2020 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Rabbit

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What does 2020 have in store for the Rabbit?

Rabbit Chinese Animal monthly predictions

2020 could prove to be a mixed bag for the Rabbit this year and they will probably more stressed  than normal throughout the year, and you may have read on other websites lots of predictions of doom and gloom associated for the poor Rabbit in 2020. I personally do not think it will be that bad a year for the Rabbit and there is a huge amount that you can implement into your life in 2020 to dissipate much of the negative energy.

Be sure to stay fit and healthy throughout the year when possible and if you follow the rest of the advice along with our flying star advice for the year and place all of your cures and enhancers you will be in for a gratifying year throughout 2020 in all aspects of life!

Health for the Rabbit in 2020

Be careful of what you eat this year as there are chances of stomach problems involving contaminated food or shellfish so please be careful.

Health predictions for Chinese animals 2020Earth Rabbits born 1939 should be careful of health, although they will only be minor issues to do with digestion so take care of what you eat. Metal Rabbits born 1951 should also take care of health, be careful of accidents to do with the throat and Rabbits born in 1951 would be wise to get their thyroids checked this year.

Rabbits need to take care of health this year, and this is a year of changing lifestyle like giving up smoking, better diet, or doing more exercise.

This year you must not let yourself stagnate, look at new opportunities, work hard without affecting health, and if you are in a position try and spend time travelling this year for business or pleasure, I know it is easy for me to say as you are probably feeling tired just reading this advice, but it will get better very soon, and you will have good times ahead and stop worrying about others and spend some time on yourself this year.

Work and career for the Rabbit in 2020

Chinese animal career predictions for 2020The Rabbits career will have a combination of highs and lows this year as obstacles stand in the way of you achieving what you want in the Rat year. You may find that colleagues could try to upset your work pace so keep an eye out for disturbances around you and try to avoid taking on somebody else’s workload unless you think their request for help is genuine. Overall this will be a good year for your career.

In business and career, you should concentrate on what you have already and not overthink about the grass being greener on the other side, as it is not a good idea to start new projects or jobs in 2020. There will always be exceptions to this, and if you do move a job or start a new business, do not worry. This is a good year to learn new skills or hobby and perfect for study and taking exams.

Finances for the Rabbit in 2020

Despite what you may have read elsewhere, money luck is quite good this year and take advantage of the positive outlook of the year and make a real effort in your endeavours. Obstacles and difficulties are not entirely non-existent, especially in March and August, where you need to be on guard. Face each one as it comes decisively and confidently as they can easily be overcome.

Rabbits born in 1951 could expect higher living costs throughout this year, and this is usually related to weddings, parties or anniversaries, be careful with large purchases this year.

Financial Feng Shui predictions for 2020You do need to be careful of signing contracts though, as we all do this year as with the #3 star visiting the north and the #7 robbery star trapped in the central palace and this causes many arguments and legal problems as we have the inherent water energy of the north feeding the inauspicious #3 wood star which is not great, so please make sure you follow the flying star advice and place all your annual cures and enhancers.

The Rabbit, regardless of what year you were born, should avoid lending money even to best friends or family in 2020. You should also be cautious of theft either by deception or just someone breaking into your home or office, do not concern yourself about this just prepare and make sure security is up to scratch at home and office and make sure the north of your home has the annual cures in place and check to make sure doors and windows in the north are secure and a good year to consider upgrading security overall.

Relationships for the Rabbit in 2020

Love and romance predictions for 2020Romance should be very good in 2020 and even better if you enhance the southwest with the Jiangongliye wish enhancer. Click on the links below on the flying star information for 2020.

Those fluffy Rabbits born in 1951 & 1963 need to be careful and resist temptation (the grass is not always greener) of the opposite sex, single Rabbit should not take risks in relationships this year and let your confidence shine through as “peach blossom” for romance is very strong this year. Look at the 2020-flying star in the southwest as this can enhance romance even further.

Overall synopsis for the Rabbit in 2020

Chinese animal travel predictions for 2020Health problems will typically relate to the heart, eyes and joints, and you should try and avoid places that have high yin energy like hospitals or cemeteries. This year you must not let yourself stagnate, look at new opportunities, work hard without affecting health, and if you are in a position try and spend time travelling this year in business or pleasure, I know it easy for me to say as you are probably feeling tired, but it will get better very soon, and you will have good times ahead and stop worrying about others and spend some time on yourself this year. Falling is not defeat; defeat is when you refuse to get up.

Enjoy a fantastic 2020 but stay true the people around you that remained in times of trouble and remember people may not remember what you did for them, or even what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.

You are in affinity with the Dog. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Dog, or a Gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talisman of a Dog with you at all times.

Your lucky sector: (astrological zone) is the East (82.5º – 97.5º) of the home or office. For more information on the Flying Stars, click here.

If you are relocating your desk this year to face one of your favourable personal directions, please be aware of the directions and locations of the annual afflictions. If you are unsure of your Gua and best directions follow this link or maybe consider using our Feng Shui software 2020 that calculates Gua, Chinese animal including element, flying stars, annual, fixed and monthly and so much more.

If you would like to be informed in advance of the monthly, annual and fixed flying stars for the rest of your life giving you the ultimate control of your home or business, you should consider our software; it is used by thousands of Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners and students throughout the world. Combining this with our incredible and extremely powerful Tong Shu Almanac date selection software this will make 2020 a better year indeed.

2020 Feng Shui cures and enhancers

How to enhance wealth, luck, business and career for the Rabbit in 2020:

Lian Cai Zhong Nian Master cureThe last Geng Zi, Yang Metal Rat years were in 1960, 1900 and 1840, each of the years were unstable from many aspects, and in 1960 the Vietnam war started as the energies were clashing, and it was also a year that Hippies evolved in what was considered a youth movement and worldwide we see this type of demonstration with extension rebellion in the UK and the Hong Kong extradition bill movement, and I think there will be changes for the good although from a Feng Shui aspect this energy needs direction in 2020 as it can cause many problems and this is why we need extraordinary cures this year, and enhancers and the most influential and crucial cure and enhancer in 2020 is called a Lian Cai Zhong Nian Master Cure and can only to be used in a Yang Metal Rat Year. The last time that this powerful cure and enhancer would have been used was in 1960, which was also a Geng Zi year although only a privileged few got to use it.

The Lian Cai Zhong Nian Master Cure is placed in the northwest of a home or business to protect and enhance wealth and good luck during 2020 for all occupants of the building.

This Feng Shui Cure is only known to a few specialist Feng Shui Grand Masters and in the old days and even now in southeast Asia, you would need to employ a specialist Feng Shui Grand Master to call at your home or business where they would come along with an expert Zhuanke (seal carver) who would spend many hours carving the secret engravings on to the the square earth plate with a powerful Taoist inscription for the Geng Zi year and would be carved on a large piece of slate or marble or other material that is made from a strong earth element although slate is considered the best.

This is a potent enhancer and said to create wealth and also prevent its loss and avoid bad luck in 2020 and permeate luck through the whole building.

The most crucial part of this cure is the combination of thought-form quartz crystals, a very special brass Wu Lou (took us a year to source the correct weight and size), earth plate, Taoist inscription, and Chinese i-ching coins which are used to  disperse the energy of the annual 8-star which is in element in conflict with the northwest palace in 2020 making this an extremely powerful enhancer and one that we have gone to lengths creating and sourcing the correct elements which took us over two years.

This is one of the most influential and commanding cure and enhancer for wealth, health, relationships and protection, and because this cure is very important for wealth in 2020, we included it standard in all our 2020 cures and enhancers kits. If you follow this link, you will find full details 2020 flying star analysis follow this link.

How to enhance romance for the Rabbit in 2020:

Romance, academic, relationship, and creative studies can be enhanced in the southwest (#4 star) and northwest (#8 star) of your home, click here for further details. While this #4 star is very auspicious, without the necessary cures, the #4 star can bring both wanted and unwanted romantic opportunities to the household if the correct remedies are not put in place especially if you have the main entrance or an important room like a master bedroom or living room.

The southwest has the powerful #4-star fly in 2020, and this star governs relationships, romance, career, travel, creativity, academic and artistic talents, wisdom and intelligence as well as self-development, making this a very powerful star.

The reason why we need so many specialist cures this year is that while we have the wood energy from the annual #4 star it is in conflict with the inherent east energy and this can cause relationships problems and another much needed powerful cure you can use to enhance the #4 star in the southwest during 2020 is the Jiangongliye wish and romance enhancer.

This enhancer is used to strengthen Peach Blossom and help increase wealth, romance, career, educational and relationship luck. You should also introduce some watercolours like shades of blue, black, grey and you can introduce these colours with a doormat, rug, cushion cover, sofa throw, curtains or similar, it is very easy to do.

Make sure you follow the 2020 Flying Star (Xuan Kong) recommendations. If your office or bedroom is located in the southwest, please be aware that in the months of February, May and November, you should make sure you at least place a Six Chinese i-ching coins In a row  tied in a row with red ribbon for these months especially if you are not in good health or very stressed and especially for the eldest male or any male of a home or business.

How can the Rabbit avoid bad luck in 2020?

We have the #2 black star enter the south of the lo shu in 2020, and this is combined with the three killings and Sui Po, and we are going to need special cures and enhancers in the south to weaken the malevolent influence of this star.

At the very least, I would hang a set of six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon and also place a salt water cure in the south and east in 2020 to control and weaken the annual #2 and #5 stars.

For full details on 2020 flying star analysis follow this link. This is very important in 2020 especially if you have the main door, bedroom, office, lounge or other important room in the south, east or north.

This is just a small part of what you can do to ensure 2020 will be a good year and to enhance it further I would suggest checking out the monthly almanac, flying stars and animal predictions as it not only recommends good and bad days to carry out specific tasks, it will also advise if it is suitable for your animal sign.

If you would like to be informed in advance of the monthly, annual and fixed flying stars giving you the ultimate control of your home or business, you should consider our 2020 advanced Feng Shui software; it is used by thousands of Feng Shui Masters, Practitioners and students throughout the world. Combining this with our new incredible and extremely powerful Tong Shu Almanac date selection software this will make 2020 a better year indeed.

The Three Killings – south (142.5 – 217.5)

You must avoid making any form of deafening renovations or re-decorative work in the south part of your home or office between 4th February 2020 and 3rd February 2021. You should not disturb the ground by digging holes (small holes for plants is fine), build foundations or conduct any maintenance work with any loud equipment in the areas inside or outside your property or garden.

If you have no option but to perform work in the south in 2020, I would strongly recommend that you place a six hollow rod metal wind chime along with six Chinese I-Ching coins and a salt water cure in the south during 2020. We take this very seriously at the Feng Shui Store as we’ve seen some pretty nasty events over the past 39 years when this energy has been disturbed.

There are also another two other rules that you should follow regarding the Three Killings in 2020. Firstly, if you are moving your desk around this year, never sit with your back towards the south, it is better to face south instead.

If you have a door in the south in 2020, please take a lot of care when opening and closing the door to make sure it is not slammed. Avoid the influence of the Three Killings by opening and shutting the door calmly or install a soft close hinge.

Urgent repairs to your home or office in the south during 2020 will need a cure to prevent any negative consequences. You can place a six-rod hollow metal rod wind chime between the building and where the work is being carried out or ideally, contact a professional Feng Shui Consultant to select an auspicious date to start the work. Our Tong Shui software will also easily calculate the perfect time for you.

Tai Sui (aka The Grand Duke of Jupiter) – north (352.5º – 7.5º)

Lu Mi Tai Sui plaque for 2020Like the Three Killings, Tai Sui does not like to be disturbed either. The effects of Tai Sui can be good or bad depending on the annual flying stars that coincide with its location.

If your property or front door faces north in 2020, much like the Three Killings, you must try to avoid doors from slamming when entering or leaving your home or workplace. You should avoid digging or renovating your property in this area at all costs in 2020. If you have an office or shop door in the north this year, I would recommend installing a soft close attachment. The traditional Chinese method to appease Tai Sui is to place a Lu Mi Tai Sui plaque to pay respect and appease the Deity and also enhance the annual #9 star.

By paying respect to Grand Duke of Jupiter, we can weaken or avoid the problems this can bring.

Sui Po (Year Breaker) – south (172.5º – 187.5º)

Sui Po is the year breaker, and it occupies the division directly opposite Tai Sui Grand Duke, which for 2020 is the south combined with the three killings and the #2 calamity star. You should treat this area the same as the other annual afflictions with no ground-breaking work, renovations or any loud activities. If disturbed, this area can and usually will cause immediate health problems, especially with regards to the elderly, so please be very careful with the south of your home or office this year.

Traditionally to appease this very nasty energy you must place a set of six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon and a salt water cure which we have included in all of our 2020 Cures and Enhancers Kits.

The annual five yellow star – east (68.5 – 112.5)

2020 Deluxe Cures and Enhancers kitThe annual five yellow has flown to the east in 2020, and this is not good and the reason why so many specialist cures are needed in 2020. It is highly recommended not to disturb the east of your home or business with noisy activities, renovations or maintenance work this year.

When disturbed, the Five Yellow can bring disaster, sickness, lawsuit and significant loss of wealth, so please be very careful in the east in 2020 as it is very afflicted. In 2020 you must place a set of six Chinese i-ching coins tied with red ribbon, a six-rod hollow metal wind chime and a salt water cure in the east to avoid the problems that are associated the #5 yellow disaster star.

Please do not start panicking if you have a bedroom or office that is located in the south, east, or north in 2020; just start preparing to place your 2020 cures and enhancers kit as of the 4th February 2020 to ensure a trouble-free year and also cleanse any old cures that you will be reusing this year, and of course make sure you sign up for our free newsletter, so you are kept up to date with the monthly flying stars giving you even more control of your destiny. To give you even better control, use our advanced Feng Shui 2020 software as this provides a sophisticated analysis of every home or office facing any direction in any part of the world.

Are you prepared for 2020?

2020 chinese astrology and feng shui guide2020 cures and enhancers2020 flying starsanimal predictions 2020

Visit the pages below for further details on 2020 Chinese New Year etc.

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14 thoughts on “2020 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Rabbit

  1. Hi Daniel
    I have lots of cures in my home I’m a water rabbit born 1st October but I always struggle with wealth how can you help. I work very hard 4 years ago had a very bad illness (cancer) but was forced back to work earlier financial reason struggle all the time with wealth

    1. Hi Lesley,

      I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been going through problems in your life and hope that things improve for you soon.

      Unfortunately, it is very hard to advise without doing a full consultation on a home although I would recommend following the monthly Flying star as this can help you make big changes in your circumstances.

      I hope this helps, Lesley.

      Kind regards,

  2. I was born in Jan. 19 1987.
    I have business and its already struggling starting mid 2019. But much worst this 2020 especially with the current situation due to corona virus.
    I almost lost everything specially financially. Is there anyway i can do to prevent this bad luck ?

  3. Hi, can you pls. Help me to create a logo for my business?and what is the best color Combinations? I ask to what location should I seat? I’m a weak wood rabbit and my business is clothing retailer.. Would appreciate your advice on this, it helps me a lot. Thank you

    1. Hi Violeta,

      It is very hard to advise on logo’s as this takes a lot of time to work out and is not something we currently offer.

      Sorry that I cannot help with this.

      Kind regards,

  4. Hi Daniel,

    Our washing machine is loud and noisy, and it is located at the south. Is placing the annual cure enough, or I should do more? Is there any alternative direction to place ‘center’ cure for 2020 and beyond, if it is impossible to do so? Thank you so much.

    1. Hi,

      If the washer and dryer are relatively new (not an old machine that bangs around a lot) and you have the cures and enhancers in place for the south, this should not cause a problem.

      I would try to place the Mei Hua Fu Zhou Protection Plum Blossom Amulet in the centre if you are able to; you could also lay it flat on a table.

      I hope this helps.

      kind regards,

  5. Hi, thank you for your response it is mostly appreciated. Please can I also ask if you could advise me on what colour car would be best for wood rabbit. My lucky element is also blue but I am unsure to whether blue or green would be better.

    1. Hi,

      If you are a wood rabbit born in 1975, your best colours, according to your Gua number would be shades of reds, peach, burgundy, maroon and pink. Any colour that has a fire look to it. Enhancing colours are the element colour that assists you and this case fire creates earth.

      Kind regards,

    1. Hi Spring,

      I would recommend placing a Jiangongliye wish and romance enhancer to enhance relationships with others in 2020.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  6. Hi,

    Please can you tell me if wood rabbit is overall OK this year. I know it is a metal year and not always advantage for wood element. I have read about rat though only containing water which is better for wood element. Would appreciate your advice on this. Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      The Wood Rabbit will have their challenges and the general advice covers the Wood Rabbit quite well although their luck will be slightly weaker and areas to look out for will be a bit more probable.

      I would not be worried about 2020 as a Wood Rabbit as there is lots you can do to make this a good year 🙂

      Kind regards,

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