Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2014 – 3 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2014 – 3 Star

Are you prepared for 2014 year of Yang Wood Horse

Are you really prepared for 2014?

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Chen 3 Jade In 2014, the sound of the Protracted Wind of the #3 Jade can be heard in the southeast.

Flying Stars 2014 3 Star Chen

In 2014, the sound of the Protracted Wind of the 3 Jade can be heard in the southeast.

In reality, Chen represents movement. Whether this is a home or office, beware of possible theft and burglary if your front is here. Take extra security measures for the year.

There are a some books out there that you may have read that will tell you that the #3 wood star is a fortunate star in period 8 but in our opinion it is a volatile star and you should not try and activate it unless you are qualified to do so or have a very good Feng Shui Consultant; it will become more usable towards the later part of the 20 year period 8 cycle.

Over the years, I have even seen websites and books recommending placing water here and I feel I should warn you that if you do this without taking into account your land formations, period, mountain and water stars, you will invite arguments, divorce and legal problems so please be very careful.

Avoid water here in 2014 unless advised by a professional

You will need to double check documents signed during the year of the Horse and make sure they are checked through thoroughly before committing to anything.

The influence of a Chen 3 in Period 8 indicates possible arguments, disagreement and in extreme cases this can result in law suits, either as a petitioner or a defendant. Either way there will be a loss of time, energy and wealth if you are not careful so please treat this area with caution.

In temper, there may be burst of irritability affecting those under this influence so please be aware of this. If your office or bedroom is here, short temper and antagonistic are common characteristics in those affected by the 3.

A traditional cure and enhancer in 2014 is placing a Buddha vessel statue which is a very powerful cure and talisman that works in synergy with a quartz crystal and a Chinese i-ching coin at a very high level and communicate with the help of quartz crystals and offer crucial protection against hidden enemies (back stabbing), wealth, business, career and relationships in 2014 and must be placed in the southeast in 2014 as we have the visiting #3 arguments and disputes star which can cause many problems especially to do with back stabbing, gossip and lies and possible legal issues with authorities.

This lovely Buddha that we had specially commissioned is absolutely stunning and a good size and weight and has a section at the bottom where it houses a piece of crystal called Angelite and is an opaque, blue and white crystal, it is formed from Celestite that has been compressed over millions of years and is considered a throat Chakra crystal.

You will find this particular cures on our website and included in our annual cures and enhancers kits in 2014, please check here for more details.

Cure and enhancement summary for #3 star in southeast in 2014

  • Place a light in this corner of the room. If you have a choice, a lamp with a wooden stand and a peach shade is better.
  • Do not hang wind chimes in this corner of the house, especially metal wind chimes or may worsen matters.
  • Place a bu yon an jian Buddha in 2014
  • During hot summer months, make sure the fan is not located in this corner of the room.
  • Be sure to upgrade security if your front door is located here.
  • Check through everything before signing documents if office is here.
  • Try and keep this area quiet and do not disturb with loud noises throughout 2014.
  • Please be careful of back stabbing this year.
  • Avoid placing heavy metal ornaments here as this will aggravate the wood star, a traditional cure is to place a red Dragon here but make sure he is not made of metal.
  • From February 4th 2004 – 2024 the east will be the Secondary Wealth area for the 20 years in Period 8 and it requires water in the outside to be activated.

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