Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2016 – 8 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2016 – 8 Star

Are you prepared for 2016 year of the Yang Fire Monkey Bing Shen

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Ken 8 White  has flown in to the southwest for 2016

Flying Stars 2014 8 Star Gen

The #8 White star is the governing flying star for the next nine years of the lower era of the sexagenarian cycle of the flying stars system and is located in the southwest  . In 2016, Tai Sui is also located in the southwest and we are going to have to treat this area with care in order to make the most of it.

The #8 star can bring fame, wealth, romance, prestige and distinction in to others life when it flies in to the southwest although this year will require more care and the effects could be weakened or have an opposite effect if Tai Sui is disturbed

Wealth 2016Do not place heavy metal in the southwest this year, as doing so will weaken the good earth and can cause more problems rather than enhance the area. Please do not take this affliction lightly in 2016, although the #8 star can bring a lot of positive attributes to those with bedrooms, offices and front doors in the southwest this year, if Tai Sui is disturbed by ground-breaking or loud noise, there could be problems which is why we have the most vital two cures in our cures and enhancers kits for the southwest this year which are the Chu Men Chien Tsai Master Cure to enhance all areas of life and the Guan Zhong Tai Sui Plaque which works in synergy with the Master Cure by appeasing Tai Sui so that the Master Cure can enhance the home or office. I can honestly say these are the two most vital cures for the southwest in the year of the Yang Fire Monkey which is why we have included both standard in all of our Annual Cures and Enhancers kits.

If you prefer to work with symbolic cures, quartz crystals, crystal balls or hanging faceted crystals are good for this southwest palace this year. The #8 star also governs relationships so a nice romance enhancer in the southwest this year is a pair of rose quartz double hearts or a pair of Mandarin Ducks.

One of the most powerful and important cures in 2016 is a Chu Men Chien Tsai Master Cure and enhancer. This cure is used to protect and enhance wealth and good luck in 2016 especially for the Matriarch (eldest female) or any female of a home or office and more so if you run a business from home although equally needed for males especially for wealth and is only known to a few specialist Feng Shui Grand Masters and in the old days and even now in Asia you would need to employ a specialist Feng Shui Grand Master to call at your home or business where they would come along with a specialist zhuanke (seal carver) who would spend many hours carving the secret inscriptions onto an eight sided (ba gua) earth plate ( Pai da di) normally made from the finest quartz clear crystal, slate, polished stone, quartz or glass. The seal carver (zhuanke) was traditionally hired by emperors and the very wealthy and was seen as a symbol of great wealth and power and this took many years of studying to perfect this specialist art form.

If you have a southwest facing property with your front doors to the southwest, you must be careful not to allow the doors to slam when entering or leaving and do not renovate or dig in this area for 2016. If you have an office or shop door in the southwest this year, I would recommend installing a soft close attachment if possible.

The traditional Chinese method to appease Tai Sui is to place a Guan Zhong Tai Sui plaque to pay respect and appease the Deity. By paying respect to Grand Duke of Jupiter, we can weaken or avoid the problems this can bring. This is really important this year and we have included the Tai Sui Plaque in all our annual cures and enhancers kits.

This is a very strong wealth, success and romance area for 2016 so try and store your important financial papers here like pensions, stock portfolio etc in the southwest. If you use symbolic cures this is where you should place your three-legged Toad facing your Sheng Chi direction for wealth a pair of rose quartz crystal hearts for romance.

To enhance:

  • Hang a faceted crystal sphere in this area of the house near the window or door. Hang it above head height and twist now and again.
  • Place a Guan Zhong Tai Sui Plaque to appease the deity in the southwest this year
  • The energies of the annual 8 can be activated by human activities.
    Use this room as frequently as possible unless you have received professional advice against it.
  • Place a Chu Men Chien Tsai Master Cure in the southwest, especially if this is where your front door, office or bedroom is located
  • The red three-legged toad can be placed here. Make sure the toad is facing into the house and not towards the door and the coin is never taken out of his mouth.
  • If your bedroom is here, you can also place an amethyst or any crystal items in the southwest of the bedroom to further strengthen the earth element of the benevolent 8.
  • This is also a good study area for children. Place a task light and a crystal globe on the desk to enhance concentration.
  • A romance enhancer is a pair of rose quartz Mandarin Ducks in the southwest this year.
  • Keep area active with open windows and doors (yang energy) although do not renovate or make loud noises this year.
  • Keep the area outside and inside the southwest, southeast and south as clear, clutter free and open as possible, you need to let the auspicious Qi collect here and distribute inside and outside when this happens it is known as Ming Tang  , this is a collection of Sheng Chi (auspicious energy)

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