August 2016 Chinese Animal Predictions

August 2016 Chinese Animal Predictions
August 2016 5th Month Bing Shen (Yang Fire Monkey)
Starts from 7th August 2016 to 6th September 2016

Are you prepared for 2016 year of the Yang Fire Monkey Bing Shen

Is 2016 going as well as it could be?

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The Chinese Animal Predictions are only a general perspective guide for the twelve earthly branches of the Chinese almanac for August 2016.

In this post, I have attempted to point out the factors that may affect you beneficially this month and also those of which you should beware of according to your animal sign. You should also take in to account the Flying Stars for August 2016 when using the Chinese Animal Predictions.

Please do not think that because, for example, you read that August 2016 will have problems for the month and you read below that August 2016 will not be good, you will therefore have a bad month. No, a positive attitude and hard work combined with knowledge of what the month ahead has in store for you will enable you to avoid many problems and disappointments.

Please click the relevant animal below for the predictions for August 2016. If you are unsure about which animal you are, please follow the chart below by finding your date of birth.

If you would like to discover your Chinese Animal, please click the image below for our free Chinese Animal Calculator.

Chinese Animal Zodiac Calculator

Please click the relevant animal below to view the advice for August 2016.

Rat Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacThere is risk of the Rat falling out with others this month so please be aware of others feelings when entering a…  Click here to find out more…
Ox Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacAugust is looking to be a fantastic month for the Ox and they could benefit from lucky chances regularly this month. The Ox..  Click here to find out more…
Tiger Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacThe Tiger may find themselves in moments of stress and anger this month and would be wise to remain calm rather than…  Click here to find out more…
Rabbit Monthly Tong Shu Almanacthe Rabbits runs the risk of arguing with others this month if they are not careful and could find themselves in disagreements…  Click here to find out more…
Dragon Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacThe Dragon would be wise to spend time relaxing this month as the benefits can be very large. When dealing with others in…  Click here to find out more…
Snake Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacThe Snake can look forward to a very enjoyable and rewarding month in August. The Snake may find themselves…  Click here to find out more…
Horse Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacThe Horse is looking to have a good month in August and can look forward to good interactions with others and good luck throughout… Click here to find out more…
Goat Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacThe Goat can look forward to very good Peach Blossom luck in August and should aim to make the most of this by spending time… Click here to find out more…
Monkey Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacAugust is looking to be an overall good month for the Monkey although there are two areas which will require care and these are… Click here to find out more…
Rooster Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacAugust is looking promising for the Rooster with little to worry about. The Rooster should take a step back from stress this month… Click here to find out more…
Dog Monthly Tong Shu AlmanacThe Dog will need to stay on guard this month as there is risk of back stabbing and gossip in August. When dealing with others, the Dog… Click here to find out more…
Pig Monthly Tong Shu Almanac

August is looking to be a very promising month for the Pig with a great deal going their way. The Pig should focus on business and finances this… Click here to find out more…

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Are you really prepared for 2016?

astrology and feng shui guide for 2016Feng Shui Software2016 cures and enhancers
2016 Chinese animal predictions2016 flying stars analysis

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