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Feng Shui Store Newsletter April 2005

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I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirit and the year has been good for you so far. It has been a while since I have written a newsletter and for the time being we are going back to the old monthly newsletter format as Michael’s consultations have taken him away for much of the year so far. He has already clocked up around 40.000 miles so far this year by land, sea and air. This was the reason last months review/newsletter did not get sent out and thank you so much to the thousands who wrote last month telling us how much they missed the newsletter and also checking that we were OK.

As many of my shop customers know we recycle 99% of our packaging and with this ethos in mind I have decided to recycle a small part of one of my 2002 newsletters, it has nothing to do with limited time on my part but an effort to conserve energy. Only kidding, I was looking for ideas for this month’s newsletter and came across the section below on how we use Feng Shui in our home, which I think and hope you will enjoy. This only represents a small part of the newsletter and the rest is new content, so you long term subscribers will probably not even notice.

We discovered recently that our automatic email form on the website for consultations and other enquiries had failed so apologies to anyone that emailed and never received a reply, it is all fixed now so please re-enter your details or email mailto:michael@fengshuiweb.co.uk or phone (0044) 01296 399100.

If you have enjoyed this newsletter please feel free to forward onto all your friends and family, if this is inconvenient please e-mail us their details and we will forward a copy on.

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Jealousy is all the fun you think they had***


***In this issue***

An update on resource added to the site.

A few questions and answers sent to me personally on how we use Feng Shui
in our home on a daily basis?

10 Top tips that we use in our home and business

Questions & Answers from readers.

More annual advice for the poor Rabbit.

Winners of the April free crystal cluster draw

Site updates


An update on resource added to the site.


Michael added some wonderful pages on Ang Pow’s and also Chinese protection couplets (Talismans), they were used by the BBC, radio shows and also many schools over Chinese New Year…

History of red envelopes (Ang Pow) and how to make your own…https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/angpow.htm

History of Chinese protection couplets and how to make your own… https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/couplets.htm

12 Animal predictions for April 2005 https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/animalapril2005.htm

April 2005 Xuan Kong flying star update https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/xuankongapril2005.htm

April 2005 Almanac https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/almanacapril2005.htm

For those that missed the 2005 updates on good and bad flying stars and Chinese
animal predictions for 2005 you can find them on the below links https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/flyingstars2005.htm
& https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/chineseanimalpredictions2005.htm

You will find all our many years of resource on the site by following this
link https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/teachyourselffengshui.htm


*** A few questions and answers sent to us personally on how we use Feng Shui in our home on a daily basis? By Jo Hanna


I thought this questions and answers section would interest you as these are questions sent to us personally from interviews we had done in the past and it gives you some insight into our personal life and how we use Feng Shui day to day, I hope you enjoy it.

Do you use Feng Shui in your life every single day?

A: No, well when I say no, obviously we talk, live and breathe Feng Shui daily because of our business, but we do not practice it in our home daily. Our home is like thousands of others; it is not completely clutter free all the time and it does not look like a Chinese restaurant with six foot Toad Gods in every corner. My office desk is sometimes such a mess and my kitchen occasionally looks like a monkey’s tea party has just taken place.

A home with children and a demanding job will never look perfect and good Feng Shui is all about balance. Obviously every year we set up the annual cures and enhancers and follow the monthly flying stars but only ever refer to the Feng Shui when we are planning something important or when something happens in our life that is unexpected like the boys arguing more or illness comes into the house, when this happens 80% of the time can be explained by energies (Xuan Kong flying stars) that are moving round the home and this is where we would normally avoid the area or place a cure.

The time we pay particular attention to Feng Shui is when we make changes to the home, if we were choosing new colours for a room, buying new furniture, new carpets, fitting a new kitchen, choosing a painting or picture for a room, even the shape of a new side gate or the colour or a new doormat. The most important time is when we have major work done in the garden.

Last year we had around 40 trees cut back at the front of our house, it took 2 weeks to decide how much could be taken back, not that it took us this long to work it out, it was a case of double and triple checking as Feng Shui is mainly about outside environment. My view has always been if it isn’t broken don’t fix it so cutting the trees back is extremely important as it affects the land formations around your home, cutting a tree back too low is like removing a mountain and that can be very good or very bad.

At some point in the week and month I always find an overwhelming urge to blitz the house from top to bottom and it feels absolutely fantastic, believe it or not Michael is the same he has a thing about drains and clean bathrooms (I know pretty weird) when he cleans he really does clean, its great I just sit back and let him get on with it.

The point I am trying to make is, yes, clutter can have an effect but it does not mean you have to be clutter free 24 hours of the day, cleanliness is far more important. I have read books that tell you, you must live with absolutely no clutter in your home at any time, nonsense, if you have children and they leave their toys scattered all over the place this is good Feng Shui, good energy providing they are not there for days on end gathering dust. If like me writing this newsletter you have resource books all over your desk do not worry about it, the secret is just tidy up at the end of the day and do not get stressed when it gets messed again. Most of the time my desk is clear.

Is my home clean? Yes spotless, behind radiators, bookcases and every nook and cranny you can think of, this is far more important, how far do we take cleanliness? When I had a new kitchen installed last year, part of the contract with the fitters was for them to come in on a Friday to rip the old one out and return Monday to fit the new one, this gave us a whole weekend to clean and paint behind the old cupboards, obsessive?  I do not think so, every part of your home regardless if you can see it or not stores old energy. This old stagnant energy needs to be freshened up and this is why every now and again we have major clean ups in our home and offices, this is far more important than having clutter, clutter is normally things like books, toys, papers etc all these things are moving round the home at all times and does not get time to store negative energy, dirt and dust is stagnant energy and needs clearing.

I have just thought of something you may be able to relate to, have you ever noticed how you feel when you are spring cleaning? Some people get very stressed this is normally because they are releasing a lot of negative energy from their home and this negative energy affects them causing stress and arguments, I don’t know about you but I love the feeling of going back to what you have cleaned or de-cluttered (about 10 times) and standing there admiring my work.

Keep a diary of all changes you make in the house, if you install a new water feature, erect a fence, cut down a tree, move furniture, knock down a wall, repaint a room, change floor colours (carpets, rugs etc), replace a main door, install a new indoor pot plant, move bed positions, change your desk location, in fact any change you make in the home.

Why keep a diary? If you notice changes in your life good or bad you can easily identify what may have caused it by checking when you moved or changed the inside of your home. This is very important with the annual cures and enhancers kit or even just placing a Wu Lou. You would be amazed at how many emails we have received from readers saying how things changed for them once they placed the annual cures kit or how their luck or health improved when hanging six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon and/or a Wu Lou.

One thing we do use daily is the 2005 Tong Shu book (almanac etc); I could not function without it. 

Q: How do we use the Tong Shu daily?

A: The Tong Shu (almanac, 12 animals, flying star etc) consists of 200 pages of information of every good and bad day (almanac) for the whole of 2005, the 12 animal predictions for the year and every month and also the annual Xuan Kong and plenty more. Michael will not book a consultation without referring to it; he will never do anything important on a bad day for a Dog.

A little story: This year like most years Michael has flown all over the world on consultations and it is very hard to select good days for travel and also select auspicious days to work for the client. Two weeks ago he had to go to Sarajevo in Bosnia, he could not select the dates that also fitted in with the client so he chose the best day to do the consultation which meant he flew on an inauspicious day. I have to say Michael is one of these people that would fall into cow muck and comes up smelling of roses, he is one of those people that when he arrives at a car park there will be someone just leaving and he gets the best space.

His luck was not so good this time, because he had selected a bad day to travel what should have been a 4.5 hour journey ended up taking 15 hours with missed connection flights and a host of other problems. Sometimes you forget how accurate Feng Shui can be and it is little lessons like this that remind us. So we use the Tong Shu for all important dates like signing contracts, installing new kitchens, travel, starting new projects, teaching, consultations and recently we have been going for interviews with Sean (our eldest son) to select universities and these dates have to be auspicious ones. I think you will get the idea of how important this is to us.

All this information is available to you each month free of charge on our website so don’t go out rushing to buy the Tong Shu unless you need the information in advance, it is available at a small cost and instantly downloaded, if you follow this link below you will find more details. Please note that although it shows postage cost on your invoice this is not actually charged to you so please ignore it. https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/tongshu2005.htm 

Q: Do you use Feng Shui on your children?

A: No, yes, I mean ummmm, no not at all, well not really; seriously I have to admit yes. I did but indirectly when they were younger, they are now 18 & 16 and thankfully they use Feng Shui themselves. By indirectly I mean I used to place objects in certain parts of their rooms and apply monthly cures or make them avoid parts of the home that were afflicted. The sort of enhancers I had in their rooms was a Kwan Yin, crystal globe for study, happy Buddha and of course annual or monthly cures like 6 coins etc.  They still have all the cures and enhancers and keep them nice and clean with a gentle reminder from me.

Q: You must have many wind chimes around your home?

A: I only have one six-rod metal wind chime inside my home and one in the south made of crystals. I prefer wind chimes outside, as the sound is an important part of the cure and when the wind (chi) activates it this is more natural.

Again books tell you to hang wind chimes to negate the bad energy of a beam or a long corridor, hanging wind chimes in the wrong area can cause devastating effects. Be very careful with wind chimes, if you have many in your home take some down or even one at a time and make a note of when you did it and see what changes happen in your life. Obviously leave the six hollow metal rod wind chime in the northwest this year for the #5 yellow. 

Q: How many Ba Gua mirrors do you have inside and outside your home?

A: We have one in the front and one in the back and absolutely none inside, again books, websites and even some Practitioners recommend placing a Ba Gua mirror indoors to make a bathroom door disappear or some other inauspicious object, this is so dangerous please take my word never hang a Ba Gua mirror indoors. If a Ba Gua mirror were so powerful it can make bathroom doors disappear I would have designed a belt by now with a Ba Gua as a buckle to make my waistline disappear.

Also note that you should renew a Ba Gua mirror every 12-18 months, they store so much negative energy, the ones we sell on our site are designed to fade with weathering within this timescale Do not get tempted to buy one of those everlasting plastic, they cause many problems as they store years of negative energy. They are designed to deflect negative energy but at the same time they store a small amount of negative chi and as the months go by this builds up and this is why you should regularly change them. 

Q: Can you honestly say Feng Shui has worked for you and do you believe in the products you sell?

A: Michael and I have been using Feng Shui for around 26 years and I can honestly say yes it has, have we had the perfect life? No, we have had a normal happy life with the ups and downs that come with it. We have two wonderful children, we both have the best jobs in the world, we have been happily married for 25 years this year and yes, there have been a few ups and downs but considering we work together I think that we have the near perfect marriage, Michael has his faults and I have none.

I have always said it and will repeat it again, Feng Shui does not give you a perfect life, and you will have good and bad days, weeks and even years. You will find many books and websites that make unbelievable promises on how Feng Shui can bring you untold riches and romance, yes on the whole but please expect the usual ups and downs that come with life.

The best way to look at Feng Shui is think of it as moving energies distributed at certain times of an hour, day, week, month or year, these energies (elements) will interact with other energies (elements) and cause good and bad outcomes, I need to explain that better here is an example:

Take my house, last month Sean my eldest sleeps in the north of our home and he has suffered all month with a constant sore throat, bad chest and sinus problem, normally he is never ill and if you remember last month we warned you of the north and the fact that the #2 annual is visited by #5 monthly, this is a recipe for disaster. We asked Sean if he would move to another room for the month, and like most 18 year olds said no, so we placed a six rod wind chime outside his bedroom window, another set of six Chinese coins tied with ribbon, a Wu Lou, a heavy brass Dragon, could we control these sickness stars with our vast experience. Obviously not, we hoped Sean would not suffer and did everything in our power to prevent it but look at it as part of life, you will never have a smooth ride all the time, however, without using the annual and monthly cures, Sean would have suffered a great deal more. The downstairs part of the north, our dining room we did not use at all.

Nearly forgot to answer the second part of the question, do you believe in the products you sell? Absolutely, every single product on our site is something we would and do use in our home. Over the years we have never placed an item on our web site what I would call a gimmicky cure or enhancers, all our products are cures and enhancers that any traditional professional Practitioner would use, in fact many of our products go to Practitioners and Masters from all over the world.

The biggest compliment any Practitioner can have is to have another qualified Practitioner ask their advice; we have many testimonials from other Practitioners that not only seek our advice but actually employ Michael to Feng Shui their own home or business and our academy teaches Feng Shui Practitioners with already years of experience from all over the world.


***** 10 Top tips that we use in our home and business.


1) Use the Tong Shu (almanac) for selecting important dates like weddings, engagements, starting a new business, signing contracts, interviews, travel, installing a pond or water feature, building work. Any event that you think is important.

2) Don’t assume when something bad happens in your life that your Feng Shui has gone pear shaped, it is probably just a passing influence of the monthly changes in the flying stars. The first thing is look at our website and check the monthly stars, this normally explains why something has happened and more importantly what you can do about it. Do not get paranoid though, sometimes things happen because it is part of your destiny earth luck and nothing to do with the Feng Shui of the home, it could be because you are a Dog or other animal and your forecast that month was not good. Do not worry, it will pass and remember we spend 70% of our time worrying about things that never even happen.

3) This advice may sound condescending to some and if so I am sorry but don’t think by buying a three legged Toad or a pair of Mandarin ducks and placing it in your office or bedroom that you will win the lottery one day and the next day your dream date will come knocking on the door. You have to address the basics first, a clean house and garden and live your life as best you can. Whatever you give out in this world will come back to you tenfold good or bad. 

Don’t get me wrong the Toads and ducks or any other enhancer are very important but like everything in life some elbow grease has to go into achieving your dreams. These enhancers are superb but a little like having a perfect diet and plenty of exercise but smoke 60 cigarettes and drinking a bottle of whisky a day. There is no point in placing your 3-legged Toad in a place where you make space by clearing all the dust and dirt to one side.

4) The garden is often overlooked and now is a perfect time to make sure all drains are cleared and cleaned, and I do mean lifting drain covers and cleaning out and disinfecting, this is very important and the Sha Ch’i (negative energy) from them can cause many problems. Gutters and down-pipes also hold much Sha Ch’I (negative energy) especially if they are full of dead leaves, just put your nose up close and the smell will tell all. I know this may not seem like the exciting text you would normally read in Feng Shui books but to us and the more authentic Feng Shui Master these jobs are critical for good Feng Shui.

5) It is worth spending a few hours cleaning the main door and glass, oiling hinges, polishing brass, fixing broken door furniture etc because the main door is one of the most important areas of the home, it is usually where the main Ch’i enters your home and the quality of Ch’i will be as good as the state of repair to the door. Remember the quality of the Ch’i that enters your home is governed by the quality of your main door and its surroundings.

This also applies to door mats and door frames. Door mats should be kept very clean and make sure no shoes are kept by the door. Did you also know that dirty windows can make you loose 30% daylight (Sheng Ch’i) in a home?

6) When you have completed these jobs you should check to make sure all the annual cures and enhancers are set up inside your home for the year. You should have a Pi Yao in the east facing west, six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon placed in the east and also northwest, along with a salt water cure, you should have a crystal or ceramic items in the south, for further details of the 2005 cures and enhancers follow this link https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/flyingstars2005.htm

7) To activate wealth and relationships this year 2005, place quartz crystals, crystal balls or hanging faceted crystals in the south of your home, also place some romantic objects like Mandarin ducks or painting/statues of hugging couples etc. Store your important financial papers here like pensions, stock portfolio etc. If you use symbolic cures this is where you should place your three-legged Toad facing your Sheng Chi direction.

8) Keep a diary of changes you make in the home and garden. You can easily identify with changes that happen in your life and use it as a measure of how powerful Feng Shui can be.

9) Try and face your best direction when working, sleeping, writing etc. Everybody has 4 good and 4 bad directions. To find your good and bad directions and for more information on this follow this link https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/eightmansions.htm

10) To avoid arguments and legal problems this year avoid spending time in the southeast of your home or office. Burn a candle here with care and place something red to weaken the negative energy.

“Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.”


***** Questions & Answers from readers.


Q) Dear Michael.

We have our main bedroom in the east and our child’s bedroom in the northwest, this is not good for 2005, can you please advise me on how best to weaken these bad areas as our luck and wealth have been very bad this year.

Yours sincerely


A) You are not alone Joanne, we have received thousands of emails already and many complaining of bad health and luck. As for the northwest and east, this is where the annual 5 & 2 resides. These stars are associated with the earth element and are very untimely in Period 8. As such, you would not want to place too many red items or use red in the décor of these rooms. To control the negative influence of this star, we should introduce objects and colours (white, silver, gold or copper colours) associated with the ‘metal’ element according to the weakening cycle of the Five Elements. Therefore, metal cures must be in place.

If you have a main door, bedroom or any room that you consider important and used frequently you can use metal umbrella stands, plates or vases or boxes made of metal or, if you like, a symbolic cure, such as a brass Wu-Lou, six Chinese Coins, Coin Sword, six hollow metal rod wind chime, brass Dragon or brass Kwan Yin all of which will do nicely. You should avoid bright lights, candles and colours red, pink or purple as these are fire colours and will enhance the negative areas.

Q) Hello, I am a rabbit and am very sceptical of this year. What should I be avoiding? And how is this year of the Rooster going to affect me? Please help!

A) 2005 is not a favourable year for those born in the Rabbit year because the position of the Rabbit in the east clashes with the Rooster in the west according to the positions of the twelve earthly branches in a Chinese Feng Shui compass. What should Rabbits be aware of in 2005?

Rabbit should be careful of possible injuries to the limb, neck or back.  Those who love heights should remember safety first for there are indications of injuries from falling from heights. It is also not advisable to travel too much directly to the west which is the direction of conflict for Rabbits and this is also the direction of Tai Sui (Grand Duke of Jupiter – Year Star). Rabbit should avoid travelling to the west especially in the month of March and September if at all possible.

There is really no cause for panic or unnecessary worry. A forecast of one’s fortune based solely on the year pillar (year of birth) is really very general. It gives us an idea of what to expect but how it will affect, in this case, the millions of people born in the year of the Rabbit depends greatly on the other elements of their birth date which includes the hour, day and month.

You would avoid many problems if you paid attention to your health and safety during the year and kept away from the unfavourable sectors within your home and most of all avoided disturbing the negative areas inside and outside your house. So make sure you follow the monthly Xuan Kong updates to avoid many problems.

For your protection, you should carry with you the symbol of a dog and /or a Dragon. https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/pages/cures2005.htm. Why the Dragon? The dragon is in affinity with the Rooster and having Rooster’s best friend on your side would distract the conflicting influences of the Rooster in Rabbit’s favour.

I hope this reduces some of your scepticism for 2005.

Q) Dear Michael is it too late to buy your annual 2005 cures and enhancer’s kit for 2005, your website says you must place on the 4th February 2005?


A) This is my fault and we have received hundreds of emails asking the same question, sorry. The annual cures kit can be placed at any time of the year; in fact many people buy them towards the end of the year and still get great results from them.

Q) Can the salt water cure be covered?

A) No it has to be kept open and in an area that is exposed to the air (Ch’i) so no hiding in cupboards. If you want to hide it you can place a picture or similar in front of it.

*** Happiness is discovering the slip of paper under your windscreen is just an advertisement***


*** Xuan Kong Flying star April 2005 update: Written by Michael Hanna


*** From 5th April to 4th May 2005 is the third month of the Yi You year (Yin Wood Rooster year) with the ruling energy of #6 in the central grid.

Because I have written so much in this months newsletter you will have to go to https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/xuankongapril2005.htm  get the April 2005 Xuan Kong update.

 *** Feng Shui Consultations***

If you would like details on a traditional and authentic Feng Shui consultation on your home or business, you can either visit https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/consultations.htm or email us on mailto:consultations1@fengshuiweb.co.uk or phone 01296 399100.

*** “Many people get ulcers these days- caused by mountain climbing over molehills”


**TIP** One of the most powerful cures that we use in business is to have a crystal globe with a Dragon beside it placed on the right hand side of your desk (right side as you sit at the desk), the theory is the Dragon protects your business and turns it into a world wide one.



*** Winners of the April free crystal cluster draw.


The lucky winners below have won a beautiful hand crafted crystal cluster each designed exclusively for our shop. They are made from 18 individual pieces of Swarovski and genuine Quartz crystal and are worth £28.75 ($45.00) each and will be posted free of charge to the two lucky winners. https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/pages/crystalclusters.htm

The winners this month are:

Tanya Clare(UK)

Holly Fallon (USA)

If you follow this link you can enter free of charge all you have to do is answer one easy question https://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/customerservice/competition.htm

*** “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Warm wishes and remember many people suffer poor health, not because of what they eat, but from what is eating them”.



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