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Software Testimonials

Feng Shui software that gets results!

Feng Shui Software Testimonials

Introducing the brand new Academy of Feng Shui software version 3.0, the best Feng Shui software just got so much better with over 60 new, and many more updated and improved features. Users of version 2.2 and below will not recognise the design, features and so much more. It really has had a major overhaul and is now so much easier, much more interactive and so much more intuitive to the user. The new features, updates and improvements are endless and are a perfect introduction for the year of the Yang Tiger in 2010.

Many of you will know how passionate we are about our Feng Shui software; with over six years in development, 53 combined years of Feng Shui experience and over a year of beta testing with very well known Feng Shui Master’s, Practitioners and students from all over the world.

“Never before has such powerful software been available to the public or Feng Shui professionals. So many specialised secrets, cures & enhancers revealed for the first time, now you can accurately do your own Feng Shui audit on as many properties as you like.”

Don’t just take our word though, copied below are a tiny selection of comments from people who have used our Feng Shui software not only as novice enthusiasts but professional and famous Masters and practitioners from all over the world who use it every day on their Feng Shui consultations.

Hi Michael,

Firstly thank you so much for your patience and support over the telephone, you have been very kind.

I also wanted to say WOW!!!!! I have been playing with the professional Feng Shui software all weekend. I had to be prised away in the end. It’s just addictive. I bought the software imagining I would need to have a level of knowledge to be able to understand the programmes.

Quite the opposite; the fantastic help CD Video aspect was so clear even I couldn’t go wrong. I have managed to work out all aspects of feng shui for each member of my family, realise my husband and I have both been sleeping in the wrong directions and that my study layout is not auspicious in any way. I have read book after book but what I learnt in just a few hours from the software is beyond the knowledge and often confusion I felt from the books.

My interest in Feng Shui had waned after receiving several inauspicious pieces of guidance from Feng Shui practitioners who claimed to know what I needed. As a result I had lost all motivation in my work, money came but leaked out easily and relationships within the home were becoming distant. It only took a few clicks on the software to understand exactly why all these things were happening. I have now began the process of implementing the changes and will keep you informed of my progress.

I would recommend this software to everyone whatever their level. Its reasonably priced, effective, very easy to use and fantastic fun.

Warmest Wishes

Sabi (Sweden)

A little background first if I may. I have used Feng shui for 7 years and have had three Feng shui practitioners consult at my home and businesses and one of them is very well know in the UK and charges an absolute fortune and we got no results and with the well known one our circumstances actually got worse after she did the consultation and she even refused to talk to us after.

I have had your Feng Shui professional version for five weeks and the results I have had on my home, my business and two of my closest friends homes have been miraculous, we all noticed and felt the difference within a fairly short time. We paid a fraction of the cost of a consultation and got far better results and what is so nice we have been able to share it with other although I know for a fact they have both bought copies from you already. Thanks so much for this beautiful piece if software that has brought happiness into our life.

Vanessa Sweetman (Swindon, UK)

I was a complete sceptic of Feng Shui let alone buying an expensive piece of software that was going to do a complete Feng Shui consultation for my home, but having a controlling wife (she is an earth rat which I am told explains a lot) and one that wears the trousers I reluctantly ordered your software and glad to report that all sceptics should keep an open mind as I am now converted, not sure how you have done it with the software, it is unbelievably easy to use and within a few hours we had everything in place, I was eating, drinking, talking, driving and sleeping in my best direction (an over exaggeration but not far off), can’t believe I am saying this but thank you so much, our home feels so much better and our health and finances have improved so much in such a short time. Thank you and I have just order the upgrade to the Master version and looking forward to using that.


Simon Vermount (USA)

PS A little request if I can please, on the next update of software, can you please consider moving the red and white text colour together on the floor planer section part, I have to keep scrolling down to change colour, sorry to be picky.

Within a few hours of installing the software we had created a full written consultation on our home and also our business, I cannot believe the software created the amazing reports in the click of a button, I have wasted so much time reading books over many years and getting very confused with them, this software does everything from choosing colours for each room, where to place all your cures and enhancers, which colours and elements that are good for you as an individual, correct measurement of furniture, best directions for us to face and sleep in, the list is endless and to make things even better our circumstances have improved dramatically since placing the cures. Please pass on our thanks to Michael and his team; it must have taken them ages to develop this software.

Best wishes and huge hugs.

Michelle Owen (UK)

PS We won £73.00 using the lucky numbers section on the software, so now looking forward doing the lottery this weekend.

Hi! Michael,

We’re able to upload our floor plan and applied to the software….it makes such a big difference. We deactivated the water fountain in South…we followed the analysis and put some remedies…it feels good. My husband and I can now get a regular and monthly analysis of our home with the software, our health and a little wealth has improved ….you’re Genius!

I need a bigger compass and will definitely get it from your store.

Again, thanks so much for your generous help….God bless you always.


Juliana (Australia)

Your Feng Shui software is the best there is and I have tried them all. I have studied Feng Shui for 22 years and have professionally practised for nine years and your software is by far the best and what is amazing is that if you have zero experience in FS or fifty years the software will benefit you especially the Master version if you run a FS practise as it lets you customize reports and the software. I must admit I spent a lot of time researching your software before buying as I had wasted so much money in the past on other FS software but now I am so glad I made the purchase as equal to my compasses your software is invaluable in my Feng Shui business and also my life. I have now also invested in your Tong Shu almanac software although I have only just installed it so cannot comment it much at this stage but it looks amazing.

Richard (Feng Shui Practitioner USA)

Hi Michael,

Just a quick note to say your software is quite incredible and you deserve many pats on the back for bringing an essential tool to the feng shui world, thanks and looking forward to any new updates.

Debra (Canada)


What on earth did I use to do before I had your software, why did it take me so long to discover you, I received the professional version Friday and by Saturday lunchtime I had applied all my cures and enhancers and within two weeks we could feel the difference in the home, it was incredible and actually so easy to use and apply the simple yet effective cures. Thank you so so so so much, words cannot describe how happy we are.

We have not won the lottery yet and I cannot really say any miracles have happened yet but believe me we feel so alive and happy in our wealth, heath and relationships, it is actually quite a strange feeling of utter contentment and as for my partner Stuart he was a cynic but now uses the software for his mum and dad’s home in Noosa. I have just ordered your new Tong shui software and so excited to receive it.

Warmest wishes to you all

Samantha (Australia)

I love the fact that you have all the auspicious measurements (feng shui ruler) built into the software, I paid $63.00 USD for a metal Feng Shui tape measure on a Malaysian website and now realise you have it built into the software with no restrictions on sizes, I wish you had published that more on your sales page as it is such a big feature and I could have saved $63 but no worries.

I love your software, I have both versions, I am also a very term fan of your website from back in the days when you used to email us every moth with tips and advice, please bring back your monthly newsletter, it was the best.

Kind regards

Peter (USA)

Can you believe it, I have had your software for two years and only just discovered you can select auspicious personalized lottery numbers and print out a ticket, I am constantly amazed at the power of this software, I think I will go and buy a lottery ticket this weekend.

I also just discovered a few months ago you can import your own photographs into the software and then write on them to explain where to place cures and enhancers, this really is a big bonus and surprised you do not make a bigger feature of this on your sales page. I assume you know this already Jo?

Thanks all.


Sarah (South Africa)


My name is Julie and I love every aspect of your web site. I so appreciate the way you both cover everything, and make so much information available to the public!

I also have your master edition software program and was just wondering if there are updates or are there any needed? I don’t want to miss out on anything!

I could tell the difference in our family and our home from the moment I CORRECTLY started applying the Feng Shui guidelines you provide in the software.

You have done wonderful things for many people, and I just wanted to make sure I said THANK YOU!


Julie M

The floor planer section is a work of art and with a little practise you can build a very detailed plan and superimpose your compass directions over the home and within seconds find out where you should place cures like water features, plants etc and what I love most it is not all about placing Buddha’s and Toads in the advice, they are practical cures that would suit ant home.

On a negative side I wish you would make it so I could use it on my Apple Mac laptop, I had to buy a Windows XP/Visa computer to install it. Please don’t take that the wrong way as I know there are not many of us Mac users out there to justify the expense for you although my friend has just informed that he managed to load your software onto his Mac with a software program called Bootcamp which makes a Windows drive apparently. I have to say it was worth every penny though and that includes buying a Windows Based laptop to install it.

Michael (UK)

Hi Michael,

I have been following the monthly almanac for a few years now. It is a pleasure to discover your website a few months ago and I have bought your Feng shui software (pro version) two weeks ago and received the package last week. It is such an easy software to use and learn from.


Jonathan (Malaysia)

On another matter, I bought the Tong Shu software last year and found it to be of great assistance and would like to congratulate you and Michael for all of your input and the help you bring to all of us.

Kind regards,

Christine (USA)

Your Feng Shui software is the best I have ever seen and I am a highly Qualified Feng Shui consultant with over 15 years experience and have seen all the software and books on the market, great job and the reason I mention books as the software bypasses reading many books with the amount of information contained.

Peter (Canada)

The beginning of 2004 I had a dream. What if I could find a Feng Shui computer software programme that was accurate, ethical and did the following?

1.Draw up professional floor plans and then superimpose the eight directions along with the natal chart showing star combinations along with compass directions.

2.Show client Chinese animal details along with best times of day, most auspicious directions and also who they are compatible with and not and what to do about it

3.Analysis each sector at a glance and add my own findings to store in the database (Masters Version).

4.Store client database information and also other members of family or employees

5.See at a glance where wealth, health and relationship areas are within a home or office.

6.Personal and house/office Trigram details showing auspicious and inauspicious directions and how to enhance along with best colours and elements etc.

Well my dream came true November 2004 when I started using the software by Michael Hanna. This has got to be every Feng Shui consultants dream come true. If you are a serious Consultant with a heart felt desire to genuinely help others, BUY IT.

Feng Shui – Dynamics, Lincolnshire

This software is the best I have ever seen, not only can you carry out your own full analysis on your home you also learn from the software. The vast information is incredible and a credit to you Michael, well done. By the end of the first day using the software I felt not only had a cleared up many misconceptions but I also felt I had read about twenty books and they all finally fell into place. Not only that but it works, since doing my consultation on the software and implementing the suggested cures and enhancers things have been going great.

Cynthia Patterson (USA)

The most astounding intuitive and truly wonderful piece of software and I am not surprised many practitioners did not want you to release it, unlike other software and books it tells you the truth and not full of gimmicky rubbish, this really is one powerful piece of kit, the only concern I would have is if it fell into the wrong hands and people may try and start a feng shui business up on the back of it because the generated written reports are very professional. You are selling it too cheap in my opinion, this should cost thousands.

David (Singapore)

I have been learning Feng Shui for nearly 12 years and never before have been able to grasp the flying star part, your software has enabled me to learn how to use the charts over the floor plan and I now know where each sector is located. It is so clever, quite frankly I am amazed. Thank you, your software is incredible, I love it and so easy to understand and use.

Kathy (USA)

PS I also found out that I am not a Ken Trigram but a Chien with your software, can you believe I got it wrong for 12 years, says it all really.

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