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Our legendary newsletter is widely read by tens of thousands of Masters, Practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world and it is one of the longest running (over 10 years) and regular traditional and authentic Feng Shui newsletters that carry no advertising and is completely free of charge. Packed each month with advice, tips and topics such as Xuan Kong flying star, Eight Mansions (Ba-Chai), Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi) and also catering for the beginner. Not only is our newsletter unique and advert free, you are also guaranteed that we will never sell, share or rent your e-mail details to any other company or individual.

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August 2016 Feng Shui Store Newsletternewsletter

This is a fairly short newsletter with a few really great articles and the monthly updates for August 2016. We are well underway with the 2017 Annual updates now (year of the Yin Fire Rooster Ding You) and are really excited for what 2017 has to offer.  Read More…

May 2016 Feng Shui Store Newsletternewsletter

I hope you have been keeping well and that you are enjoying May so far. This is a short newsletter with a few articles that we have written recently. Laura has proved to be a huge asset to the Feng Shui Store as I am sure you will see from her articles below Read More…

April 2016 Feng Shui Store Newsletternewsletter

I hope you have been well and that the year of the Monkey is going great for you so far. We have been very busy here and have taken on extra staff so that we can dedicate more time to new Feng Shui projects such as an online course and also a new mobile site that will be available soon.  Read More…

February 2016 Feng Shui Store Newsletternewsletter

I hope this letter finds you in good health and the New Year has been good for you so far. I also hope the weather is being kind to you, we seem to have a real mixed bag of weather all over the world at the moment and hope you have not been affected too adversely.  Read More…

December 2015 Feng Shui Store Newsletternewsletter

I hope you have been keeping well and the year has gone well for you. It is scary to think that we are only two weeks away from Christmas. All of us at the Feng Shui Store would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and prosperous  Read More…

May 2015 Feng Shui Store Newsletternewsletter

I hope this newsletter finds you in good spirits and that you enjoyed a great April. Hopefully you will have made the most of the influence of the Flying Stars visiting for April and enhanced all of the good areas and suppressed all of  Read More…

April 2015 Feng Shui Store Newsletternewsletter

I hope you have been well and that 2015 is going as great as it can be. During April, we need to be very careful with the Monthly visiting Flying Stars as they match the Annual Stars from the 5th April to the 5th May 2015 and the Read More…

August 2014 Feng Shui Store Newsletternewsletter

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and you have had a good month; for us in Buckinghamshire, summer is in full swing. What a difference the sun can make and one of the big advantages about living in Read More…

newsletterJune 2014 Feng Shui Store Newsletter

I hope you have been keeping well and have had a lovely May. I still cannot believe how quick this year is going by; we will have to start preparing the 2015 Annual Updates in a few  Read More…



April 2014 Feng Shui Store Newsletter

I hope you are well and have had a great start to the year of the Yang Wood Horse and are welcoming the Spring weather that this time of year has to offer; it is such a relief for us in the UK Read More…

newsletterDecember 2013 Feng Shui Store Newsletter

We would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year and also thank you so much for all your support; we truly do appreciate and value your business Read More…


newsletterSeptember 2013 Feng Shui Store Newsletter

I hope you are well and also hope that the weather has been as good for you this summer as it has been for us; we have had a long awaited warm summer in the UK. The relaunch of our newsletter has Read More…

newsletterJuly 2013 Feng Shui Store Newsletter

I hope you have been keeping well and enjoying the summer and for those of you in the southern hemisphere I hope your winter is being kind to you. The weather all over the world has been so diverse this year with hurricanes in Oklahoma and floods in Europe and for us in the Read More…


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7 thoughts on “Free Feng Shui Newsletter

  1. Hello Michael:

    I Purchase the feng shui program and my question is how I manage,the monthly #5 and #2 flying stars,when in the program appears to be a positive location.Exemple:April we have doble 5 in the SE sector,in my chart only mention the positive of the mountain and water star.Thank you very much for your reply.

    1. Hi Esmeralda,

      the Annual and monthly 5 are in the west this month. With the Flying Star analysis, you need to look at the chart analysis and also the annual and monthly analysis as although there may be good fixed stars, the passing influence of the annual and monthly stars can cause problems.

      Kind regards,

  2. Hi to everyone. Love the new Webb site. I just wanted to let you know that I have signed up to received the monthly news letter on several occasions but I have not received one single news letter over the two years. There is definitely a problem. Many I kindly ask you to look into for me.

    Also, I have asked this before, but no reply, is there any plans to bring the software out on an app? I use an iPad and not a computer so this would be perfect .

    I put cures in place but still have health problems this year, also I\’ve just been told my dog is sick and will need heart tablets for the rest of her life. I can wait for 2012 to end it has been horrible. I\’m a Goat by the way. Many thanks and kind regards.

    1. Hi Patricia,
      Lovely to hear from you and sorry we have not done a newsletter for a while but with the new website and technology they have installed we will be sending a newsletter out very soon. I am so desperate to find someone to develop an ipad/phone for our software, if nothing else i would love it for my consultancy as i travel more with my ipad these days.

      Sorry to hear about your Dog, Daniel has just got a Dog and i know how close you get to them, this year has been bad for many people although with using the flying star advice i know it would have been a lot worse but next year will be much better for the goat….

      Warm wishes and thanks for your comments on the website, it has us a long time to get it right.


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