Feng Shui Store Newsletter June 2004

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 Feng Shui Newsletter June 2004

I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and in good spirits. I am sorry I did not send a newsletter last month (will not bore you with excuses) and hope you found Sallie & Michael’s monthly review as interesting as I did, they are good aren’t they? I hope you enjoy this month’s newsletter as I have included some essential tips that we use ourselves to achieve the best Feng Shui. I have been told that I am a real pain when I send my newsletter out as I give it to Michael & Sallie to read about 10 times before sending to make sure there are no mistakes and the quality is good, many hours of work go into writing this and I really hope you enjoy it and if not learn, at least it may remind you of what you should be doing.

Sallie and Michael’s monthly review will be sent in the next few days so please do not delete it thinking it is a copy of this newsletter, Sallie has written a great piece that compliments this issue on the outside of your home.

The site has been updated with the monthly almanac, 12 animals and Xuan Kong teachyourselffengshui.htm and you will be pleased to hear (pleased if you are Spanish speaking that is) Sallie has nearly finished the Feng Shui Store Europe website translated into Spanish and should be live within a few weeks.

*** “Time may be a great healer, but it’s a lousy beautician” ***

***In this issue ***

*** Essential tips for good Feng Shui.

*** Salt water cure update for 2004 (A question from a reader)

*** Questions & Answers

*** Winners of the May/June free crystal cluster draw

*** Site update.

*** Essential tips for good Feng Shui.

We first started using Feng Shui about 24 years ago and in those days you were considered pretty weird to be using such an alternative way of life.

So for the last 24 years life has been perfect for us? I wish. What we share with you today and over the last five years writing these monthly newsletters is learning by our mistakes, I know many of you are sometimes confused by some of our newsletters because it goes against what you have learnt, the method we use is authentic and real Feng Shui. Believe me we have tried all the methods and only this method works in my opinion, we do not claim to be the worlds experts, there are Masters better qualified than us and they are worth every penny of the hundreds of thousands of pounds they can charge. If you were taking advice from Raymond Lo, Joseph Yu, Stephen Skinner, Joey Yap, Eva Wong, Lillian Too, Jon Sandifer you would be on the right track.

Of course we could have gone with the sheep and sold you hundreds of thousands of Yin Yang protection balls or similar gimmicky cures and enhancers but this would not have been in our nature. All you will find on our website are authentic cures and enhancers that any traditional Master or Practitioner would use, this is why our website receives millions of hits each month, 60.000 newsletter subscribers, Masters and Practitioners from all over the world buy our products and why Sallie & Michael are Master teachers to other Practitioners that travel from every corner of the world to learn real Feng Shui from them. In fact many of their students are experienced Practitioners who have many years experience already in Feng Shui.

So if you want to learn some authentic Feng Shui study our resource page on our website and follow this newsletter each month, some articles can be heavy going but most are easy to read and simple cures and enhancers. Or of course you could always attend our 3-day Feng Shui foundation course designed for complete novices to the experienced.

This year we have received more emails than ever from people all over the world telling us that their problems seem to be worse this year. It is a tough year for many so I have included a checklist of things that you should be doing to ensure your year is good.

*** Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Lao Tzu ***

******* Essential tips that I have used over the last 24 years and still use to this day:

*** Keep a diary of all changes you make in the house, if you install a new water feature, erect a fence, cut down a tree, move furniture, knock down a wall, repaint a room, change floor colours, replace a main door, install a new indoor pot plant, move bed positions, change your desk location, in fact any change you make in the home. Why keep a diary? If you notice changes in your life good or bad you can easily identify what may have caused it by checking when you moved or changed the inside of your home, a couple of good examples of mistakes I have made this year, no sorry I will correct that, a couple of mistakes Michael & I have made this year.

Our electric kettle has always been located in the south of our kitchen directly below Michael’s office, it is placed there because when it is switched on it activates the good stars we have in this part of our home and as Michael is a big tea drinker it serves us well. Well for some reason in March this year the electric socket kept tripping the mains power every time we switched it on, in hindsight the obvious thing to do was call an electrician and fix it, nope we went for easy option and moved the kettle to the east part of our kitchen which is where the next available electric socket is.

Problem solved we thought, now you know I said earlier on how I keep a diary of all changes in the home, you guessed it I did not enter this change, what’s that saying “pot calling the kettle black” how true, here’s me preaching to you and I make the same mistakes. Back to the story and also to show you how powerful Feng Shui can be, we left the kettle in the east for a couple of months and believe this, we have not stopped working since October 2003, it has been non stop flat out, don’t get me wrong we love our work and are so grateful for all the work we receive but the fact we were working so hard.

Long story cut short, because we moved the kettle to the east it was activating the #3 argument star that is present this year (along with our #3 mountain star) and low and behold Michael and I could not work out why we were arguing more, we thought it was because we were overworked and not spending enough time together, I do not like normally sharing personal problems with you but this I had to, bear in mind Michael and I have been married 24 years in September and have been together for nearly 30 years, we only argue about twice a year and that will normally last for a couple of hours and then back to best of mates, well from March to April we were arguing (more bickering than arguing) 2-3 times a week and even Michael the diplomat was letting them drag on which is very unusual.

After six weeks we finally sat down and worked out every change we had made, we had bought new furniture for dining room, a new staircase fitted, a new front door, fence erected and some general decoration all done to improve the Feng Shui for period 8. Michael spent days analysing the flying star for the house and could not see why this was happening until bingo the kettle, he finally realised because we moved the kettle from the south to the east it was activating the #3 argument star. He called our electrician and even managed to get him to call the same day, moved the kettle and we have not had a cross word since.

The moral of the story is twofold though, the first, always keep a diary of changes you make no matter how small they are and the next is “from something bad comes something good” before we worked out it was the Feng Shui that was causing our problems we sat down and talked and decided that we desperately needed a holiday so we booked three weeks in Thailand on a lovely Island in a lovely villa by the sea, it is a spa resort so plenty of healthy living and good food for all four of us. Had I not moved that kettle we would not have had the arguments and like most previous years would not have booked a main holiday and just taken long weekends like we have done over the last four years because we have been too busy.

We have been blessed with many problems over our life, blessed because we have learnt from them and although they did not seem like blessings at the time we now look back and think positively about every single problem that life has thrown at us and compared to most our problems are minute, so try and think positively, easy to say I know but believe me most of the time good does come from bad.

Another quick story, Michael flew to Germany a few weekends ago on a consultation, he left at 4am in the morning to the airport and in a daze he carried on driving as if he were heading towards Heathrow airport, and he was actually flying from Luton airport in the opposite direction. He noticed this about 10 miles down the road and obviously turned around and with a huff I suppose had a few words with himself, although he still arrived on time at the airport he was a little late he could not get breakfast. He rung me around 8am telling me the story which I thought was funny, we found out a few days later that if he had not taken the wrong road he could have been in a fatal accident which happened at 4.30 am on the Luton road. We have always looked at life this way as best we can, every problem we get it is given to us for a reason and although you will not see it at the time it will seem obvious to you at some time in the future.

Have you missed my ramblings? I bet you thought because I have missed a couple of newsletters I would have learnt not to ramble on, well sorry this is a lesson on patience. Below I have done a checklist of things you should have done for the year.

*** Outside the home:

1) The garden is often overlooked and now is a perfect time to make sure all drains are cleared and cleaned, and I do mean lifting drain covers and cleaning out and disinfecting, this is very important and the Sha Ch’i (negative energy) from them can cause many problems. Gutters and down-pipes also hold much Sha Ch’i especially if they are full of old dead leaves, just put your nose up close and the smell will tell all. One thing we found this year was our main drain had a small crack and was letting waste into the ground, had we left this would have caused us extreme problems so worth checking and repairing if necessary. I know this may not seem like the glamorous text you would normally read in Feng Shui books but to us and the more authentic Feng Shui Master these jobs are critical for good Feng Shui.

2) If you have an outside pond or water feature make sure it is super clean and cleared of all dead leaves fallen from the winter. Water is critical to good Feng Shui but the quality of water is paramount. It must be clean flowing and the flow of water must point towards the home.

3) Think twice before installing a pond, fountain or even a bird bath, they are the most powerful cure or enhancer in Feng Shui, place it in the correct area and you can get fantastic results, place it wrong and you could be bankrupt within months. A safe place for water this year is the southeast for indoors and east or southwest for outdoors (next twenty years). If you are unsure about placing a water feature outside get one of those cheap ones from the garden centre and place it temporally and see how things go, if things improve in your life then you can install a more permanent feature.

4) Think twice and then twice again and again about cutting down trees or hedges or erecting or taking down fences, you should really get a professional consultation done before changing the land formations outside your home. A good example of this is one of Michaels clients early in the year phoned him to say things were not going to well, Michael had done a consultation about fours years previous and their business and every aspect of their life had turned round for the better.

His client phoned him and told him a list of problems ranging from business gone to complete standstill, arguments in the home, the list was endless, after an hour Michael had found that within the last six months because of their new wealth they had built a small swimming pool in the rear garden erected a new high brick wall, cut down trees and other major changes surrounding the home, it looked great but was not good for the home. 70% of good or bad Feng Shui is outside your home, a neighbour’s home could be giving you great wealth or causing you health problems, trees in your garden could be enhancing your relationship with your partner or causing you legal problems.

So please think twice about major changes outside the home and consult Sallie’s information in this month’s review (you will receive in a few days) about doing ground breaking work in the south, southwest and northeast this year.

5) Ba Gua mirrors, hot topic always, if you have one outside make sure you renew it every year, they hold much negative energy and some websites sell plastic ones that never age, they are lethal and we only sell wooden ones as they age after a year or so thus telling you to replace it. Only use concave or convex mirrors if you know what you are doing and never never never have them inside your home, I know I keep telling you this but I bet between Michael, Sallie and myself we see about 4 homes a month that have them inside because they have read somewhere that they make bathroom disappear or whatever.

6) Walk round the garden or better still ask a friend to come over and walk around the outside and inside of your home and let them tell you the negative things they see and return the favour to them, be prepared you may fall out over it. Sometimes we cannot see the woods for the trees and overlook many things. I remember Sallie came over a few years ago and Michael had asked her to point out any negative parts of our home, oh my what a mistake that was, she found loads of potential Feng Shui no no’s, it was good though because we did not see them in the same way and without her telling us we would have carried on with our Feng Shui taboo’s.

7) Check behind the garage, shed or the side of home and get rid of all that junk, you know what I am talking about, the old bike, the broken wheelbarrow, the bits of timber you did not want to throw away, the old BBQ you kept for spares, I only know what you may have because that was me 15 years ago, stored junk is Sha Ch’i negative energy and it causes many problems. Fix broken fence panels, repair cracks in patio and a general hammer and nail tidy up.

8) Pot plants, every year Michael scrapes the top soil of all our pot plants and replaces with fresh soil, it is amazing the difference it makes with all the moss and dead leaves cleared, he lifts all the pots up and pressure cleans underneath, in fact twice a year he pressure cleans all the drives, patios especially on the north side of house and office because this side is very Yin and mossy.

9) Another task Michael does is clean or repaints the front main door; this year is easy for us as we have replaced our main door. It is worth spending a few hours cleaning the door and glass, oiling hinges, polishing brass, fixing broken door furniture etc because the main door is one of the most important areas of the home, it is usually where the main Ch’i enters your home and the quality of Ch’i will be as good as the state of repair to the door. Remember the quality of the Ch’i that enters your home is governed by the quality of your main door and its surroundings.

This also applies to door mats and door frames. Door mats should be kept very clean and make sure no shoes are kept by the door. Did you also know that dirty windows can make you loose 30% daylight (Sheng Ch’i) in a home?

Honestly you must believe me when I say these are essential tips for good Feng Shui, it is not just about placing 3 legged Toads and Buddha’s, you need to take a good look around the home inside and out.

10) Make sure you remove all dead plants and trees, this is probably one of the worst Sha Ch’i you can find around any home and will cause many problems.

11) Try and encourage wild life into your garden, we use simple bird feeders and it is amazing the amount of Yang energy (Sheng Ch’i) they create. Again not the sort of thing you read in a Feng Shui book but vital for overall balance.

12) When you have completed these jobs you should check to make sure all is set up inside your home for the year. You should have a Pi Yao in the northeast facing southwest, six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon placed in the centre of the home and also southwest, check to see if your salt water cure needs replacing (more on this below), you should have a crystal or ceramic items in the northeast, for further details of the 2004 cures and enhancers follow this link flyingstars2004

Next month I will be doing a similar section for inside the home, these are all tips that I use for our home and business and are extremely powerful and often overlooked. Do you know what I love about writing these newsletters? It reminds me of what I should be doing, since writing this newsletter I have given Michael 2 extra jobs to do and created 1 for myself (just washed my doormats)

*** Salt water cure update for 2004 (A question from a reader, one of thousands received)

Q: I set up my salt water cure as your instructions on February 4th 2004 and have noticed I have got a large build up of crystals around the rim to the point of them falling off because they are too heavy, is this OK? They actually look like an iceberg especially the way part of the crystal falls away at times. By the way since installing it my life has improved considerably. Thank you.

A: We have received hundreds of similar emails and even received pictures of the salt cures, I must admit I have never seen such an amazing display, I actually think they look like a piece of art and am always fascinated by their beauty.

The good news is you know they are working hard when the crystal build up is large, I have to admit I renewed ours last week because the build-up was so large, after 20 years using this little know cure this is the first time I have ever had to do this and the reason why is because we have double the amount of negative energy in the centre of a building and also the southwest this year (negative areas), so this is why the salt water cures are working so hard.

If you think the build up of crystals is very high this year, I would also recommend you change yours as a salt water cure is like having a bees nest inside your home, once it is disturbed it can sting you, so better safe than sorry.

Make sure you dispose of yours correctly, get a margarine tub or similar and place the entire contents of the glass, salt and coins in it and throw straight into an outside bin, it is not worth trying to recycle them as the negative energy is very high. Only replace them if the build up of crystals is higher than ½ inch around the rim of glass.

In my opinion the salt water cure is the most powerful way of curing negative energy along with the six Chinese coins tied in a row with red ribbon and the Wu Lou and this year you would place them in the southwest and also the centre of the home or office, although the centre is very hard to place as it is an awkward place in most homes. For details on the salt water cure visit this link flyingstars2004

*** “If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.” -Chinese Proverb ***

*** Questions and answers received last month.

Q: I have read many books on Feng Shui over the years and never seem to get any good results, I have 5 wind chimes in different parts of the home, 3 water features and heaps of indoor plants, what am I doing wrong?

A: This is probably one of the most popular mistakes people make. Wind Chimes are lovely but you must be very careful with their use, in our home we only have one in the southwest and centre (as the 2004 cures kit) they are a very powerful metal cure if they are made of metal rods and if they have six rods they are even stronger because the Trigram for six is Chi’en and this a metal element.

A good example is this year, we have a good #8 star (wealth) in the northeast of your home or office and if you place a metal wind chime here, your finances would not be good, why? Metal weakens earth, imagine a metal spade digging away at the earth, it would never control the earth but it would weaken it, so by having a wind chime here you are slowly digging away at your finances. So the best element to use in this area would be fire as fire strengthens earth and this would have a positive effect on your finances. A popular mistake many Practitioners make is they try and control bad stars, in this instance most would think to control the bad earth you would place wood here as wood controls earth (imagine the roots from a tree (wood) breaking up the earth), you should never try and control bad stars as it causes conflict and makes matters worse, so having too many pot plants in the northeast this year can also cause money problems.

Water features are probably one of the most powerful cures you can use, however 3 fountains in a home is generally excessive especially if you have not been consulted they would require very careful placement by a qualified Practitioner, why? Water weakens metal; it controls fire and dissipates earth.

As a general rule you should not place water in the east this year because there is an annual 3 star (wood) residing here and because the east is associated with wood which is already assisting the bad star 3 if you placed a water feature or aquarium here it would strengthen the 3 wood (water feeds wood) and cause arguments, gossip, legal conflicts and even robbery. If you have been suffering with some of theses problems you should look at our 2004 cures kit or alternatively place some red items (fire) here to weaken the 3 wood. If you have had a consultation though, your Practitioner may recommend not having fire here as the permanent stars may conflict with it.

A safe place for water indoors this year is in the south-east as we have a 4 wood residing there which is associated with romance, creativity and writing so the water will feed the 4 wood which is good for career and romance. Also a good area to place mandarin Ducks this year.

As you can see from the above you can overdo it with certain elements especially wind chimes and water features, also burning candles can be dangerous. If you have noticed you or someone in your family has been getting recurrent sore throats, chest problems, blotches on your skin, legal problems or just bad luck you should follow this link for more details: bad_stars

Q: Thank you so much for the advice last month, Belinda my youngest had been suffering from a sore throat nearly all year and within one week of placing the salt water cure and Wu Lou in her southwest bedroom she has no problems at all, thank you, thank you, thank you. Actually the energy in the whole house changed within days of placing the salt water cure.

A: I am so glad you got the results you needed, just goes to show that Feng Shui doesn’t have to cost a fortune, two relatively cheap cures and also ones you can find alternatives if you cannot afford it, just place lots of metal in the southwest and also the centre of your home this year, this will weaken the bad earth stars present here. If you can, try and get round shaped metal objects as round is a metal shape.

Q: Amazed and will never doubt the power of feng shui, I followed your guidance and placed some red items and also left a light on in the northeast and moved our order book, our orders have tripled within weeks and some good long term contracts have come our way out of the blue, thank you Michael. PS I also placed my three legged toad in the NE facing my best direction, we have now promoted the toad to finance Director.

A: Great news and thanks for letting me know, you should also try and activate the NE this year with noise and open windows and doors, in an office or home it is good to have a TV or music centre in the NE part of the home or even the NE of a room itself. Avoid placing metal in the NE this year though and make sure the Toad is red in colour. Do not under any circumstances have a paper shredding machine here as although it can provide activity it will destroy finance for a home or business within no time.

*** “Why can’t life’s problems hit us when we’re eighteen and know everything” ***

*** Feng Shui Course Update ***

Our next foundation course is 24-25 & 26th of September. We have students attending from the all over the world from complete novice to hardened Feng Shui Practitioners. You are guaranteed to not only learn something new but authentic Feng Shui whatever your experience, we have many secrets to disclose on this exciting and unique 3-day course.

Within three days you will have been given significantly more knowledge and undisclosed secrets than 80% of practising Feng Shui practitioners use with their clients. A bold statement to make, but a true fact that many practitioners charging hundreds of pounds have little knowledge of traditional & authentic Feng Shui. Our unique three-day foundation course has been designed to give you more knowledge with less technical work enabling you to achieve a higher learning curve within a very short time.

Follow this link for more details fengshuischool or email Sallie on sallie@fengshuiweb.co.uk and Sallie will send you details.

*** Winners of the May/June crystal cluster draw. ==================================================

The lucky winners below have won a beautiful hand crafted crystal cluster each designed exclusively for our shop. They are made from 18 individual pieces of Swarovski and genuine Quartz crystal and are worth £28.75 ($50.00) each and will be posted at no charge to the four lucky winners. crystalclusters

The winners this (May/June) month are:

Vincent Nguyen (Sweden)
Louise Eagle (UK)
Rouillon Thierry (France)
Sandra Mitchell (UK)

If you follow this link you can enter at no charge, all you have to do is answer one easy question competition

*** Site update and new developments.

Mainly new resource along with the normal monthly updates. We are keen to build links with other websites to share our valuable resource, if you own a website we would be truly grateful and honoured if you could place a link to www.fengshuiweb.co.uk and maybe drop us a line to let us know.

Warm wishes and may the sun bring you new energies by day, may the moon softly restore you by night, may the rain wash away any worries you may have and may the wind bring you eternal good fortunes. Have a lovely June.



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If you would like details on a consultation in Spain, France, Italy or many other parts of Europe please visit Sallies page fengshuieurope.htm

*** Feng Shui Courses***
For details of our 3-day courses in traditional Feng Shui please email school@fengshuiweb.co.uk

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