“If it ain’t broken don’t try and fix it”

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Dear Michael

I recently had a feng shui practitioner visit my home and after three hours of her being there I felt like I was living in the worst house in the world. She told me because the front door was lined up with the rear door it meant we would always have money problems. Our car parking area at the front of our home was blocking any energy coming in. The drains outside the front ran from left to right or whatever she said meant that my husband would be unfaithful and arguments and disputes within the family were inevitable, the list went on.

We have lived in this home for almost three years, my husband is wonderful as are our two children, I did not get this women round to fix problems although maybe enhancing a little would have been nice, I suppose I really wanted reassurance that all was well.

She was here three hours, did not take any compass readings, all of her report was done of the top of her head whilst walking round with me and my husband. At first I thought seriously about selling our happy home until I found your website and this reassured me that maybe she was just a quack and knew very little, could you please just take a little time to write me to assure my thoughts or maybe (eek) tell me I should move, although I do not believe we are living in the house from hell this person has unnerved me somewhat.




Dear Stephanie,

Dear Stephanie,Firstly let me assure you do not have to move at all, my view has always been “if it is not broken do not try and fix it”. It sounds like you have a happy home and a test of good Feng Shui is if you, your partner and children are happy the Feng Shui is good.

If she did not use a compass she cannot practice traditional authentic Feng Shui and was no doubt using the black hat method, her first point on the front door looking onto the rear door is often written about in a negative way, this in my opinion is utter nonsense as long as one of the doors is kept closed it will not cause you problems. Her other statement with regards to the outside drains is gobbledygook as a drain that is covered is not really a water element and will not cause you problems, there are times that drains are taken into consideration but this is very advanced and you have to use specialist compasses to advice.

To give you an idea I normally spend a whole day on a Feng Shui consultation, the first hour or two is spent taking floor measurements, compass readings, examining land formations and then preparing the analysis, this sometimes can even be up to 4-5 hours as every home or office is different, there is no standard Feng Shui. I use over £4000 (four thousand pounds) worth of compasses and I also use different compasses for different parts of the world as there are five different magnetic zones throughout the world and they all need a calibrated compass.

Parking your car outside your home in traditional Feng Shui Xuan Kong can actuallybe very good if you need mountain support and if you have a #8 or other good mountain support outside the front of your home your car is probably the reason your family is so happy, so what is good for you is not always good for everyone else, to make general statements like this without logic is irresponsible.

Think about it, most of the consultations we do are in London, Barcelona, Singapore, Paris, Munich, KL or other large cities or towns throughout the world and off road parking is extremely common, we have hundreds of clients who lead very successful lives in relations, finance, good health and have lovely children and many will have off road parking right outside their home, front and rear doors in a straight line, drains leading all over place.

I recently consulted on a home with five people living in it and 70% of the home according to the books and websites out there said this is a nightmare in Feng Shui terms; they had pylons close to the home (not always good but in this case worked well for this home as a fire mountain support), busy road outside, front and rear doors in a row, beams all over the place. It turned out after a few hours in the home that it enjoyed an enviable compass direction called a “combination of ten” and the outside land formations were perfect. With a combination like this you can pretty much do what you like inside the home and enjoy superb Feng Shui for many years.

Take a look at how many people you know with homes that are normally considered a Feng Shui disaster and see how good their lives are, I am sure you will find a few, you cannot tell a book by its cover and the same goes with Feng Shui, what is bad for one home may be good for another.

Stephanie please please do not concern yourself, put this down to one of life’s little costly lessons and do not even bother getting another consultation as you clearly have a good life as it is. I travel all over the world to consult and it is very rare that we come across a home where we would recommend moving and would never dream of presenting it in such a negative way, as the power of the mind is incredible and once you are told something is very bad it will become that, very soon.

There are some good books out there and a few good websites but take most of what you read and see with a pinch of salt. Do not also be put off with other Feng Shui Practitioners, we know there are good ones out there, we teach many of them from all over the world at our Feng Sui Academy in Buckinghamshire, just do some research before employing them.

Kind regards.




Responses to “If it ain’t broken don’t try and fix it”


1. Anita Says:

July 10th, 2007 at 10:19 pm

Great advice Michael, nice to see someone giving real advice without just trying to sell us something.



2. Rachel Vicary Says:

July 11th, 2007 at 8:55 am

Sounds like the same person i had, she spent the whole day telling me how bad my house was and sold me around £500 worth of cures. I found this web site after i had the consultant round 2-3 years ago and it allways give good advice, i also use their software, it is amazing and much cheaper than consultant i had and not as scary.



3. Shanks Says:

September 3rd, 2007 at 5:46 pm

Can you please let me know how do I contact your office in Munich?

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