Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2019 – 5 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2019 – 5 Star

Are you prepared for 2019 year of the Pig

© Written by Daniel Hanna 2019

Are you prepared for 2019?

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The 5 Yellow In 2019, the annual 5 Yellow Lian Zhen star of tragedy is located in the southwest palace 

Bad Flying Stars

The southwest of every home and office is majorly affected in 2019 due to the annual #4 earth star flying in where we have the inherent #2 earth star which creates a menacing formation and if left untreated, can cause major illness and accidents, fatalities or bankruptcy so please do not leave the southwest untreated in 2019. This area will need some good quality metal cures to weaken this combination and should be kept quiet as much as possible as this area can be activated with human activity.

Although this is a very afflicted area in 2019, please do not feel that there is no hope; with Feng Shui, there is always a solution to a problem, and if you place the relevant cures and keep the area calm and settled, you can avoid activating this area in 2019 and avoid any problems.

My kitchen is in the north of my home, and I like to spend a lot of time in this area so for 2019, I will be taking the following steps to ensure I can still use this area and avoid problems –

  • Place a Salt water cure on my windowsill
  • I will be placing either a dumbbell plate or car suspension spring underneath my sink unit
  • I will be hanging Six Chinese i-ching coins In a row in the southwest to weaken the #5 star
  • I will be avoiding orange, purple, lilac, pink, burgundy and red decorations and tea towels in the southwest as this would feed the bad earth star and cause problems
  • I will add lots of white, silver, gold, bronze and copper decorations in the southwest
  • I will hang a Six rod hollow metal wind chime in the southwest for 2019
  • I’ll be avoiding having the radio too loud and be more mindful with how I open and close the oven door
  • I’ll try to avoid having the extractor fan on full

If the southwest of your home or office falls into a bedroom, living room or office, you would follow most of the same steps such as the cures, colours and noise level. If you have the main door located here for 2019, please make sure it is not slammed shut or open. The thing to remember with the flying stars is that if this area is treated correctly and is kept calm, it will not necessarily be activated so, please try not to worry too much. I always try and deliver bad news with a positive approach as I am a strong believer that you can always turn bad in to good when you have the right attitude and while the southwest is extremely afflicted in 2019, you can still do a lot to weaken the malevolent influences that are present this year.

Where can I dig in 2019The worst thing you could do in the southwest from the 4th February 2019 to the 3rd February 2020 would be to take on any ground-breaking work such as replace window or door frames, knock through an internal wall, build an extension, lay a patio or other similar work. My general rule of thumb for small jobs such as hammering a nail to hang a picture or drill a hole is to minimise as much noise as you can; if you can use a manual hand drill, it is better to be safe than sorry.

If you have no choice but to perform ground-breaking or noisy work, try to get this done during a month when we have an auspicious star flying in which would be March, June, July, August, October or December and please ensure you have your cures and enhancers in place!

For 2019, I would strongly suggest placing these Cures in the southwest of your home or office:

Six Chinese i-ching coins In a row

Salt water cure

Six rod hollow metal wind chime


If you do not want to place these cures in the southwest in 2019 or cannot afford them, please do not panic as there is still a lot you can do to weaken the #5 star this year. Introduce plenty of good quality metal into the southwest of your home or office this year and make sure any metal cures that you have from the previous year are cleansed before the 4th February 2019; You should not reuse the six coins or salt water cure from last year as these absorb a great deal of negative energy and should be replaced once a year at the very least. Good shapes are items made from metal that are round; even a stainless-steel dog bowl is a good cure. Do not disturb its position here with noisy activities, renovations or maintenance work. Houses with gardens to this corner of the property should avoid disturbing the ground with major digging or building work in the southwest in 2019.

The 5 Yellow also called ‘Wu Huang or Lian Zhen)‘ in Chinese, is one of the bad annual afflictions. It is a very volatile star. It has no gender and no trigram and is highly dangerous when disturbed. When disturbed, its malevolent influence brings disaster, sickness, lawsuits and major loss of wealth. Do be careful with it. Stillness together with metal cures can keep its negative influences at bay.

A pendulum chiming clock in the southwest is a very good cure this year, and while this contradicts what I said about keeping the area quiet, the chiming sound of the clock is as important as the moving metal of the pendulum. In the old days, they would have had someone striking a gong quietly every 15 to 60 minutes. All these cures are essential and why we have included three of them as standard in all our 2019 cures and enhancers kit.

Metal Feng Shui

Another powerful cure for the southwest in 2019 is to place a brass Wu Lou or gold coloured gourd to protect wealth and avoid legal problems, arguments, disputes and loss of wealth. If you do not like to use traditional Cures and Enhancers, add some good quality heavy metal into this area, but please make sure it is in good condition and not covered in rust holes. I do not give this advice, so you have to buy from us, most of these cures and enhancers I recommend you can put together yourself.

Urgent repairs to your home or office in the southwest during 2019 will need a cure to prevent any negative consequences. The best way to weaken the negative influence when doing emergency work in the southwest is to place a six hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out or ideally, contact a professional Feng Shui Consultant to select an auspicious date to start the work. Our Tong Shui software will also easily calculate the perfect time for you.

You must not place red objects, bright lights, candles or red coloured furnishing in the southwest in 2019 as this will only cause harm and aggravate the #5 yellow. Do not worry if you have these colours already just introduce colours white, silver, gold or copper in the way of a floor mat, cushions, throws, tablecloth or such like. You can also use dark blue or black if you prefer.

If your bathroom, cloakroom, en-suite, guest room or a large cupboard is located here, this is good for you this year, because these areas are not used much, and therefore the negative power is not activated, I would still place the cures though regardless of what room is located in the southwest.

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2019 Feng Shui Cures and Enhancers

Summary for the annual #5 star in the southwest in 2019:

Take extra care in February, April, May, September, November and January 2020.

You should not activate the southwest with loud noises or lots of activity this year; try to keep this area quiet as much as possible and avoid building work unless it is necessary and even then, try to carry the work out during a month when an auspicious star flies in. Try to avoid fire colours such as orange, red or purple. Introduce metal colours such as white, silver, gold or copper.

I know I’ve gone on about this part a lot, but It really is important; please try and keep the southwest of your home or office as quiet as possible during 2019 and make sure you have your cures and enhancers in place for the year, especially if the southwest is the main office, bedroom, living room or other important room.

recommendations and cures for the #5 visiting the southwest in 2019

  • Avoid playing loud music in the southwest of the home or room.
  • Keep doors closed in the southwest this year
  • Do not decorate your room red or earth colours. Grey, blue or white beddings and curtains are good colours to use for 2019.
  • Place a salt water cure in the southwest of the building along with six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon and six hollow metal rod wind chime.
  • The six coins in row and salt cure are a crucial cure to place in 2019; please do not forget it.
  • Place a Brass Wu-Lou in the southwest corner of the room if this is your bedroom.
  • Metal objects such as six Chinese metal coins tied in a red ribbon and a brass Dragon can be placed in this corner too. Do not to use red dragons.
  • Do not place red objects, burning candles or triangularly shaped furnishing in this sector.
  • Most of all, avoid disturbing the southwest at all costs. Any form of renovations that needs to be done plan it for another year if you can. It is worth keeping this in mind.
  • Tsai Shen Yeh (God of wealth) in gold colour is very effective at not only reducing the bad earth but by also protecting your wealth for the year in the southwest.
  • Replace or at the very least cleanse your Ba Gua mirror if you have one in the southwest. Especially if you have a door here.
  • If you have a main door in the southwest, make sure you oil the hinges and try not to let it bang shut and oil squeaky hinges.
  • If you use a fan or other machines that creates noise or vibration, try and avoid placing it in the southwest part of a room.

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