Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2019 – 9 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2019 – 9 Star

Are you prepared for 2019 year of the Pig

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Are you prepared for 2019?

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Li 9 Purple  You Bi Li 9 Purple is found in the northwest in 2019

Flying Stars 2019 9 Star Li

The annual #9 purple (You Bi) star has flown into the northwest in 2019 which will be drained by the inherent northwest #6 star which means we will need to enhance the annual star to balance out the energies. We also have Tai Sui located in the northwest for the year of the Pig, so this area is very important to get a good balance.

To enhance the auspicious #9 star in the northwest during 2019, I would recommend placing a Three immortals Statue to protect and enhance the energy of this area and also enhance wealth and overall luck for the year.

Three Immortals statueIf your home or office has a front door in the northwest in 2019, it is very important that you do not slam the door as loud noises can activate the dangerous effects of Tai Sui. I would also avoid any internal doors or windows being slammed in the northwest during 2019 and avoid digging or renovating your property in this area at all costs; if you have no option but to undergo heavy work this year, please make sure that you follow the advice below and also have the relevant cures in place.

Xie Tai Tai Sui gold plated plaque for 2019The traditional method to appease Tai Sui is to place a Xie Tai Tai Sui plaque to pay respect and appease the deity. By paying respect to Tai Sui, you can avoid the problems that are prevalent with this annual affliction. These are two key cures for the northwest although please do not worry if you cannot afford these; there are a lot of other options you can implement to weaken the troubles that Tai Sui can bring.

The worst thing you could do in the northwest from the 4th February 2019 to the 3rd February 2020 would be to take on any ground-breaking work such as replace window or door frames, knock through an internal wall, build an extension, lay a patio or other similar work. My general rule of thumb for small jobs such as hammering a nail to hang a picture or drill a hole is to minimise as much noise as you can; if you can use a manual hand drill, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Nearly every year, you will come across a sector in your home with a fortunate annual star which suffers from one of the annual afflictions although if you are careful and do not make too much noise in the northwest this year, you can still benefit from the lovely influence that the annual #9 can bring. Once you have your Xie Tai Tai Sui plaque in place, you can attract new wealth and protect existing wealth by placing a Three Immortals statue which can bring all of the positive energy from the visiting star.

The element of the annual #9 star can strengthen the malevolent effects of visiting monthly stars #2 and #5 so please be careful during March, September and November.

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Summary for the annual #9 star in the northwest in 2019:

Be aware of the negative influences during the February, March, July, September, November and December.

recommendations and cures for the #9 visiting the northwest in 2019

  • Healthy green leafy plants or blue flowering plants such as violets are good for this area.
  • Place a Three Immortals statue in the northwest of your home and office
  • For the northwest in 2019, I would recommend using different shades of green to enhance the #9 annual star.
  • Fresh flowers displayed here will bring positive qi too.
  • Place a Xie Tai Tai Sui plaque in the northwest of your home or office for 2019 to appease Tai Sui
  • Symbolic objects such as a wu lou or eight Chinese coins can be placed here all year round to enhance benevolent influence and at the same time dissipate the malevolent influence by the visiting monthly #2 and #5.
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  1. Thank you. Another Feng Shui Master indicates in her book that a person should move if their kitchen is in northwest. She indicated there are no cures. I believe you!

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