remove hurdles from its way.

2 thoughts on “Ditch the clutter & switch to an improved life – Clearing your clutter and making the most of self-isolation & Lockdown!

  1. Thanks for an interesting read, getting rid of so much clutter at the moment with all this spare time. Thanks for motivating me!

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