Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2018 – 3 Star

Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2018 – 3 Star

Are you prepared for 2018 year of the yang earth dog

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Are you prepared for 2019?

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Chen 3 Jade In 2018, the sound of the sound of Lu Chun #3 Jade can be heard in the northeast palace in 2018

Flying Stars 2018 3 Star Chen

The northeast is not a nice area in 2018 and it is important that you are aware that there is risk of possible thefts, arguments, disputes, loss of wealth, legal problems and hot tempers and this is especially the case if you have a main door or important room in the northeast in 2018. The youngest son in a family can be affected by this influence this year and if there is not a son, this is relevant to the male of the house so please take note and do not start panicking as with the cures and enhancers in place you will avoid many problems.

To remedy its effects, use red decorative objects, candles, lamps and lights. A nice simple cure is a red (fire colour) floor mat or a table lamp with a red shade. Do not use metal (metal colour is OK) to control this energy for you will aggravate it, restricting the beneficial influence brought by auspicious monthly stars in certain months and magnify its negative influence.

It is not advised to place a water feature inside your home or office in the northeast in 2018 unless you have had a practitioner advise that it is ok to do so.

Some books or websites that you may have come across will tell you the #3 wood star can be a good star during period 8 (2004 – 2024) but in my opinion, it is still an unpredictable star and you should not try and activate it unless you are qualified to do so or you have used our Feng Shui software. It will become more usable towards the later part of the 20-year period 8 cycle.

Over the years, I have come across books and websites recommending that you should place water where the annual #3 star is located for the year and I can tell you now, to do this can bring arguments, wealth issues, divorce and legal problems in to your life; unless you take your land formations, period, mountain and water stars in to account, please be very careful. I am not saying these people are wrong to recommend placing water; I am saying that you should have a good understanding of the Flying Stars in your home or office before using such a powerful enhancer on a known unbalanced star at this particular time in the twenty-year cycle.

Signing-contracts-2018It is important that you make sure that any documents that you sign during 2018 are thoroughly checked over before agreeing to anything as the energy that the annual #3 brings to the northeast in 2018 can denote arguments, disagreements and even lawsuits. Either case, there will be a loss of time, energy and wealth, so please be careful during 2018 especially if you have a main door in the northeast and if you can, try and use another door to enter and leave. Please be careful during 2018 especially if you have a main door in the northeast and if you can, try and use another door to enter and leave. You should also a hang a Ba Gua mirror with a Chinese i-ching coin on the rear for added protection in 2018. The reason why it is very bad in 2018 is because when the #3 star flies into the northeast Ken palace which is an earth element, wood and earth are in conflict causing many problems.

For the northeast in 2018, it is important to place a Baohulu protection gourd. We had this gourd hand made for us and carefully placed together with red ribbon and six row rhombus signifying wealth and protection for the building and embossed with a symbol of wealth, luck and health protection against the annual #3 star.

Feng Shui panelled doorSurely, I am over exaggerating the problem? not at all; My parent’s main door falls into the northeast and the last time we had the annual #3 star enter the northeast, they had a new gate put so we could all enter and leave through the south rear door. This proved to be very inconvenient for us but it was not worth taking any chances.

Another very powerful cure for the northeast this year is a Dragon Chasing Pearl tablet huo long ming zhu (fire dragon with treasures) which should be hung in the northeast of your home or office in 2018 to dissipate and remove the risk of legal problems, disputes and arguments, fraud and money loss this year.

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Remedies and advice for the #3 visiting the northeast in 2018

  • Place a light in the northeast If you have a choice, a lamp with a wooden stand and a peach/red shade is better.
  • Do not hang wind chimes of any material in the northeast in 2018, especially metal wind chimes as it will worsen matters.
  • Take extra security measures for the whole home or business during 2018 and check smoke alarms.
  • Place a Baohulu protection gourd to suppress the negative influences of the annual #3 in the northeast this year
  • Check through everything before signing documents if your office is in the northeast.
  • Beware of backstabbing, as sometimes it is unseen and behind your back and also from someone you thought you knew quite well.
  • Place a Dragon Chasing Pearl tablet in the northeast in 2018 for protection


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2 thoughts on “Flying star Xuan Kong annual analysis 2018 – 3 Star

  1. Dear Michael,

    My door is located in Northeast and facing 68 degrees East. So should I put the Bagua mirror. If yes,then my apartment house directly faces my neighbor. Please help. Kindly suggest.

    1. Hi Hetal,

      It is only necessary to place a ba gua if you have poison arrows outside your home such as a school, electrical pylons etc.

      I would not place a Ba Gua mirror inside an apartment as this can cause more harm than good.

      Kind regards,

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