Chinese New Year 2019 world times converter for the year of the Pig

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Chinese New Year 2019 world times converter for the year of the Pig

Find out what time Chinese New Year 2019 starts in your country

Are you prepared for 2019?

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Are you prepared for 2019 year of the Pig

On February 5th 2019 (China time), we enter a new Lunar Chinese year (year 4717th) in the Chinese calendar), the year of the Yin Earth Pig (Ji Hai). Please do not get confused with solar and lunar calendars, more on this below.

Chinese New Year 2019:

Chinese New Year (according to the lunar calendar) starts on the 5th February 2019 and is hugely celebrated worldwide by the Chinese. The Chinese New Year heralds’ new beginnings and a fresh start for all. On a social level, Chinese New Year is very much a family event and is a time of reunion, forgiveness, sharing and thanksgiving with festivities. In 2019 Chinese New Year falls on Tuesday 5 February 2019 at 05.04 China (Lunar calendar), Monday 4th at 21.04 United Kingdom, Monday 4th 13.04 California USA, and Monday 4th 22.04 Barcelona Spain, a full list of all the other countries can be found below.

Due to time differences around the world, Chinese New Year will fall what appears to be a day early in some countries. Below you will find a Chinese New Year world time converter table to assist you. This is the date you celebrate the Chinese New Year with Ang Pow, fireworks etc. and not normally the date you use to place your 2019 cures and enhancers, however, in 2019 Chinese New Year and placement of cures for most countries falls on the same day or the day before. Please make sure you check dates and times for correct placement of your cures and enhancers.

The Lunar Chinese New Year Day is very different from the Solar (Hsia) New Year Day. The Lunar Calendar formulates the days of the month according to the cycle of the moon whereas the solar year is governed by the sun. Although the Chinese solar year starts on a different date from the western year, the theory whereby the year is calculated on how long it takes the earth to go around the sun is the same.

The lunar cycle lasts approximately 29.5 days, and so that the start of the Lunar New Year is not too far removed from the Solar New Year, the Chinese insert an extra month, this being called an intercalary month, once every few years. This is why Chinese New Year Day falls on a different date in each of the two calendars.

While the solar (Hsia) calendar starts the New Year at the beginning of Spring, which normally falls between the 3rd and 5th of February, the lunar (yueh) calendar marks the New Year on the second New moon after the winter solstice. In 2019, Lunar Chinese New Year also called the ‘Spring Festival’, falls on 5th February 2019 which is the New Year that is celebrated by all ethnic Chinese. The solar New Year (4th February 2019) is not celebrated at all and only used for Feng Shui placement.

You may have come across a few websites stating that 2019 is the 4718th Chinese New Year if you cannot find the reason, here is an answer for you:

The Yellow King’s appointment was held in the spring of 2697 B.C. But they used the winter solstice day as the first day of the year. So, the first winter solstice was on around December 23rd, 2698 B.C. Today’s January 1st means nothing to the Yellow King. If we count that extra eight days in 2698 B.C. for a year, then the year 2019 is the 4717th Chinese year.

Feng Shui World Time Calculator 2018

Chinese New Year 2019 World times.

Tuesday 5th February 2019, 05.04 Hong Kong time.

This is the date that Chinese New Year would be celebrated.

Chinese New Year (Lunar calendar) World times converter. 

Afghanistan – KabulTue 01.34Morocco – CasablancaMon 21.04
Algeria – AlgiersMon 22.04Myanmar – Yangon Tue 03.34
Argentina – Buenos AiresMon 18.04Nepal – KathmanduTue 02.49
Australia – CanberraTue 08.04Netherlands – AmsterdamMon 22.04
Australia – SydneyTue 08.04New Zealand – AucklandTue 10.04
Australia – DarwinTue 06.34New Zealand – Chatham IslandTue 10.49
Australia – BrisbaneTue 07.04Nicaragua – ManaguaMon 15.04
Australia – AdelaideTue 07.34Nigeria – Lagos  Mon 22.04
Australia – MelbourneTue 08.04Norway – OsloMon 22.04
Australia – PerthTue 05.04Pakistan – Islamabad  Tue 02.04
Austria – ViennaMon 22.04Pakistan – Karachi  Tue 02.04
Bahamas – NassauMon 16.04Pakistan – LahoreTue 02.04
Bangladesh – DhakaTue 03.04Paraguay – AsuncionMon 18.04
Belarus – MinskTue 00.04Peru – LimaMon 16.04
Belgium – BrusselsMon 22.04Philippines – ManilaTue 05.04
Bolivia – La PazMon 17.04Poland – Warsaw  Mon 22.04
Brazil – Distrito FederalMon 19.04Portugal – Lisbon  Mon 21.04
Brazil – Rio de JaneiroMon 19.04Puerto Rico – San Juan  Mon 17.04
Brazil – São PauloMon 19.04Romania – Bucharest  Mon 23.04
Bulgaria – SofiaMon 23.04Russia – AnadyrTue 09.04
Canada – EdmontonMon 14.04Russia – MoscowTue 00.04
Canada – VancouverMon 13.04Saudi Arabia – RiyadhTue 00.04
Canada – WinnipegMon 15.04Serbia – BelgradeMon 22.04
Canada – St. John’sMon 17.34 SingaporeTue 05.04
Canada – Halifax

Mon 17.04

South Africa – Cape TownMon 23.04
Canada – OttawaMon 16.04South Africa – JohannesburgMon 23.04
Canada – TorontoMon 16.04South Korea – SeoulTue 06.04
Canada – MontrealMon 16.04Spain – BarcelonaMon 22.04
Chile – SantiagoMon 18.04Spain – MadridMon 22.04
China – BeijingTue 05.04Sudan – KhartoumMon 23.04
Colombia – BogotaMon 16.04Sweden – Stockholm  Mon 22.04
Croatia – ZagrebMon 22.04Switzerland Geneva  Mon 22.04
Cuba – HavanaMon 16.04Switzerland – ZürichMon 22.04
Czech Republic – PragueMon 22.04Taiwan – TaipeiTue 05.04
Denmark – CopenhagenMon 22.04Thailand – BangkokTue 04.04
Dominican RepublicMon 17.04Turkey – Ankara  Tue 00.04
Egypt – CairoThu 23.05Turkey – IstanbulTue 00.04
England – LondonMon 21.04U.K. – England – LondonMon 21.04
Estonia – TallinnMon 23.04U.S.A. – AnchorageMon 12.04
Ethiopia – Addis AbabaTue 00.04U.S.A. – PhoenixMon 14.04
Fiji – SuvaTue 09.04U.S.A. – Los AngelesMon 13.04
Finland – HelsinkiMon 23.04U.S.A. – San FranciscoMon 13.04
France – ParisMon 22.04U.S.A. – Denver Mon 14.04
Germany – BerlinMon 22.04U.S.A. – Washington DCMon 16.04
Germany – FrankfurtMon 22.04U.S.A. – MiamiMon 16.04
Greece – AthensMon 23.04U.S.A. –  AtlantaMon 16.04
Guatemala – GuatemalaMon 15.04U.S.A. – HonoluluMon 11.04
Honduras – TegucigalpaMon 15.04U.S.A. – Chicago  Mon 15.04
Hungary – BudapestMon 22.04U.S.A. – Indianapolis Mon 16.04
Iceland – ReykjavikMon 21.04U.S.A. – New OrleansMon 15.04
India – KolkataTue 02.34U.S.A. – BostonMon 16.04
India – MumbaiTue 02.34U.S.A. – DetroitMon 16.04
India – New DelhiTue 02.34U.S.A. – MinneapolisMon 15.04
Indonesia – Java – JakartaTue 04.04U.S.A. – New YorkMon 16.04
Iran – TehranTue 00.34U.S.A. – PhiladelphiaMon 16.04
Iraq – BaghdadTue 00.04U.S.A. – HoustonMon 15.04
Ireland – DublinMon 21.04U.S.A. –  SeattleMon 13.04
Israel – JerusalemMon 23.04Ukraine – KyivMon 23.04
Italy – RomeMon 22.04UAE – Dubai   Tue 01.04
Jamaica – KingstonMon 16.04Uruguay – MontevideoMon 18.04
Japan – TokyoTue 06.04Uzbekistan – TashkentTue 02.04
Jordan – AmmanMon 23.04Venezuela – CaracasMon 17.04
Kenya – NairobiTue 00.04Vietnam – HanoiTue 04.04
Kiribati – KiritimatiTue 11.04Yemen – AdenTue 00.04
Kuwait – Kuwait  CityTue 00.04Zimbabwe – HarareMon 23.04
Lebanon – BeirutMon 23.04
Madagascar – AntananarivoTue 00.04
Malaysia – Kuala LumpurTue 05.04
Mexico – Mexico CityMon 15.04  
Feng Shui World Times

Chinese (Solar calendar) New Year 2019

Monday, 4 February 2019, 11:14 Hong Kong time. The solar calendar is what we use when placing annual Feng Shui cures and not the day you would celebrate the New Year (times below).

2019 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers

Chinese New Year (solar calendar) World times converter. 

Afghanistan – KabulMon 07.44Morocco – CasablancaMon 03.14
Algeria – AlgiersMon 04.14Myanmar – YangonMon 09.44
Argentina – Buenos AiresSat 18.38Nepal – Kathmandu Mon 08.59
Australia – CanberraMon 14.14Netherlands – AmsterdamMon 04.14
Australia – SydneyMon 14.14New Zealand – AucklandMon 16.14
Australia – BrisbaneMon 13.14Nicaragua – ManaguaSun 21.14
Australia – AdelaideMon 13.44Nigeria – LagosMon 04.14
Australia – MelbourneMon 14.14Norway – OsloMon 04.14
Australia – PerthMon 11.14Pakistan – IslamabadMon 08.14
Austria – ViennaMon 04.14Pakistan – KarachiMon 08.14
Bahamas – NassauSun 22.14Pakistan – LahoreMon 08.14
Bangladesh – DhakaMon 09.14Paraguay – AsuncionMon 00.14
Belarus – MinskMon 06.14Peru – LimaSun 22.14
Belgium – BrusselsMon 04.14Philippines – ManilaMon 11.14
Bolivia – La PazSun 23.14Poland – WarsawMon 04.14
Brazil – Distrito FederalMon 01.14Portugal – LisbonMon 03.14
Brazil – Rio de JaneiroMon 01.14Puerto Rico – San JuanSun 23.14
Brazil – São PauloMon 01.14Romania – BucharestMon 05.14
Bulgaria – SofiaMon 05.14Russia – AnadyrMon 15.14
Canada – EdmontonSun 20.14Russia – MoscowMon 06.14
Canada – VancouverSun 19.14Saudi Arabia – RiyadhMon 06.14
Canada – WinnipegSun 21.14Serbia – BelgradeMon 04.14
Canada – St. John’sSun 23.44SingaporeMon 11.14
Canada – HalifaxSun 23.14South Africa – Cape TownMon 05.14
Canada – OttawaSun 22.14South Africa – JohannesburgMon 05.14
Canada – TorontoSun 22.14South Korea – SeoulSun 06.38
Canada – Montreal   Sun 22.14Spain – BarcelonaMon 04.14
Chile – SantiagoMon 00.14Spain – MadridMon 04.14
China – BeijingMon 11.14Sudan – KhartoumMon 05.14
China – Hong KongMon 11.14Sweden – StockholmMon 04.14
China – ShanghaiMon 11.14Switzerland – GenevaMon 04.14
Colombia – BogotaSun 22.14Switzerland – ZürichMon 04.14
Croatia – ZagrebMon 04.14Taiwan – TaipeiMon 11.14
Cuba – HavanaSun 22.14Thailand – BangkokMon 10.14
Czech Republic – PragueMon 04.14Turkey – AnkaraMon 06.14
Denmark – CopenhagenMon 04.14Turkey – IstanbulMon 06.14
Dominican RepublicSun 23.14U.K. – England – LondonMon 03.14
Egypt – CairoMon 05.14U.S.A. – AnchorageSun 18.14
England – LondonMon 03.14U.S.A. – PhoenixSun 20.14
Estonia – TallinnMon 05.14U.S.A. – Los AngelesSun 19.14
Ethiopia – Addis AbabaMon 06.14U.S.A. – San FranciscoSun 19.14
Fiji – SuvaMon 15.14U.S.A. – DenverSun 20.14
Finland – HelsinkiMon 05.14U.S.A. – Washington DCSun 22.14
France – Paris  Mon 04.14U.S.A. – MiamiSun 22.14
Germany – BerlinMon 04.14U.S.A. –  AtlantaSun 22.14
Germany – FrankfurtMon 04.14U.S.A. – HonoluluSun 17.14
Greece – AthensMon 05.14U.S.A. – ChicagoSun 21.14
Guatemala – GuatemalaSun 21.14U.S.A. – IndianapolisSun 22.14
Honduras – TegucigalpaSun 21.14U.S.A. – New OrleansSun 21.14
Hungary – BudapestMon 04.14U.S.A. – BostonSun 22.14
Iceland – ReykjavikMon 03.14U.S.A. – DetroitSun 22.14
India – KolkataMon 08.44U.S.A. – MinneapolisSun 21.14
India – MumbaiMon 08.44U.S.A. – New YorkSun 22.14
India – New DelhiMon 08.44U.S.A. – PhiladelphiaSun 22.14
Indonesia – Java – JakartaMon 10.14U.S.A. – HoustonSun 21.14
Iran – TehranMon 06.44U.S.A. –  SeattleSun 19.14
Iraq – BaghdadMon 06.14Ukraine – KyivMon 05.14
Ireland – DublinMon 03.14UAE – Dubai Mon 07.14
Israel – JerusalemMon 05.14Uruguay – MontevideoMon 00.14
Italy – RomeMon 04.14Uzbekistan – TashkentMon 08.14
Jamaica – KingstonSun 22.14Venezuela – CaracasSun 23.14
Japan – TokyoMon 12.14Vietnam – HanoiMon 10.14
Jordan – AmmanMon 05.14Yemen – AdenMon 06.14
Kenya – NairobiMon 06.14Zimbabwe – HarareMon 05.14
Kiribati – KiritimatiMon 17.14
Kuwait – Kuwait CityMon 06.14
Lebanon – BeirutMon 05.14
Madagascar – AntananarivoMon 06.14
Malaysia – Kuala LumpurMon 11.14
Mexico – Mexico CitySun 21.14

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  1. Hi!
    This will be my second year buying items from you and I was wondering if you could help with a few questions:
    1. I am away during the week of 4th Feb. Which dates are auspicious for placing the cures and enhancers when I am back? Can I Place these before I leave (on the 1st Feb?)
    2. Are there auspicious times for placing the cures?
    3. When can I remove last year’s cures?
    4. How do I dispose of items which requires respect, eg tsai Shen yeh god statue?

    Thank you for your time!

    1. Hi John,

      If you are the only person in your home or you will all be away, you can place your cures just before you go away.
      You can place them any time of the day if you are placing them before the 4th.
      I would remove the cures and cleanse them the day before you place your new cures for 2019.
      To dispose of cures and enhancers, I would wrap them in a cloth or place them in tupperware and carefully dispose of them outside of the home.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hi Daniel

        This is also my second year purchasing the kit.
        My questions are :
        1. In regards to your answer from above
        ” I would remove the cures and cleanse them the day before you place your new cures for 2019.. ”
        My understanding from the above advice is that I would need to remove the old cures, cleansed them (under a full moon) before I can put up my new cures????

        2. Can I re-use last year’s items after cleansing them with the exception of the salt water?

        3. I just received my kit March 5th, is there a auspicious time and date for putting up the cures?

        Thank you.

        1. Hi May,

          Yes, you will need to remove the cures and cleanse them before placing them in the relevant area for 2019. Here is a link for how to cleanse your cures –

          Here is a link for reusing your 2018 cures and enhancers –

          I would avoid placing cures on the 9th, 13th, 21st and 25th of March.

          I hope this helps, May.

          Kind regards,

          1. Hi Daniel,

            I will be moving homes in April and this will be cleansing and placing the cures in the new homes. Are there bad dates and good dates to do this in April/May? Where can I find these dates for the rest of the year?


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