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Taken from our March 2004 monthly Feng Shui newsletter, if you would like to subscribe free of charge click here. This one is a little long winded but some very valuable advice on authentic Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Store Newsletter March 2004

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Into my fifth year writing these monthly Feng Shui newsletters has taught me so much and all you long term readers know I often share my own little problems with you. Like the many computer problems we always seem to have. A couple of times some have written asking how come we have these problems if we are supposed to be experts in Feng Shui surely we would not have any problems?

The day I consider my computer crashing as a real problem, I will know my life is going in the wrong direction, seriously please do not think Feng Shui will give you a completely untroubled life and if a book or website tells you otherwise they are lying. Buying a three legged toad from my website will not give untold riches and displaying a pair of mandarin ducks in the SE this year does not mean you will never have an argument with your partner. These symbolic cures and enhancers are very powerful but you also need to look at the bigger picture.

The reason I tell you is because even though I consider our home and business to have near perfect Feng Shui it does not guarantee me an undisturbed life, energy changes hourly, daily, monthly etc and this is why we get ups and downs. Too many books and websites written on Feng Shui scare people, we receive thousands of emails each month panicking that they have a #4 in their house address or telephone number or their roof tiles are black, their bathroom is in the southeast, lamppost outside house, tree in back garden, odd shape garden, missing corners, the list is endless. So what, I have an odd shape garden, I have a lamppost outside my house, I have 60 odd trees in my garden and we have no real problems. Don’t panic, if you think what you have read will cause you a problem I guarantee you it will, the power of the mind is very powerful, there is no such thing as the perfect Feng Shui home or office, accept the flaws in your home and move on. Read the valuable resource we have on our website it covers nearly all the misconceptions.

Don’t get me wrong when something does go wrong for me, like last months computer fiasco, at the time it seemed a real problem and months of work went down the drain including February’s newsletter. Michael and I looked at each other and said why is it always electrical problems for us? By the end of the day we were more relaxed about it. The day this really becomes a problem for us and distresses us for days on end is the day I will stop writing and running an online business, why? Because these are not real problems. A real tragedy and life changing event for me would be to have one of my family or friends in Madrid, Spain this week, I could never begin to comprehend how those families must be feeling, the loss, grief, fear and anger I really do not think I could cope with it.

No words can make me feel any better what is happening in the world at the moment; so what words can make all those family’s and friends that have been left behind. It is not just about the innocent people who lost their precious lives; it is harder now for the bereaved or injured, my innermost sympathy goes to them. Do you see what I am trying to say? Our problems are not always put into perspective are they; as far as I am concerned my life is perfect and if computer or electrical problems are the worst life has to throw at me I am doing very well.

So many people go through life defeated by the everyday problems life throws at us; “it always happens to me” “I am so unlucky”, it’s easy for me to say “be positive” but believe me it could be so much worse. I am not going to pretend I never look at these silly problems we have in a positive way every time and I am sure some expressions of anger and frustration will still follow. You can change your destiny with the help of Feng Shui. Don’t however expect to buy an item from our shop and think this is all you need to do. You do not need to spend lots of money to change your life, Feng Shui is also about changing the way you live your life and also the environment you live in, I firmly believe that “whatever you give good or bad expect to receive it back tenfold”

The best advice I can give is follow our annual and monthly cures and enhancers for 2004 but still expect some ups and downs throughout the year, having good Feng Shui is also about the problems you have avoided because you have taken precautions like placing a salt water cure or hanging six coins in the SW this year.

Michael and Sallie conducted their three day course last week and students from all over the world attended ranging from complete novice to experienced Feng Shui Practitioners with over 15 years experience. Not only was the course a huge success as always, it attracted the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. Within the first day they were like old friends sharing their knowledge, I had the pleasure of meeting them on the last day and was quite overwhelmed by their comments, one in particular who has been a Feng Shui Practitioner for over 15 years and has trained with all the supreme Feng Shui Masters throughout the world said “Out of all the teachers I have had, yours is the top” I knew Michael & Sallie were good but that really brought it home to me, talk about being proud.


***In this issue***

***** The real thing, Traditional tips and enhancers for health, wealth, career, business, romance and children. No gimmicks only the real thing.

***** Three-day Feng Shui course update.

***** Winners of the February/March crystal cluster draw.

***** Site updates & news=.


*** “It’s a wise husband who puts his foot down only to shift positions” ***


Traditional tips and enhancers for health, wealth, career, business, romance and children. No gimmicks only the real thing.


As you must know by now we do not prescribe to the airy-fairy “new age” Feng Shui that so many books and websites talk about, we only use traditional and authentic Feng Shui that gets results. For this reason I thought I would do a section on real cures and enhancers that even Michael or Sallie would use or recommend on their consultations. For some this may be basic but we have had many requests for general and easy to use tips so I thought I would keep it simple this month. For those with knowledge it is still worth reading as it serves as a valuable reminder of what we can often overlook.


***”When one door closes, another one opens, sometimes we look so long at the closed door, we don’t see the one that has opened…”***


***Your home or office***

The most auspicious dimension for a working office desk is 89cm(2 feet 11 inches) high by 152.5cm (5 feet) long and 84cm (2 feet 9 inches) wide or 89 cm (2 feet 11 inches) high by 125cm (4 feet 1 inch) long by 81cm (2 feet 8 inches) wide. If it is not this size do no worry it does not mean that you cannot be successful. My son Daniel has just read this and started laughing “you have got to be kidding Mum” that is too complicated, he is right, my desk I am sure is not that exact measurement, thought I would still include for those that are interested.

Treat all your personal or financial files with respect, especially files that contain potential and ongoing projects. Do not leave them on the floor. You do not want your business trodden on. Give your company name or logo the same respect. Never place your company name or logo on carpet or floor covering as this symbolises thousands of people’s feet stamping all over your business.

Keep a reading lamp on your desk and leave it on whilst you are working at your desk. The light serves to direct your attention and keep you in focus with the task in hand.

All the books written on clearing clutter and relating it to Feng Shui, this is partly true but needs to be clarified. Clutter and Feng Shui is very important, my explanation of clutter is seeing a home that you can just about open the front door and you are side stepping to get from one end of the house to the other. If you have children you will know clutter comes as a package with them, seeing children’s toys lying all over the lounge or bedroom is not negative clutter, children’s toys contain lovely Sheng Ch’i (positive energy), the only time they become clutter is when they stay in the same place for days on end.

If you have too much clutter in your home or office, your life and those around you will be affected by it. Have a big clear out, start downstairs in all rooms and throw away or fix broken items. Items you no longer needed or are out of date. The good items donate to a charity shop. Take a look at all your antique furniture, are you happy with it? This type of furniture can carry a lot of bad history; if it doesn’t feel right get rid of it, a hard decision to make but well worth it. If it is old and holds a lot of good memories, keep it.

So my definition of clutter is “a home has to look like a home”, if you have children let it be a family home. If you are single or a couple you have no excuse, this does not mean on Sunday morning you are sitting in your kitchen with all the newspapers spread all over the place, old piece of toast from two hours ago that this is bad Feng Shui, far from it, this is great Feng Shui, I love seeing Michael on a Sunday morning buried deep in his newspapers, it is a nice relaxed energy, it becomes Sha Ch’i (negative energy) when he does not clear up after himself.

A home can look cluttered now and again, the most important part is keeping it clean, cleanliness is the most important part of Feng Shui; a dirty home contains very bad Feng Shui.

***”If you want to be a picture of health, you had better have a happy frame of mind”***

Throw away or donate all your old clothes especially if you have bought new items in the winter sales. Don’t forget to clear out your under stairs cupboard and loft space, this is all part of your home and because it is usually out of site does not mean it will not affect the harmony and balance of your home or office. I have just finished my clearout, it hurts but it is a great feeling once it’s done. This is very important in the northeast, northwest, north, south and southeast this year as they are very auspicious, so make hay while the sun shines.

You should not have any cactus or sharp leaf plants in your home or office as these plants have small sharp leaves and therefore cause “Sha Ch’i”. The Ch’i that rides on the wind will have to pass through them causing Ch’i to be fierce and sharp. Also Bonsai trees are not good, although this an Eastern art, in my opinion it is not considered good as you are stunting growth and this is not natural, some Feng Shui books will tell you different.

If you work in an office you should make sure that you have a solid wall behind you and not sit with a window or corner behind you. Your back or front should not directly face a doorway; your desk should not be placed at an angle, and placed with two windows between you. You should try and arrange your office using “Form School Feng Shui” i.e. a solid wall behind you (Black Tortoise) a small cupboard/filing cabinet to the right of you (Tiger) a larger cupboard/filing cabinet to the left (Dragon) and a small low table (Phoenix). Easy to do when you have full control over the environment you work in, if not, place a crystal sphere over the area you work in, this will help counteract any negative Sha Ch’i. Even if you have limited control over your workspace try and arrange your desk with a wall or screen behind you as this will give you more support.


****Wealth and prosperity****


The following are the best tips you will ever get and a very powerful way of activating good wealth luck.

For those that follow our annual advice, the northeast is the most powerful this year for wealth. So what if you are at work and cannot control the office you work in, here is a little known secret; you use what is called the small Tai Ch’i. Take your desk as an example, as you sit at it, place a compass on the middle of the desk and find northeast, in that corner of the desk for wealth place a crystal globe along with a red Dragon (do not use metal dragon here as it will weaken the good earth). You should also place your business card along with the globe, as this will strengthen your business.

In the north part of the desk place something metal again for wealth, it does not have to be anything Chinese just a piece of metal like a stapler, in the southwest you should place six Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon to reduce bad luck, these can be placed under the desk or in a draw if you do want them on display.


***However long the night, the dawn will break***


In order to attract wealth and prosperity you need to take a good look at your home or office from the outside; does your front door need painting? Is the woodwork around your home/office looking tatty?

If you display a tatty old home or office you can expect some pretty poor Ch’i going through your front door. Clear all rubbish around your property, plant some spring/summer bulbs, give your woodwork a clean or paint. Make sure your pathway to your front door is clear and if you have a straight path leading to the door try and place some pot plants or similar to make it more curved, this will slow down the Ch’i and have less effect as a “poison arrow”.

Also make sure your front entrance is well lit, this will attract positive Sheng Ch’i and promote good health, wealth and happiness. We leave our porch light on most of the night and use low energy light bulbs, which are good for the environment and the electric bill.

When you sweep your drive or pathways always sweep away from the door, so you do not bring in bad Ch’i into your home or office. Remember your front door is very important, always keep it clear from rubbish and make sure there are no obstructions leading up to it, if you have brass door furniture make sure it is kept clean. I always use some water with a few drops of lemongrass essential oils to clean my front door and step; this will clear any stagnant Ch’i.

Clear out your drains, outside and inside your home or office, this time of year they get overlooked and contain much stagnant Ch’i.

This year place a crystal sphere in a northeast window to activate Ch’i in your room or office. This will create good for the occupants and will increase the balance of Yang, bringing a healthier frame of mind and body. The northeast this year has got some good wealth aspects.

Over the last five years writing these newsletters, I must have written a hundred times about 3-legged Toads, if you have one of these wonderful creatures, make sure the coin is always kept in his mouth and he is either sitting with his back to the main door or a little known secret is face him in your Sheng Ch’i direction, so if you are a Chi’en Trigram face him west. The reason I clarify this yet again is because we still receive hundreds of emails saying that they have read in a book or website that you must take the coin out of his mouth at night and face him inwards when leaving the home because he gets tired, what nonsense, how can this chap get tired, if you went to a home in China you would find a 3-legged Toad in nearly every home and the coin would be glued in his mouth and the only time it would be moved is to dust and clean under him. Trust me please do not write and debate this subject just get the superglue out and fix that coin in his mouth.


****Health and longevity****


***”Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living; the other helps you make a life”***

Electronic items are not good to keep in your bedroom; they may give you sleepless nights. The television for example is something many people like having in their bedrooms, but what they don’t seem to realise is that it produces too much yang energy which disturbs sleep patterns. If you don’t want to remove them cover with a sheet at night this includes computers and mirrors that overlook you whilst sleeping. Do not worry about mirrors that do not look onto your bed it is only a problem if you can see yourself whilst you are lying in bed.

All the books tell you to keep the toilet lid down when flushing, generally this is good advice however, if you have a toilet in the SW or east this year keep the lid up when flushing and close it straight after, this will help clear the negative energy in these areas this year. If you have a toilet in the NE, SE, S and north, make sure the lid is kept closed at all times.

Is your bedroom painted in a bright fierce colour? This represents yang energy. Rooms should preferably be painted in soft pastel shades (yin energy). Bed-sheets too should be in pastels.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. One of Mother Natures miracles and we do not use enough of, water (Shui) is essential for our body, but also is extremely important in Feng Shui, increase your water intake and you will be amazed at the results. Lack of water causes depression, infection and fluid retention.

Generally the east and southwest are good to have water features placed for the next twenty years, they must be outside though unless you have had a professional consultation or you know your natal chart and happy it activates a good facing star.

**Learn to breathe properly**, (I thought this was a Feng Shui newsletter?) believe it or not but most of us do not breathe properly, do it right and you can reduce stress, increase energy, and improve skin and hair. Breathing in itself is a form of good Feng Shui as it takes the wind (Feng) and circulates it around your vital organs thus creating “Sheng Ch’i” good energy. Follow the instructions below for best results.

Lay down on the floor.
Place a book on your stomach.
Breathe deeply, allowing your stomach to expand.
Watch the book move up and down.
Now sit up, and try the same thing without the book.
Practice this abdominal exercise 3 times a day.

***”One thing a man learns from an argument with a woman is how to be a good loser”***


*** Relationships and romance ***


1) Always use pairs in your bedroom, i.e. pair of candlesticks, pair of Mandarin Ducks, ornaments, and pictures with two people/animals etc., Strengthen or attract romance by placing a crystal sphere in your bedroom window. These faceted lead crystals not only attract good Ch’i but they look magnificent when exposed to sunlight.

2) Throw away any old photos or memorabilia of ex-partners you do not wish to be reminded of, as they attract bad Ch’i.

3) Take a good look at your bedroom. Is it cluttered? You spend one third of your life in there, treat it as the most important room in your home. What about the colours of your walls, bed sheets? Are they too bright? Have a good clear out; throw away all your old clothes. Brighten up your walls and bed sheets. It is hard for us to advise which colours are best as it depends on location but general advice is keep it soft and no fierce colours.

4) To promote romance: use pink in a single woman’s bedroom and tie two red cords or ribbons on the inside of your bedroom door if you wish to attract a serious partner. Keep decorative ornaments e.g., mandarin ducks in pairs in the bedroom, hugging couple statues or art with a romantic theme.

5) Use red pastel colours for early romance and newlywed as it represents love and marriage. Use peach coloured bulbs for lighting, as it will help to give a warm ambience to the atmosphere. Do not use too much red or yang colours in a bedroom for those who suffer from restless sleeps.

6) To enhance fertility, display a Laughing Buddha with children climbing all over him or a statue of Kwan Yin (the Goddess of Mercy).

***”Love is a little word, people make it big”***


*** Children’s study area and Beds ***


Children will also benefit from having a desk light on their working desk. It keeps their attention whilst they are doing their homework or studying.

Place a clear spinning crystal ball or earth globe on the left hand side (for female) and on the right hand side (for male) of the work table and twirl it from time to time to energise the inherent earth energy of the crystal. This will help focus tasks in hand, concentration and memory.

Beds should be at least 45 cm high from the ground.
Beds should have a solid wooden headboard.

A wooden bed is better than a metal one because metal beds are said to be conductors of electromagnetic fields.

Beds placed against a window must have a solid headboard, full-length curtain, drapes or blinds to block off the window especially at night.

Watch out for protruding corners of walls or columns pointing directly at beds. If you are limited by space and cannot move the bed, drape a piece of cloth over the corner of the protruding column to symbolically remove it when the bed is in use at night.


***** Monthly Chinese animal predictions (New) *****


As you know Sallie translates the almanac and Xuan Kong every month and she has agreed to translate a monthly chart for all 12 animals, I know you would have seen these on many websites but this is the real thing not some soppy material used to sell loads of fixes to you just sensible advice about avoidance. The almanac has become one of our most frequently visited pages and is used by thousands each month to select good days for certain tasks, this really is a valuable tool which we use on a daily basis, visit this link for more details


*** Xuan Kong Flying star March 2004: Updated by Sallie Tsui Sien



“A good test of a person’s character is to see how they treat someone that is not important to them.”


**TIP** A good cure in Feng Shui to manage your time better, is to place a soggy used tea bag on the end of your nose and chant the words “I will manage my time better” eighty times backwards in Chinese. Now this is the ultimate test to see if you have read all of this newsletter, if you are reading this, my work is done and thank you for your attention, I hope you enjoyed it.


*** Feng Shui Course Update ***

Our next available foundation course is 11-12 & 13th of June. We have students attending from the all over the world from complete novice to hardened Feng Shui Practitioners. You are guaranteed to not only learn something new but authentic Feng Shui whatever your experience, we have many secrets to disclose on this exciting and unique 3-day course.

Within three days you will have been given significantly more knowledge and undisclosed secrets than 80% of practising Feng Shui practitioners use with their clients. A bold statement to make, but a true fact that many practitioners charging hundreds of pounds have little knowledge of traditional & authentic Feng Shui. Our unique three-day foundation course has been designed to give you more knowledge with less technical work enabling you to achieve a higher learning curve within a very short time.


*** Winners of the February/March crystal cluster draw ***


The winners this (February/March) month are:

Tameria Ruberto (Canada)
Sue Evans (UK)
Gwen Shepherd (France)
Denise Ferguson (UK)

*** Site update and new developments ***

Mainly new resource added this month including Sallie’s new monthly Chinese animal predications and Xuan Kong. We are keen to build links with other websites to share our valuable resource, if you own a website we would be truly grateful and honoured if you could place a link to and maybe drop us a line to let us know.

Warm wishes and remember dance as if no one were watching, Sing as if no one were listening and live life each day as if it were your last.


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