Xuan Kong December 2004 update

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December 2003 update on Xuan Kong Flying Stars

Written by Sallie Tsui Sien

A Merry Christmas and a very happy new year from all of us at the Feng Shui Store. 

You have probably already noticed we have updated the site with the 2004 Flying Star analysis and also Chinese animal predications for 2004. You will find the banners at the bottom of this page.

December 2003 Flying Stars

Please be aware of other websites scaring people into buying their products each month to avoid these monthly afflictions, click here for more details

I shall explain a little here what Xuan Kong (flying stars) is in order to benefit our readers who are not familiar with it.

The Xuan Kong system addresses the time dimension of Feng Shui of a given property (home or office). This is an analysis of the interaction of elements (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) within the different sectors of the property and how we may enhance the good energies to give us support or suppress the bad energies by keeping them at bay. Every year we put together an annual cures kit, which cures and enhances good and bad stars; these are essential for every home and office.

If you were thinking of building a house, this is the time when we analyse the natal chart (flying star chart as below) to determine the best locations for all doors and the allocation of important rooms in order to harness the beneficial distribution of energy. Every property will have good and bad stars, the secret is placing the good stars in places like an office, bedroom, lounge or dining room and the bad ones in places like a bathroom, en-suite, cloakroom or utility room.

In Feng Shui terms, the interaction between the energies of each sector of a Xuan Kong chart above, “the Heavenly Heart of the House” (centre of home), will affect the well-being of the household.

In addition, this interaction is further influenced by the visitation of the Annual visiting energy that represents the potential influence, as well as the Monthly visiting energy that acts like a catalyst. These influences are experienced in varying degrees throughout the month because of the Daily visiting energy.

Xuan Kong update for the month of December 2003

From December 7th 2003 to January 5th 2004 is the month of the Yang Wood Rat with the ruling energy of #4 Green in the central grid. The energies present during the month affect most of the sector where the main door, the bedroom/door or the office is located. Please note that the facing direction of your main door or house is not necessarily where your main door is located. For more information on this please follow this link.

What do we do with this information? Remember, in Feng Shui, energies are activated by activities or movement. So the more active an area is, the more the energies (both good and bad) are activated. Hence the advice:

  • Use the beneficial areas more and the areas of negative influences less.
  • If possible, use another door if your main door is negatively affected this month.
  • Use the good sectors to solve existing problems whether they concern relationship or money matters.

There is no need to place any more cures (unless recommended to do so) as I take it that you have your annual cures 2003 kit and enhancements in place by now. Besides, the monthly energies are only temporary influences. This update is to prepare you for what is possible and to be prepared to take more care or risk in what you do.

Please be aware of other websites or newsletters that tell you that you must buy their products each month to avoid the monthly flying star negative areas. They do this to scare people into buying. There are only a couple of cures you should have to use in any month and this is normally where the #5 or #2 is located. You can use metal objects you probably have in the house already.

Check to see if there are any menacing looking structures, i.e. a sharp pointed roof, a straight road, a fly-over, a dead tree etc… directed at your building / property. These structures can transform a good combination of energies into a malignant one or can aggravate an already malevolent combination to a deadly one. If you have any of the above, it would be wise to hang a Ba Gua mirror to deflect them.

The Beneficial Sectors for the Month of Yang Wood Rat are the West, South and to a small extent the southwest.

The West Sector occupied by the auspicious annual #8 together with the monthly #6 brings about possible career promotion and new venture possibilities for businesses. If your main door or bedroom is here, your wealth potential is greatly enhanced. You should recognise opportunity when it comes your way and capitalise on it.

One of the best ways to activate a good area is with activities whether by human or moving things. Place a radio here and keep it turned on as often as possible even if it is at a low volume if you are out at work all day and the house is left alone.

The south is visited by the monthly #8 and it is indeed good news. This combination is said to bring good fortune and good health. Apart from financial success, this is also a good area that helps with studies. So, for those who are in academic pursuits, use this room well. Children should also use this room to do their homework or studies for exams. This is
a good area to hang a facetted crystal sphere to enhance the Ch’i.

Sectors to be aware of this month:

The energies in the Northwest indicate that there may tension and constant bickering. You may encounter politic problems at work if your main door or your office is located in the northwest sector. Keep your cool and turn away from an argument. This is what this update is about. Be informed of the influence of the energies and act accordingly when you ‘see’ the effect at work. If this area of your home is a lounge or bedroom place
a Wu Lou or metal items here to weaken.

Food poisoning is also possible, so please be careful with your choice when you are eating out, especially for those who travel a lot. If the kitchen is in the northwest sector of the house, be extra vigilant with hygiene and the source or choice of food your buy.

In the North you should keep the metal cure you have placed from our last month’s advice and add a little more. For those who have an office in this north sector, be patient and do not take risk this month as the energy denotes obstacles in business.

This is also not a good area for children for studies. They are better off in the south sector. If there is no possibility of that, let them utilise the south sector of the room instead.

The East fronts a turbulent month. If your front door is here and you are sharing a home with your mother-in-law, you may find her, either suddenly or more than usual, interfering into your affairs and arguments or tensions may result. You can also expect illness due to stress if you do not know how to avoid a confrontation when you see one. I would add six Chinese coins in a row and even a Wu Lou especially if you have your family over for Christmas.

If this is a living room, try not to conduct any discussions especially about home management here. Avoid it at all costs.

The Southeast causes potential betrayal and frustration thus giving rise to a sense of stagnation and anger. You may loose money pertaining to issues caused by the younger generation. I am locking up my front door again this month and use the south door instead. If this is where your main door is located try and leave a hall or porch light on as much as

The Southwest although portends bitter quarrels, heated arguments and lawsuits, somehow there is a promise of success due to the visiting monthly #1. It’s auspicious nature indicates success but combined with the annual 3, some struggle is required before success.

I hope you find this December update useful in keeping you informed of which sector is potentially auspicious or risky. Do not hesitate to write to me at sallie@fengshuiweb.co.uk
should you need to clarify anything. I will try to answer all your questions.

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What if you cannot move rooms?

If you are unable to move to another room for the month, make sure your bed or work/study tables are in a more beneficial area for the month.

Example: If you or your child is in a bedroom in a bad area of the home this month, get your compass stand in the centre of your room and place the bed or desk in a more auspicious area for the month as mentioned above.

As you can see from above you can turn a bad situation into a better one, you will not only avoid many problems he will benefit from being in a good area. You must try and keep the bad area quiet so not a good idea to have a music centre in the bad area. Remember you can apply this to any room in your home so if your office is in the NE place your desk in the SW this month (make sure your back does not face SW this year).

I know it is easier said than done but moving out of a room that has temporary inauspicious Ch’i is worth it. This is so especially with health issues provided you could afford the space and rooms. If you cannot, do not fret. The effect can be minimised by relocating the bed or study/work/office table to an auspicious sector (follow example above) of the room or placing cures as recommended on this site. As I have said before, this is a monthly influence and so it will pass.

2004 Animal Predictions
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