Snake – June 2022 Chinese Animal Predictions

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Snake Chinese Animal monthly predictionsSnake – June 2022 Chinese Animal Predictions


The Snake is looking to have a mixed month in June and they should find that how their month turns out will depend on how they deal with any issues that come their way this month; the Snake has the ability to enjoy their time and overcome any obstacles that come their way during June and should take their time to consider their options before making decisions. Have a fantastic month.

We are now into the third month of the tiger year and I hope that life is going well for you so far and that you are benefitting from the auspicious influences that 2022 can bring. If you haven’t already prepared for the year of the Tiger, I would recommend taking a look at the 2022 annual advice here.


Monthly Tong Shu Almanac and Flying star analysis

Are you prepared for 2022 year of the Yang Water Tiger

Is 2022 going as well as it could?

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Gold Plated Animal CharmWe recently launched a range of Gold plated Chinese Animal Protection Talisman cards which should be stored in cars, wallets, purses, accounts, on walls and so many more places to give protection throughout the year. For your protection, you should have a Chinese Animal protection Talisman card of a Monkey with you at all times.

Visit the pages below for further details on the 2022 Chinese New Year etc.

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