Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2014 – 8 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2014 – 8 Star

Are you prepared for 2014 year of Yang Wood Horse

Are you really prepared for 2014?

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Ken 8 White This is the governing flying star for the next ten years of the lower era of the sexagenarian cycle of the flying stars system in the south.

Flying Stars 2014 8 Star Gen

Wealth, prestige and distinction can be expected through the #8 Kens influence this year. This Flying Star brings good fortune and exciting times during the year and when activated correctly, can bring fantastic results. It also represents a strengthening of family values.

If you are in the business of sign making or something similar related to symbols, it would be beneficial to place quartz crystals, crystal balls or hanging faceted crystals in the south palace this year. The #8 star also governs relationships so a very powerful romance enhancer is a pair of rose quartz double hearts or a pair of Mandarin Ducks in the south this year.

Financial prospects in 2014

Mandarin Ducks

Located in the south in 2014, it is benefiting from the element of the ‘Yuan Dan Pan’. Use this sector as often as possible.

If you have a teenage son who’s room is located in the south in 2014, please be aware that they may experience difficulties and problems this year during certain months so be sure to offer advice and patience this year.

Do not place metal in the south in 2014 as it will weaken the good earth. Great news if you have your main door here and if you are in an office try and locate your desk in south part of the office.

You should avoid metal furniture in this area in 2014

Wealth in 2014

This is a very strong wealth area for 2014 so it would be very good to store your important financial papers here like pensions, stock portfolio etc. If you use symbolic cures this is where you should place your three legged Toad facing your Sheng Chi direction.

This is the governing flying star for the next twenty years of the lower era of the sexagenarian cycle of the flying stars system.


Essential and much needed cures and enhancers for the south in 2014 are a Cai Ling Fu – Master cure 2014 财符牌 and a Cai Shen Ma (Wealth Toad God) Wealth enhancer and cure and this magnificent wealth Toad God made to exact measurements, design and stature and one of the best we have ever seen standing impressively with a remarkable firm and commanding stance, the quality is exceptional and he looks striking.

This extremely potent enhancer and cure is for the wealth and career #8 star that has flown into the south in 2014 and if activated with a wealth Toad God with an ingot and auspicious Chinese i-ching coins on his back it can be very good for wealth, career and business although you must only use a Toad God that falls in the “Chai” band of auspicious measurements which of course ours does as we had it especially made for the year of yang wood Horse 2014 year.

You will find this particular cure on our website and included in our annual cures and enhancers kits in 2014, please check here for more details.

Cure and enhancement summary for #8 star in south in 2014

  • Hang a faceted crystal sphere in this area of the house near the window or door. Hang it above head height and twist now and again.
  • The energies of the annual 8 can be activated by human activities. Use this room as frequently as possible unless you have a professional advice against it.
  • The red three legged toad can be placed here. Make sure the toad is facing into the house and not towards the door and the coin is never taken out of his mouth.
  • If your bedroom is here, you can also place an amethyst or any crystal items in the south of the bedroom to further strengthen the earth element of the benevolent 8 white.
  • This is also a good study area for children. Place a desk light and a crystal globe on the desk to enhance concentration.
  • A romance enhancer is a pair of rose quartz Mandarin Ducks in the south this year.
  • Keep area active with noise and open doors and windows

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