Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2024 – 3 Star

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Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2024 – 3 Star

are you prepared for 2024 - Year of the Yang Wood Dragon

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Are you prepared for 2024 – The start of period 9 Feng Shui?

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Chen 3 Jade, the sound of Lu Chun #3 Jade can be heard in the central palace in 2024


Flying Stars 2024 3 Star Chen

The annual #3 star has flown into the central palace for 2024 and will need to be treated with care and attention, as it is usually much easier to activate an inauspicious star in the central palace. When the 3 star is activated or left untreated, it will spread to all of the compass sectors around the home, bringing all sorts of issues ranging from stress, legal issues, disputes, loss of wealth, theft and arguments. Luckily, this palace can quickly be resolved and kept settled with the proper cures and enhancers.

In period 9, the #3 star will remain untimely and can cause issues when activated in our home or workplace with loud renovations or using water or wood cures. You may have come across websites saying that the #3 star will be usable during period 9, and while there is some truth to this in special circumstances, this is extremely hard to get right and not something that I will be advising anyone over the next twenty years; this is the same as how we have always avoided activating the #2 star during period 8.

The #3 star during period 9 Feng Shui
Auspicious or inauspicious
Influence when activated stress, legal issues, disputes, loss of wealth, theft and arguments
Weaken withFire and earth cures.

The best way to avoid activating the annual #3 star is by keeping this area calm and settled. Although it is very unlikely for most people to completely avoid the central palace this year, by being mindful of noise levels and introducing fire and earth cures and colours, we should not see big problems in this area.

How to weaken the annual #3 star in 2024

I am quite lucky as the centre of my home is between a walk-through to the living room and kitchen, and I don’t intend to do any building work in the centre this year, although I will still be placing the relevant cures and also place a candle which will be lit once a day on the side table where I put my keys (ill be moving the key pot to the east for 2024) to avoid the star being activated. In Michael and Jo’s house, this falls into part of the kitchen and dining room, which are both used daily, although by placing fire cures and being aware of how to minimise risk for the annual #3, they will be able to avoid activating the #3 star by following the advice here.

You will likely have an important room fall into the central palace in 2024, such as an office, bedroom, living room, etc. and if so, please read the advice below, as frequent interaction in this area can activate the annual #3. All occupants of the home and workplace can be affected by the influence of the centre this year.

Colour choices for the centre in 2024red, orange, purple, burgundy, pink, lilac, brown, terracotta, yellow, beige
Colours to avoid in the centre in 2024 green, white, silver, gold, copper, bronze, black, grey, blue
Elements to use in the centre in 2024 fire and earth
Elements to avoid in the centre in 2024 wood, metal and water

To remedy the effects of the annual #3 star in 2024, you should introduce fire and earth cures such as crystals and candles this year to weaken or drain the wood star. Lamps, candles, and LED lighting will work well in the centre this year as the fire energy will weaken the annual star.

Where to use candles in 2024 - Feng shui

The most powerful cure that I can recommend for the central palace in 2024 is to place a Ping’an protection talisman in the centre of your home and workplace to control the inauspicious energy of the annual #3 star for the year ahead.

If you can, avoid any renovation or ground-breaking; this includes building an extension, knocking through an internal wall, laying a patio, replacing a bathroom suite and all other similar activities. If you have no choice but to carry out work this year, please try to do this when we have a promising monthly star fly into the central palace, which would be in May, June, July, August and October.

Please avoid having wood, water or metal cures in the central palace during 2024 as the water will enhance the bad annual star, and the metal will destroy the annual star, which is too strong energy and will cause much more severe problems.

If you have a water feature or fish tank in the centre of your home or workplace during 2024, this will enhance the annual #3 star, causing the malevolent influence to strengthen. If you are unable to move the water, please make sure that you introduce some strong fire colours along with a Ping’an protection talisman by the water feature or fish tank.

Where to use fire colours in 2024 - Feng Shui

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Summary for the annual #3 star in the Central Palace in 2024:

Please make sure that you pay attention when going through paperwork during 2024 before signing anything, as the annual #3 can bring issues related to lawsuits, disagreements and general conflict with others.

The better months are May, June, July, August and October.

Take extra care in February, March, April, September, November, December and January (2025).

Remedies and advice for the #3 visiting the centre in 2024

  • A fast cure is to place a light in the centre of your home or office. If you have a choice, a lamp with a wooden stand and a peach/red shade is better.
  • Place a Ping’an protection talisman in the centre of your home or office throughout 2024.
  • Avoid metal cures in the centre this year, and please do not use wind chimes here.
  • Take extra security measures for the whole home or business during 2024, and check smoke alarms regularly.
  • Regularly lighting a candle in the centre of your home and workplace will help weaken the annual #3 star.
  • Check through everything before signing documents. This is especially important if you have an office in the central palace in 2024.
  • Beware of backstabbing, as sometimes it is unseen behind your back and from someone you thought you knew quite well.
  • You should avoid having a water feature in the centre unless you understand your fixed flying stars well.
  • Introduce fire and earth colours into the centre to weaken the #3 wood star.

2024 Feng Shui cures and enhancers

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