Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2016 – 5 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2016 – 5 Star

Are you prepared for 2016 year of the Yang Fire Monkey Bing Shen

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The 5 Yellow In 2016, the annual 5 Yellow Lian Zhen star of tragedy is located in the northeast palace 

Groundbreaking Feng Shui 2016Every piece of advice that I have given over the last sixteen years always comes from the heart and I try to make sure that those who do not use traditional Chinese cures like a salt water cure or six Chinese coins tied together with ribbon still receive advice for free, easy to source alternatives. For the northeast in 2016, you should use plenty of good quality metal and make sure that all your existing cure and enhancers have been cleansed before the Chinese New Year. I am paying particular attention this year to the northeast as this is where my parents main door is located, am I worried about it? Absolutely not; I will though make sure that no one in our home will use this door and all the cures I recommend will be put in place.

In 2016, we also have Sui Po the year breaker present in the northeast which will make the influence harder to control without the right cures in place. It is imperative that you do not undertake any form of noisy renovations or re-decorative work in this part of your house or office between February 4th 2016 and February 3rd 2017.

do not drill in the northeast in 2016Do not to disturb its position here with noisy activities, renovations or maintenance work. Houses with their garden in the northeast should avoid disturbing the ground with major digging or building work. My parents had all their work to the main door carried out this year 2015 as in 2016 doing this work would have caused problems.

The 5 Yellow also called ‘Wu Huang or Lian Zhen)’ in Chinese, is one of the annual afflictions. This is a very volatile star with no gender and no trigram and is highly dangerous when disturbed so please apply care. When disturbed, its malevolent influence brings disaster, sickness, lawsuits and major loss of wealth. Do be careful with it. Stillness together with metal cures can keep its negative influences at bay.

In order to calm the influence of the 5 yellow, you should place a salt water cure, six rod wind chime, Wu Lou and six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon and also place more metal decorative objects (provided they are not menacing looking, round shape metal is good) to dissipate its negative.

Wherever the Five Yellow is, you must never disturb its position excessive noise such as digging, drilling or loud electronic equipment so please bear this in mind and be careful when you hang your metal six rod wind chime to control its influence in the northeast sector of your house. You should also place a Ba Gua mirror especially if you have a main door here, I will be renewing mine on February 4th without fail. Traditionally to appease Sui Po in a Monkey year you need to display a Yi Fan Feng Shun talisman which we have included in all of our 2016 cures and enhancers Kits

Feng Shui colours for 2016

When dealing with the Annual #5 star in the northeast, you must not place red objects, bright lights, candles or red coloured furnishing in this sector. Do not worry if you have these colours already just introduce colours white, silver, gold or copper in the way of a floor mat, cushions, throws, tablecloth or such like. You can also use dark blue or black if you prefer.

The ideal situation for the northeast is if you have a bathroom, cloakroom, en-suite, guest room or a large cupboard located here as these areas are not used much and therefore the negative power is not activated. I would still place the cures though regardless of what room is located in the northeast.

Summary: Do not activate the northeast with loud noises; instead, keep quiet and avoid at all costs building work or refurbishment. Do not use colours related to the element fire such as red, pink or purple. Keep doors closed in the northeast when not in use. Vital cures to place in the northeast are a six-rod wind chime, Wu Lou, salt water cure and six coins here along with metal ornaments. Use colours related to the element metal such as white, silver, gold or copper. I will repeat this part, as it is so important, please keep the northeast of your home quiet, avoid redecoration and building work in the northeast part of your home or office and when you hang your wind chime try not to make so much noise with hammers etc, don’t worry about the noise the wind chime makes, this is all part of the cure, so when it is in place try and remember to knock it lightly a few times a day.

To calm interactions:

  • Avoid playing loud music in the northeast of the home or room.
  • Do not decorate your northeast area with red or earth colours this year. Grey, blue or white beddings and curtains are good colours to use temporarily for 2016.
  • Place a salt water cure in the northeast of the building along with six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon and six hollow metal rod wind chime.
  • Display a Yi Fan Feng Shun talisman in the northeast to weaken the negative influence of the annual #5
  • Move your bed to another corner of the room if possible even if it is a few feet away from the northeast corner, this way, you will avoid sleeping exactly in the northeast sector of the room and will weaken the influence slightly.
  • Place a Brass Wu-Lou in the northeast corner of the room if this is your bedroom.
  • Metal objects such as six Chinese metal coins tied in a red ribbon and/or a brass Dragon can be placed in this corner too. Avoid using red dragons.
  • Do not place red objects, burning candles or triangular shaped furnishing in this sector.
  • The most important advice I can give is to avoid disturbing this area at all costs. Any form of renovation that needs to be done should be delayed for another year.
  • Tsai Shen Yeh (God of wealth) in a gold colour is very effective at not only reducing the bad earth but by also protecting your wealth for the year in the northeast.
  • Replace or place a Ba Gua mirror if you have one in the northeast especially if you have your front door located here.
  • If you have a main door in the northeast make sure you oil the hinges and try not to let it bang shut.

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