Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2021 – 6 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2021 – 6 Star

Are you prepared for 2021 year of the Ox

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Are you prepared for 2021?

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Ch’ien 6 White – The star of Heaven

Ch’ien 6 White – The star of Heaven Chien 6 White (Wu Qu) sits in the centre palace in 2021.

Flying Stars 2021 6 Star Chien

In 2021, we have the annual #6 money star fly into the centre of the lou shu. The #6 star is a compassionate star and when activated with the relevant cures and enhancers, can bring financial and career luck during the year of the Ox although it is trapped in the centre and special cures are needed. If you have a job in politics, a leadership role, jewellery or a manager’s position, this area is very important to you this year, and you should follow the advice below carefully.

The centre will usually fall into a hallway and landing, depending on the size of the building although if the centre of your home or office falls into an area with a  main door or window, it is vital that the locks and overall security are checked throughout the year; it is also wise to double check smoke alarms throughout the year to ensure they are working correctly and avoid candles and naked flames here.

Da Zhan Hong Tu Talisman Sheng Chi Cure 2021One of the most powerful and important cures for 2021 is to place a Da Zhan Hong Tu Sheng Chi cure in the centre of your home or office to enhance and protect wealth luck. This traditional and powerful cure works similarly to Chinese New Year couplets in the sense that they should be kept up for the year to cure and enhance the auspicious influence of the centre in 2021.

The Centre palace has no Trigram or gender and the visiting #6 metal star will drain the earth-based centre which can lead to a loss of wealth and lead to bad luck. To balance the energies for the year, we need to introduce some powerful earth cures into the centre to balance this energy and allow the annual star to be activated which is why we have included the Sheng Chi cure with all our 2021 annual or deluxe cures and enhancers kits.

Where to use water colours in 2021Although an auspicious star that can bring success and accomplishment, the annual #6 star can cause problems with the liver and legs if located in a bedroom in 2021; the cure for this would be to introduce some water colours such as bed sheets or curtains for the year. Good water colours to use are shades of blue, black, grey, and charcoal.

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Summary for the annual #6 star in the centre in 2021:

Good colours to use in the centre this year are earth colours such as yellow, beige or brown. If you like to work with crystals, you could place some real quartz or a faceted crystal sphere in the centre this year as these are very good for activating the wealth and business side of this nice star.

recommendations and cures for the #6 visiting the centre in 2021

  • If this is your bedroom, a shade of blue or black in your furnishing or décor may help with health. A blue painting (not water scene) may also do.
  • Hang a Da Zhan Hong Tu Sheng Chi cure in the centre of your home or office this year to enhance and protect wealth.
  • Real quartz crystal is very good in the centre as are faceted crystal spheres.
  • Avoid fire colours such as red and please do not light candles in the centre in 2021 unless the monthly stars allow so as it can cause lung issues.

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2021 Feng Shui cures and enhancers

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