Xuan Kong November 2003 update

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November 2003 update on Xuan Kong Flying Stars

Written by Sallie Tsui Sien 

November 2003 Flying Stars

I shall explain a little here what Xuan Kong (flying stars) is in order to benefit our readers who are not familiar with it.

Please be aware of other websites scaring people into buying their products each month to avoid these monthly afflictions,
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The Xuan Kong system addresses the time dimension of Feng Shui of a given property (home or office). This is an analysis of the interaction of elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) within the different sectors of the property and how we may enhance the good energies to give us support or suppress the bad energies by keeping them at bay. Every year we put together an annual cures kit, which cures and enhances good and bad stars; these are essential for every home and office.

If you were thinking of building a house, this is the time when we analyse the natal chart (flying star chart as below) to determine the best locations for all doors and the allocation of important rooms in order to harness the beneficial distribution of energy. Every property will have good and bad stars, the secret is placing the good stars in places like an office, bedroom, lounge or dining room and the bad ones in places like a kitchen, bathroom, en-suite, cloakroom or utility room.

In Feng Shui terms, the interaction between the energies of each sector of a Xuan Kong chart above, “the Heavenly Heart of the House” (centre of home), will affect the well-being of the household.

In addition, this interaction is further influenced by the visitation of the Annual visiting energy that represents the potential influence, as well as the Monthly visiting energy that acts like a catalyst. These influences are experienced in varying degrees throughout the month because of the Daily visiting energy.

Xuan Kong update for the month of November 2003

*** From November 8th to December 6th is the month of the Yin Water Pig/Boar with the ruling energy of #5 Yellow in the central grid. The energies present during the month affect most of the sector where the main door, the bedroom/door or the office is located. Please note that the facing direction of your main door or house is not necessarily where your main door is located. For more information on this please follow this link.property.htm

What do we do with this information? Remember, in Feng Shui, the more activities within a sector, the more the energies that exist are activated. Hence the advice:

  • Use the beneficial areas more and the areas of negative influences less.
  • If possible, use another door if your main door is negatively affected this month.
  • Use the good sectors to solve existing problems whether they concern relationship or money matters.

There is no need to place any more cures (unless recommended to do so) as I take it that you have your annual cures 2003 kit and enhancements in place by now. Besides, the monthly energies are only temporary influences. This update is to prepare you for what is possible and to be prepared to take more care or risk in what you do.

Please be aware of other websites or newsletters that tell you that you must buy their products each month to avoid the monthly flying star negative areas. They do this to scare people into buying. There are only a couple of cures you should have to use in any month and this is normally where the #5 or #2 is located. You can use metal objects you probably have in the house already.

Check to see if there are any menacing looking structures, i.e. a sharp pointed roof, a straight road, a fly-over, a dead tree etc… directed at your building / property. These structures can transform a good combination of energies into a malignant one or can aggravate an already malevolent combination to a deadly one. If you have any of the above, it would be wise to hang a Ba Gua mirror to deflect them.

The Beneficial Sectors for the Month of Yin Water Pig are the West, Northeast and South.

The West Sector is by far the best sector for the year with the visiting annual #8. If your office or office door is located in this sector, you must have witnessed many months of positive influences in this sector. The auspicious combination of Ch’i this month continues to promote excellent career performances, financial success and can also be good for romance. If you have some place a pair of Mandarin ducks or a 3 legged Toad here.

Try to use this door or room as often as possible as this is a very effective way to activate this wonderful energy.

This would also be a good room to move into this month for those whose bedrooms are in the southwest or north.

The northeast brings happy events. Anyone occupying this sector will feel uplift in energy, focus and positive with the tasks ahead of them. This is another sector that has been enjoying a few consecutive months of auspicious combination of Ch’i this year. If your main door is here expect some good news. A good place to have your 3-legged Toad.

The south in turn embraces popularity, promotions and recognition in all your efforts and contributions in the work area. Opportunities come in different shapes and sizes. Keep a look out for them as the combination here suggests that there may be many opportunities for career change or new business ventures.

Sectors to be aware of this month:

The Northwest indicates tension and jealousy. Competition is high and stiff. The tension and stress may manifest themselves in skin related problems. Do not cure this sector with more metal. Use more blue or black furnishing or objects instead; a good cure is a blue/black (water colour) floor mat or rug. Remember, this is only a temporary monthly influence and therefore no permanent cure is necessary.

If your office main door is in this sector and your business is already suffering from stiff competition, stay low this month. This is what Xuan Kong is about: understand the influence of the energies and make informed decisions.

Students under this influence may struggle with their studies. If a student’s bedroom or study is in this sector and is having existing academic problems, try to relocate their bed or desk to the south or northeast sector of the room.

The North should be cured with metal objects, ornaments, a six-rod metal wind chime or a Wu Lou if you do not have them placed already as an annual cure, especially if this is your front door. Be careful if this is a male’s bedroom they could develop stomach related problems.

Pregnant ladies must take extra care this month if their room is in the
north sector of the house. Please do not spend too much time in this room
and make sure you use the cures above.

The combination of Ch’i here indicates problems related to the stomach, intestines and bowels. If your front door is here, try placing metal objects as above or ornaments near the door to dissipate some of the negative influences of this sector.

The East. There are energies at work here that portend deception and betrayal. It can be an emotionally stressful month. Have patience. You can use red furnishing or place a bright light in the east corner of the room to ease interaction. A good cure is burning a tea light with care each day.

The Southeast is where the annual #5 Yellow resides but its effect this month will be slightly less felt with the visit of the monthly #4 Green. However, do continue to be cautious if your front door is here and especially if you are a gambler, do not take risks. Make sure you have your six-rod metal wind chime and six Chinese coins tied with red ribbon here and leave it here until February 4th.

If you are a writer or are in a creative profession, you may find difficulty in putting ideas together. Any cure? Avoidance is best. Use the south, west or northeast sector of the room more.

The Southwest is still argumentative after last month. Quarrels and disputes are common with this combination of Ch’i. Children may experience stiff competition and peer pressure. The stress from this influence can sometimes cause eating disorders resulting in a stomach related illness. Place your Wu Lou here this month along with a bright light or a tea light with care each day. Make sure you remove the Wu Lou by the 6th December.

I know it is hard to move out of a room but please do so if you can. If not, you can relocate your bed or desk to another good corner of the room. This is especially true for the elderly and children. Follow the link below for more details on how to avoid problems, you will find the details towards the bottom of the page if you cannot move out.

I hope you find this November update useful in keeping you informed of which sector is potentially auspicious or risky. Do not hesitate to write to me at sallie@fengshuiweb.co.uk should you need to clarify anything. I will try to answer all your questions.

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What if you cannot move rooms?

If you are unable to move to another room for the month, make sure your bed or work/study tables are in a more beneficial area for the month.

Example: If you or your child is in a bedroom in a bad area of the home this month, get your compass stand in the centre of your room and place the bed or desk in a more auspicious area for the month as mentioned above.

As you can see from above you can turn a bad situation into a better one, you will not only avoid many problems he will benefit from being in a good area. You must try and keep the bad area quiet so not a good idea to have a music centre in the bad area. Remember you can apply this to any room in your home so if your office is in the NE place your desk in the SW this month (make sure your back does not face SW this year).

I know it is easier said than done but moving out of a room that has temporary inauspicious Ch’i is worth it. This is so especially with health issues provided you could afford the space and rooms. If you cannot, do not fret. The effect can be minimised by relocating the bed or study/work/office table to an auspicious sector (follow example above) of the room or placing cures as recommended on this site. As I have said before, this is a monthly influence and so it will pass.

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