Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2019 – 8 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2019 – 8 Star

Are you prepared for 2019 year of the Pig

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Are you prepared for 2019?

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Ken 8 White  has flown into the centre for 2019

Flying Stars 2019 8 Star Gen

The #8 Ken white star is the most auspicious governing Flying Star for the next six years while we are in period 8 (2004-2024) and in 2019, we have the annual #8 star trapped in the centre and will need some very powerful enhancers to free the wealth star and enhance its positive energy for the year of the Yin Earth Pig. The central palace tends to resonate throughout the other eight palaces, so it is important that this area is treated with the appropriate cures and recommendations below. If you have activated the centre of your home or office for 2019 and have a main door, office, bedroom or any other important room that is used frequently in the centre this year, this is great news for you and you should make the most of this lovely influence.

Ma Dao Cheng Gong Master Cure 2019As with every new Solar year in Feng Shui, it is vital to place a very special Master cure and the most powerful and important cure, and enhancer in 2019 is called a Madaocheng gong Master Cure, and this cure must only be used in a Yin Earth Pig (Ji Hai) year; this powerful amulet and protective talisman cure is used during Yin Earth Pig years to enhance the annual #8 wealth star. This cure is used to protect and enhance wealth and good luck in 2019, and because the centre has no gender, this cure enhances wealth for all members of the home or office. This is the most vital cure for the whole of any home or Feng Shui panelled dooroffice which is why we have included it in all of our 2019 Cures and Enhancers kits.

If you have an office, study or main door in the centre, wealth, fame, prestige, romance and distinction can be expected when activated during the year of the Pig with the relevant cures and enhancers. Because we have the #8 trapped in the centre in 2019, it is important to activate the star, or its auspicious nature will not become activated. The inherent energy of the centre is bad earth, and the annual star is good earth, so we have to be very careful when activating and enhancing the #8 annual earth star or we could cause more harm than good which is why we have carefully chosen our cures for 2019.

Dui Ou Lung wealth and success TalismanThe Dui Ou Lung wealth and success Talisman is an extremely powerful and much-needed cure and enhancer because the annual #8 wealth star is locked in the centre palace (heaven heart) and without this essential cure and enhancer it can cause many wealth problems and bad luck for a home or business. This very special cure and enhancer talisman is needed in 2019 not only to protect wealth but also to enhance it and the reason why we have included this in all our annual Feng Shui kits this year.

If you work with symbols, quartz crystals, crystal balls or hanging faceted crystals are very good for this central palace this year. The #8 star also governs relationships, so a nice romance enhancer is to display a pair of rose quartz double hearts or a pair of Mandarin Ducks this year.

While wealth is forecast in 2019 for the centre; it is important that you are careful not to overwork too much during the year as this can bring health problems. The additional work will bring a good income but be careful of your health; in particular, stress-related resulting in high blood pressure or kidney problems.

Metal Feng Shui elementDo not place heavy metal in the southeast this year, as it will weaken the good earth and stop the #8 star from being activated.

This is a very strong wealth, success and romance area for 2019 when activated so try and store your important financial papers here like pensions, stock portfolio etc. in the centre. If you use symbolic cures, this is where you should place your three-legged Toad facing your Sheng Chi direction for wealth or a pair of rose quartz crystal hearts for romance.


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2019 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers

Summary for the annual #8 star in the centre in 2019:

Take extra care of health in February, June, August, October and November.

Recommendations and cures for the #8 visiting the centre in 2019

  • Hang a Dui Ou Lung wealth and success Talisman in the centre of your home or office for 2019
  • Keep the centre of your home or office clean and free of clutter during 2019
  • Place a Madaochenggong Master Cure for wealth protection in the centre
  • Introduce some fire colours into the centre to enhance the energies; a quick and easy way is using bed covers, rugs, table covers, sofa throws etc. Try not to add an excessive amount of red in the centre this year
  • This is also a good study area for children provided they are quiet. Place a task light and a crystal globe on the desk to enhance concentration.
  • A romance enhancer is a pair of rose quartz Mandarin Ducks in the centre this year.

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