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Are you prepared for 2016, year of the Yang Fire Monkey

I hope you have been well and that the year of the Monkey is going great for you so far. We have been very busy here and have taken on extra staff so that we can dedicate more time to new Feng Shui projects such as an online course and also a new mobile site that will be available soon.

This is a fairly short newsletter although I would strongly recommend reading the April 2016 Flying Star Analysis as this is a vital month to get right.

If you have ever needed the Annual Cures in place more, April is definitely the time. We have a lot of inauspicious Flying Stars grouped in different sectors this month and the Annual Cures are needed to settle the menacing influence that this can bring. That being said, we also have auspicious Stars paired together which the Cures and Enhancers can really help to activate the positive influences. With the Annual #2 Flying Star and the visiting monthly #9 Flying Star in the centre in April, this produces fire feeding earth and can cause a lot of problems with the effects of the #2 Annual Star so please be sure to read below to make this a positive month in your home or office.

Laura has joined the team at the Feng Shui Store and has already bought many new good ideas and with this valuable extra pair of hands, this has allowed us to get started on some long overdue projects. Welcome to the team, Laura.

We are not in the office from Friday 25th and will be back on Tuesday 29th to celebrate the Easter holidays. The website and emails will still be functioning as usual and we will answer emails once we are back. Wishing everyone celebrating, a very happy Easter.

Have a wonderful month  and remember, You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.

Warm wishes,

Daniel, Josephine, Laura & Michael

April 2016 Chinese Animal Predictions

April 2016 Chinese Animal Predictions

See what February  has in store for you with the Chinese animal predictions for February 2016 and how you can make the most of your month during February 2016 and make the month work well for you by knowing what you should make the most of and what to avoid during the month..

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April 2016 Flying Star Analysis

April 2016 Flying Star Analysis

See how to make the most of your home or business in February 2016 by following our Flying Star Analysis  and checking to see what this month has in store for you and how you can apply simple cures and enhancers to make the most out of your home or business in February 2016...

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April 2016 Tong Shu Almanac

April 2016 Tong Shu Almanac

Use the Almanac daily to help you in selecting the most auspicious days and times for activities and events such as weddings, renovations, travelling, opening a business and even a good day for digging holes….

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Chinese New Year 2016

From a Feng Shui point of view could we be in for another recession or severe market correction in 2016 year of the Yang Fire Monkey?

It is that time of the year when we put our heads on the block and we spend months evaluating the year (2016 year of yang fire Monkey) ahead using Feng Shui, ba zi, xuan kong and many other Feng Shui tools and this year I…

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On-line Personalised Feng Shui Report

On-line Personalised Feng Shui Report

Every aspect is analysed individually and considerations like which direction to face when working sleeping, meditating, reading, studying and all others aspects of your daily life including which colours are more auspicious for you, who you are compatible with, how to attract more money, relationships. Career, health and so much more…

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Chinese Animal Protection Talisman Cards

Gold Plated Chinese Animal Protection Talisman Cards

These very high quality 24K gold plated Chinese Animal protection Talismans are a must for everyone and can be stored in cars, wallets, purses, accounts, on walls and so many more places to give protection throughout the year…

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