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This software is now available as a download version and will be downloadable as soon as the order is placed

Updated for the year of the Yin Water Rabbit 2023

Would you like to perform Your Own Professional Feng Shui Consultation and print out over 70 pages of personalised reports and charts?

This Feng Shui software is not designed for Apple machines although we have many clients using this software on the Apple machine with a windows emulator although we cannot offer support on this.  

“Never before has such powerful software been available to the public or Feng Shui professionals. So many specialised secrets, cures & enhancers revealed for the first time, now you can accurately do your own Feng Shui audit on as many properties as you like.”

2 years or 2 minutes - which one would you prefer?

Imagine being able with a click of a button, 100% accuracy, and total peace of mind…

…With full detailed instructions on how to activate …

  • All your different wealth areas (could be up 4)
  • Find and activate your relationship areas (could be 2-3)
  • Find and activate wish/manifestation areas
  • Enhance business
  • Activate, cure and enhance career
  • Activate, cure and enhance health areas
  • Activate literature formations and academic stars for children and adults
  • Activate a peach blossom for romance
  • Your most auspicious direction to work, sleep, meditate etc
  • How to use Feng Shui in your home, office and garden
  • Activate secondary wealth areas
  • Create floor plans
  • Talk to other users of the software in a private forum and receive news feeds from us
  • Activate special combinations like “pearl string”, “combination of ten”, “cascading wind”, “parent string”, eleven in total
  • Most auspicious colours and elements
  • Best times of day for you
  • Most auspicious dates for you personally
  • Relationship compatibility
  • Activate fame and reputation
  • Select lucky numbers
  • Display natal charts and solutions to cure and enhance fixed, annual and monthly flying stars
  • Over 70 pages of printed reports and charts for you personally or anyone else.

This is just a small part of what the software will do for you…

I have been a Feng Shui Practitioner for 19 years and in all that time I have never seen or used Feng Shui software such as yours, I have had every piece of feng shui software you can think off from every corner of the world and yours is by far the most powerful and also flexible which I love as my company details are easily imported and from a business point of view it makes my company even more credible. Well done not just for the software but for all that you have done for Feng Shui, I am a great follower of you. KD, Canada

Introducing the brand new Academy of Feng Shui software version 3.0, the best Feng Shui software just got so much better with over 60 new, and many more updated and improved features. Users of version 2.2 and below will not recognise the design, features and so much more. It really has had a major overhaul and is now so much easier, much more interactive and so much more intuitive to the user.

Many of you will know how passionate we are about our Feng Shui software; with over six years in development, 53 combined years of Feng Shui experience and over a year of beta testing with very well known Feng Shui Master’s, Practitioners and students from all over the world.

We have built the most powerful Feng Shui software available anywhere in the world. Over the last six years, this software has been used by thousands of Feng Shui Master’s, Practitioners, students and thousands of enthusiasts from over 118 different countries throughout the world and has become the industry standard in the Feng Shui world. This software is the closest you can get to having a professional Feng Shui Practitioner come to your home or office.

The Master and business Feng Shui software versions will be one of the best investments you will ever make for anyone who has a Feng Shui business or is a student of Feng Shui or anyone who wants to further their knowledge of this complex art. This software actually grows in size every time you add your own resource data with your own learning and clients. You can now enter your personal details like DOB, compass reading etc with all versions, it will then generate and print over 70 pages of reports and charts personalised to you or anyone else for any building, facing any direction, born in any year and living in any country throughout the world.

The best just got even better! We have updated every area of the software with over 60 new and exciting features with many more improved features as seen in previous versions. This is by far the best Feng Shui software we have ever developed.

This powerful software can help you improve:

  • Wealth, business and career.
  • Relationship and romance.
  • Health and well-being.
  • Family & business relationships.
  • Fame and reputation.
  • Self-confidence.
  • State of mind.
  • Better lifestyle
  • Personal ambitions.
  • Prevention of unseen obstacles.
  • Children’s development, academic performance and confidence.
  • Relations with your neighbours.
  • Pet’s welfare.
  • Organisation
  • Motivation
  • Procrastination

Instantly find your wealth, health, career, peach blossom, lucky directions, auspicious numbers, compatible partner, auspicious colours, relationship areas, good and bad days that can be instantly viewed on the Feng Shui diary and so much more. This is not black hat Feng Shui or any other gimmicky method; this is REAL Feng Shui that gets RESULTS.

A small sample of screenshots of the software
Click the images for further information and screenshots.

software screen shot

The Daily Planner page as seen above can help you plan so much in your life from selecting a certain day to making a big decision or day to avoid; auspicious times, elements, colours, directions, 15-degree sectors or numbers. This section of the software is extremely valuable and we all personally use it on a daily basis in our business and home life.

In this section of the software, you will have instant information such as:

  • Good and bad days for every Chinese animal.
  • Yearly, month, day and hourly four pillars
  • Annual Chinese animal
  • Your personal Chinese animal
  • Your personal Auspicious times for any selected date
  • Your personal Lucky numbers
  • Conflict direction for the day
  • Season (for northern and southern hemisphere)
  • Full diary to plan good and bad days, instantly seeing if it is a good or bad day for you.
  • Switch between graphic and diary view
  • Protection talismans
  • Your fortunate directions
  • A printable version of all aspects of the daily planner

New version 3.5 screenshot below with so many more new features

software screen shot

At the click of a button, you can instantly chart your own Xuan Kong flying star chart. Not only that but with the click of another button you can have a detailed analysis and more importantly, comprehensive and improved instructions on how to cure and enhance, countermeasure or enhance certain parts of the home or office. This is just a small part. There are many layers to this software and the most valuable addition to version 3.0 over previous versions in the flying star section is the fact that it has now got eleven new special combinations and formations like pearl string, locked prominent stars, menacing formations, fire burning heaven gate, inverse and hidden siren just to name a few.

Never before, has such software been available to the public; over the last six years, we have been put under considerable pressure not to release this software by many Feng Shui professionals, as they are concerned that it will take work away from them.

The experienced Master or Practitioner will not be concerned as no piece of software will ever replace a Feng Shui Master or Practitioner, although this software will allow you to analyse your own home or office at a fraction of the cost of what a true Feng Shui professional would charge.

“The end result of this software is 53 combined years of Feng Shui knowledge all wrapped up into a software program for traditional and authentic Feng Shui that gets results”

Most books or resources written on Feng Shui and Xuan Kong flying stars is for any time period and many people get confused with which are useable stars in period 8 (the year 2004 – 2024). This software is written for the next twenty-year period 8 cycle (2004 – 2024) so it will not cause any confusion and you will instantly know which are the good and bad areas of your home and more crucially, what you can do to reduce their effects and enhance the good areas.

This is not just a pretty looking gimmicky piece of software; it is a daily working piece of software that Feng Shui enthusiasts, Practitioners and students can use all over the world on a day to day basis for their Feng Shui consultancy business or daily life. You will not find anything as powerful anywhere in the world.

This software is for all homes or offices built in any year, facing any direction and any part of the world and is applicable up until the year 2024 (period 8)


This software is the best I have ever seen (believe me I have seen and used them all), not only can you carry out your own full analysis on your home you also learn from the software. The vast information is incredible and a credit to you Michael, well done. By the end of the first day using the software I felt not only had I cleared up many misconceptions but I also felt I had read about twenty books and they all finally fell into place. Not only that but it works, since doing my consultation on the software and implementing the suggested cures and enhancers things have been going grand.

Cynthia Patterson


software screenshots click here for more ...

What Feng Shui experience do I need to use this software?

Absolutely none at all! Even if you have 30 years of experience you will find this not only provides valuable and little-known information but it is also a piece of software that you can use to run a Feng Shui consultancy business personalised with your own company details when you purchase the business version. This software is not just used by the Feng Shui enthusiast; we have hundreds of Feng Shui Masters, Feng Shui teachers, practitioners, architects, interior designers, builders, landscape gardeners, web designers, life coaches, alternative therapists, reiki healers etc… We have supplied this software to hundreds of different types of businesses in every corner of the world; it is a valuable addition to many types of business.

We have included extensive amounts of advice for cures and enhancers on every aspect of Feng Shui. The good news is you can add your own analysis and experiences in the Master and Business versions. If you have devised an alternative way of dealing with a certain combination you can edit the database and save it. Imagine building a database of your own years of experience along with our 53 combined years.

“You could, without doubt, spend many years learning some of the methods used and revealed in this software and a lifetime discovering some of the more secretive methods contained within the software that is normally only available to the rich and privileged at a very high cost.”

Professional version:

These are just a few of the features; if you follow the link at the bottom, you will find many screenshots of the software and further features.

  • Calculates, displays and prints all Xuan Kong, (Flying Stars) 24-Mountains information according to the property’s direction and year of construction for every building in the whole world regardless of which hemisphere you are living in. (Improved & updated)
  • Xuan Kong Flying Star analysis with cures and enhancers advice(Improved & updated)
  • Peach blossom advanced formula for romance and career and so much more… (New feature)
  • Over 70 pages of printed reports on all Feng Shui information for you, your family, friends or clients. if you buy the business version you can even add your own name, company details, address, website etc along with a colour logo and with the master & business version these reports could grow to hundreds of pages personalised to you or your client(Improved & updated)
  • Peach blossom advanced calculator for romance and career with the ability to add to your diary system (New feature)
  • Advanced Chinese animal analysis for your personal earthly branch giving a much more accurate and superior analysis. (New feature)
  • Location of Annual afflictions. Three killings, Tai Sui, Sui Po, & 5 yellow(Improved & updated)
  • The ability to enter compass readings in reverse and also in mills readings thus ensuring even greater accuracy. (New feature)
  • Traditional and authentic advice for enhancing wealth, business, health, relationships, romance and every aspect of you or your life at home and at your business (Improved & updated)
  • Daily planner page giving lots of information at a glance (New feature)
  • Chinese animal Almanac. As you may know, date selection is extremely important in Feng Shui and also to the Chinese. This is why we introduced a small but powerful Almanac in this daily planner section of the software showing personal big consumer days, year, month & daily breakers along with three sha days, big disaster days and also your Chinese animal breakers days. (New feature)
  • Min Gua calculator. Associated elements to each flying star and direction at a glance
  • Special formations and combinations, including pearl string, cascading wind formation, combination of ten, yin spirit formation, parent string, inverse and hidden siren, literature formation, bull fight sha, menacing formation etc (New feature)
  • You will not have to spend hours calculating your natal charts or Gua details, as this is all automatic and best of all, 100% accuracy.
  • Calculates, displays and prints all Xuan Kong, (Flying Stars) 24-Mountains information according to the property’s direction and year of construction. (Improved & updated)
  • Calculates displays and prints all Min Gua details. (Improved & updated)
  • All 81 flying star combinations are given with advice for cures and/or enhancers. (Improved & updated)
  • Five elements extensive advice and examples (Improved & updated)
  • Auspicious Feng Shui measurements (Improved & updated)
  • Back-up and restore functions
  • Your Min Gua good and bad directions for wealth, business, career, relationships & health. (Improved & updated)
  • Lists 24 mountains with a full Chinese name and an easy reference name like north 1, southeast 2 etc.
  • Chinese ruler with preloaded auspicious items around your home or office. We have added different objects to the Chinese ruler that you would find around your home or business that all contain very auspicious measurements; these range from beds, wardrobes, doors and right down to a pen. (Improved & updated)
  • Enhancing personal colours for you and your home/office
  • Personal vulnerabilities
  • Copy & paste floor plans, charts, images and analysis into any MS Office or similar document or attach to emails
  • Interact with Microsoft Outlook through the diary system (New feature)
  • Save floor plans as .BMP, .JPG file or attach/paste to emails (Improved & updated)
  • Import your own images such as scanned floor plans etc. allowing you to superimpose the eight directions over your floor plan along with the flying star chart. (It will now resize automatically with a few other improvements)
  • Extensive, improved and extremely interactive help files at a glance for every section of the software. (New feature)
  • House Trigram, element and 24-mountain calculator.
  • 12 Chinese animal calculator
  • Marriage/relationship compatibility calculator (Improved & updated)
  • Earthly branch calculator
  • Floor plan designer with a choice of imperial and metric for internal and external wall inserts. (Improved & updated)
  • Chinese animal you are in affinity with
  • In-depth information of partner compatibility for the earthly branch, very advanced (Improved & updated)
  • Superimpose all 45 degrees compass points over any floor plan
  • The daily four pillars (annual, monthly, day and hour pillars) (New feature)
  • Import your own images into your wish and goal planner. (New feature)
  • A handy conversion section for converting temperatures, distance, weight and time keeping it in tradition with a normal western diary and Tong Shu. (New feature)
  • Thought for the day, quips and quotes. (New feature)
  • Notes section to add personal or Feng Shui related notes. (New feature)
  • Reminders for appointments and goal planning that interacts with the diary system (New feature)
  • Your personal auspicious lucky Sheng Chi numbers used in lottery and gambling
  • Your very own personal life planner in which you set your goals and also use associated images making a powerful wish list combined with date selection this can be a very powerful method. This part of the software contains a powerful and ancient secret, complex arithmetical code that is little known in our western world. This is your very own computerised dream board. (New feature)
  • A powerful diary and appointment system showing if this day at a glance is good or not for you personally. (New feature)
  • Your best times of day
  • Chinese new year (solar calendar, accurate to the minute (aka Ten thousand-year-old calendar) compatible from 1923 up to 2023
  • Prosperity planner is a section of the software where you can design and print a personalised cheque to manifest into your life, this is a lovely feature (New feature)
  • Now with full-screen mode (New feature)
  • More advanced print options (New feature)
  • Tell a friend feature (New feature)
  • Data statistics (New feature)
  • Feedback form feature (New feature)
  • Your lucky directions (15-degree sector) according to your Chinese animal
  • Suitable careers
  • Suitable protection/Talismans according to your Chinese animal
  • Placement of water for wealth.
  • Cures for the fixed, annual and monthly #5 yellow & #2 black sickness and bad luck stars
  • Suitable careers
  • Chinese animal personality overview
  • Quick select client detail drop-down menu
  • Wealth, business, relationship, health, romance, career, children and overall harmony advice on each sector of the home or office.
  • Northern and southern hemisphere configurable (New feature)
  • Conflict compass directions for the day (New feature)
  • Interactive, traditional but simplified Luo Pan chart display option on the flying stars section for advanced compass readings (New feature)
  • Compass booklet showing how to take compass readings
  • Automatically restore all clients details, notes and data from version 2.0, 2.1 or 2.2 (New feature)
  • Powerful mind game, believe me, it is really good and will amaze you. (New feature)
  • Instantly activate the software (New feature)
  • Extremely fast and accurate.
  • An amazing learning tool.
  • Over 1500 hours of development to build the software with over 2.2 million lines of software code.
  • Over 4500 hours of Feng Shui development into resource and formula and 53 years of combined experience have gone into this software.
  • There are many more new, improved and updated features…

“Countless resource and many years of learning combined into one piece of very powerful Feng Shui software”

The most important part of this software is it does not just give you information it shows you what to do and how to either enhance or cure certain parts of the home or office, never before has this information been available in software, in books yes, but these books can be very confusing and cause many problems through lack of understanding.

software testimonials click here for more...

Why have we put this software together?

We run one of the oldest and most established and extremely successful Feng Shui consultancy business in the world and are constantly booked several months ahead, we also run an International school of Feng Shui and teach other Practitioners from all over the world.

Our resident Feng Shui Master, teacher, author, mentor and researcher Michael Hanna is one of the most sought-after Master Practitioners in the world and has helped thousands of people from all over the world transform their lives for the better (read what some of our clients have to say)

A true measure of our success and knowledge is the fact that we are consultants and teachers to other Feng Shui consultants from every corner of the world. As well as busy Practitioners we also founded and run the world famous International Academy of Feng Shui, attracting students and Feng Shui Practitioners from all over the globe including the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Thailand, Iceland, Spain, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, India, and China, to name but a few.

Over the years, we have built an enviable client base ranging from Princess’s, Ladies and Lords, Sir’s, Count and Countess’s, Doctors, lawyers, many very famous clients and companies which I know you would have all heard off. We have consulted on Manor houses, Mansions, flats, apartments, studio’s, mobile homes, homes in UK, USA, Canada, Thailand, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, Belgium, France, Bosnia, China, Hawaii, Sweden, Holland, Greece, Dubai, Switzerland, Austria, Malaysia, blue-chip companies employing thousands of staff, small and large restaurants, hospitals, pubs, playschools, jewellers, schools, hairdressers, financial houses, brokers and even a fish & chip shop. You name the type of business we have probably done it.

We are also advisors, teachers, mentors and consultants to many Feng Shui Practitioners all over the world.

This software offers the next best thing to having a
Master Feng Shui Practitioner visit your home.

So why did we put this software together? The original version was written by an exceptionally talented person (also one of the nicest people you will ever meet and someone who has become a very good friend of our family) called Justin Byrom BSc of Ocelot Solutions Ltd for Michael to use on a day to day basis for his Feng Shui consultancy and then evolved for his students, so eventually they decided to build a version for the general public and other Feng Shui Practitioners.

Since meeting Justin we have developed six separate pieces of the most amazing software including one that we even use in the Feng Shui store to process all orders.

Not everyone can afford a traditional professional Master Practitioner to visit their home or office, this software is the next best alternative. Justin, Michael, Daniel, Josephine and the International Academy of Feng Shui continue to expand the software.

100% accuracy on all calculations, imagine never worrying if you have calculated your flying star chart or Min Gua etc, this software not only offers 100% accuracy it offers practical advice on how to obtain better Feng Shui for your home or office.

Just a few sample screenshots (click on the images for further screenshots)

Peach blossom and Chinese animal section This is a new addition and I actually really love this section, packed full of information on ways to activate peach blossom which is often misunderstood and when loosely translated, it is referred to as ‘romance’ or ‘the good things in life’. If used correctly, it can help bring romance and can even be used to activate and strengthen career prospects, either way, you follow the instructions in the same way. Using this little-known Feng Shui technique can help attract new romance with people in your life. This enhancer will open some doors but you have to choose which one to walk through. It is also very powerful when using this formula for mending bridges with your partner, family, friends, neighbours etc. Once you enter your birth details at the click of a button the software will calculate where and how to activate peach blossom and not only that it will automatically calculate the date and time to place the enhancer and then it will automatically add the event into the diary system. This is just a tiny part of what it will do, here are a few more…

  • Peach blossom advanced formula for romance and career and so much more…
  • Peach blossom advanced calculator for romance and career with the ability to add to your diary system
  • Advanced Chinese animal analysis for your personal earthly branch giving a much more accurate and superior analysis.
  • Extensive, improved and extremely interactive help files at a glance for every section of the software.
  • Diary system to show your date and time to place enhancer.
  • 12 Chinese animal calculator
  • Marriage/relationship compatibility calculator
  • In-depth information of partner compatibility for the earthly branch, very advanced
  • Earthly branch calculator
  • Chinese new year (solar calendar, accurate to the minute (aka Ten thousand-year-old calendar) compatible from 1923 up to 2023
  • More advanced print options
  • Chinese animal you are in affinity with
  • Suitable careers
  • Chinese animal personality overview
  • Advanced print options

software screen shot

Daily planner

The Daily Planner will help you plan so much in your life from life-changing decisions such as choosing a good day to do a certain task right down finding out which direction to travel in. This really is a valuable part of the software crammed full of valuable information…


  • Select the current date or any time in the future or past with absolutely no limits or restrictions
  • Yearly, month, day and hourly pillar
  • Annual Chinese animal
  • Your personal Chinese animal
  • Your personal Auspicious times for the selected date
  • Your personal Lucky numbers
  • Your lucky 15-degree direction
  • Auspicious colours

This software is not designed for Apple machines although we have many clients using this software on the Apple machine with a windows emulator although we cannot offer support on this.  

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18 reviews for Academy of Feng Shui Software- Professional Version Download

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I’m very interested to get this software, but am wondering whether there will be an upgrade when Period 9 comes our way after 4 Feb 2024? Understood that this software is currently written for Period 8/ is applicable up until the year 2024. Therefore, will this software be upgraded for adjusting to Period 9, or it simply becomes obsolete & another new software will be specifically written for Period 9?

    • :

      Hi Rose,

      The Flying star analysis for the software is valid until the 3rd of February 2024 although the rest of the software will still be usable.

      We will be building a new version this year for period 9 Feng Shui which should hopefully be released at the beginning of next year.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  2. 5 out of 5


    Not everyone owns pc. Please can you do app version.

    I purchased this back in 2013 when I had a need for laptop. I can’t keep laptop just this one program😭

    • :

      Hi Julie,

      I’m afraid that we do not have any plans to do an app version at the moment although I will look into costs etc.

      Kind regards,

  3. 5 out of 5


    This software is the est you will find, so advanced and easy to use. I am surprised they have given so many many secret formulas, i must admit as a Feng Shui expert they have gone far beyond on this software, thank you for sharing and if i can give one tip is to include more drawing features in the floor plan section, like beds, sofas etc, other than that it is perfect.

  4. 4 out of 5


    I am very excited about using this Feng Shui software. However, I use Mac/Apple and interested to know if there is a version of this program created for Mac users?

    • :

      Hi Loraine,

      The software was originally designed to run on Windows PC’s; we have a lot of people who use a Windows emulator such as Parallels without any problems although I’m afraid we cannot offer support on this as we do not use MAC here.

      I hope this helps.

      Kind regards,

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have been playing around a bit with the new software and there is a little bug that bothers me. My “exact” birth time was 5:40:00 am, however when I enter the timing, the software automatically changes it to 5:39:59 am. I understand 1 second will not make the difference in theory, however my Lucky Numbers, my Sheng Shi Numbers and the numbers on my check are all different. Could you please advise me which numbers should have the most significance for me? The ones with the “correct” timing inserted or the adapted timing of the software?

    Also I would like to inform you herewith that your software is operational on a Windows 10 Operating System. In this way you can confirm this if other potential buyers would ask you this question.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.

    • :

      Hi Natacha,

      I have just tried putting your birth time on the software on my laptop and this is happening for me as well although it seems ok on other birth times that I tried.

      I would recommend setting the time manually after you load the client.

      I will pass this on to our software developer to look in to. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, Natacha.

      Kind regards,

  6. 5 out of 5


    I bought both the tong shu software and academy software at the beginning of the year and have just got around to going through the reports for my apartment last month. I made all of the recommended changes and the speed at which the results took place was astounding. I am eternally thankful for this software and will be doing my rented apartment for my tenants soon.

  7. 5 out of 5


    Amazing software. I am completely new to Feng Shui and decided to purchase this software as my local consultants all charge around $3000. After getting my head around taking compass measurements thanks to Daniel, I have been able to do a full report on my whole house and office and things are going really well for me. I already have a list of friends asking me to do their house next!

  8. 5 out of 5


    I originally bought this software in 2011 and recently updated to the newer version with the help of Jo. The updates are fantastic and I am really impressed with the new layout.

    Thank you for all your help Jo and thank you to everyone else for creating such a fantastic software

  9. 5 out of 5


    Fantastic software that is well thought out and very informative for novices to consultants.

  10. 5 out of 5


    I have been using this for the past three years and in that time, I have learnt an enormous amount about Feng Shui and also about my home. I have performed audits on some of my friends homes and they have all gone on to purchase the software for themselves.

  11. 5 out of 5


    An absolute fantastic bit of software. I was a bit hesitant on purchasing the software as I’m not too computer savvy but I’m so glad I did as its so easy to go through!

  12. 5 out of 5


    I recently purchased flying star feng shui books to learn more about how to set up the lo shu square regarding our home. I’m a pretty fast learner, but analysing the numbers and how they work according to our family has been a bit overwhelming. I decided to purchase the Professional Software to see if it would be of help, and I’m glad I did! The calculations are spot on, and the analysis of each sector for the period, annual, and monthly flying stars are just astounding. In fact, I have already implemented many of the remedies and cures suggested and I am already seeing a difference! It has helped me learn concepts even faster! I feel that this software is worth its weight in gold and then some. It is comforting to know that I can look up any date in the future and look up what the flying stars will be for the month and the year and what I should do to prepare. Thank you for providing this valuable software for the public!

  13. 5 out of 5


    I have had every version of your software since it was first released all those years ago and it really does keep getting better and better. I purchased my first version of the software as a Feng Shui enthusiast and after 2 years of using the software for friends and family, I made the jump to the consultant version and have now been running an online business performing detailed Feng Shui audits all thanks to your software. This career move has paid for itself a hundred times over and I am so glad I came aacross your software all those years ago.

  14. 5 out of 5


    I have had every version of your software since it was first released all those years ago and it really does keep getting better and better. I purchased my first version of the software as a Feng Shui enthusiast and after 2 years of using the software for friends and family, I made the jump to the consultant version and have now been running an online business performing detailed Feng Shui audits all thanks to your software. This career move has paid for itself a hundred times over and I am so glad I came aacross your software all those years ago.

  15. 5 out of 5


    Hi, jest to let anyone who is considering buying this software, do not hesitate any longer, i have used this software in my home and business for 6 years and it really is superb, i tried all the others and they do not compare, very good Feng Shui software.

  16. 5 out of 5


    I am a Feng Shui consultant and have used your business version for 3 years,. It really is amazing and i could not be without it although i have come across a few clients who use it and they do not need my service so swings in roundabouts. Seriously though I must congratulate you, well done, it is amazing.

  17. 5 out of 5


    This software is really easy to use and is full of informative, traditional real advice rather than the cheaper versions available on the web. I found this software easy to get started with, especially by using the help files in every section of the software and the how to video.

  18. 5 out of 5


    Thank you for the 2012 cure which not only brings me peace and tranquility in the home, it also brought me some small fortune. Every year I review and adjust my placement according to my Natal Chart and this year is no exception. The Feng Shui software includes many advise that if studied carefully you can do a placement that meets the need for Natal Chart, 8 Mansion and not forgetting Peach Blossom for good trusted friendship (I did it for 2012). 2013 will be another exceptional year building on the foundation of 2012. Thank you Master Michael, Jo and Daniel for your great support and advise especially the Tips and your views of the relevance of Feng Shui for this day and age.

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