Feng Shui Life Hacks For Your Relationship and Home

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Feng Shui Life Hacks for Your Relationship and Home

Step easily into your first home with

these Feng Shui Life Hacks

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It’s a daunting, scary but thrilling time; the universe has united you, your worlds have collided, and now they’re about to collide once again as you prepare to move in together but with our list of Feng Shui life hacks, you will be able to make the most of your situation.

I’m going to assume that at this point you’ve both discussed if you’re ready for the next step. However, before we get to the Feng Shui life hacks, these are three questions that should ideally have a ‘yes’ answer.

  • Have you survived your first big argument?
  • Have you had at least one holiday together?
  • Do you both enjoy and won’t give up, even for the love of your life, a separate, pleasurable personal life?

Click here to read the 13 signs that you are ready for the big commit. 

Ok, I agree this isn’t the sexiest topic on the planet but what about the most critical questions?  Questions like:

  • Are either of you in debt?
  • Should you open a joint bank account for managing household expenses?
  • And this may seem trivial but even deciding beforehand who cleans what in the home will keep the ‘special hugs’ rolling in. Seriously, it makes a massive difference to your love life if you don’t have to ask or remind your partner to take out the bins.

read this article for six crucial questions to ask before moving in together.

So, now let’s say you’ve covered the vital pre-move questions; how do you move forward fearlessly confident that your relationship will last, and this will be a happy ever after?

Well, I don’t need to tell you that there can never be a guarantee about anything in life.  However, and this is what’s so exciting, there is much that you can do that will empower you and your partner to ensure the best possible outcome in all aspects of your life including the love you have for each other.   This is where the Feng Shui life Hacks come in.

I’m not just referring to your life together as a couple but your home, career, social life, finances as well as your health and wellness.

 Feng Shui Life Hacks for your Best Life Ever

By applying some or all Feng Shui life hacks and principles to your home, relationships and lifestyle, you can dramatically increase the chances of being with this gorgeous person for the rest of your life.

‘Thank you for making life extraordinary. Your eyes are still as magic as they were 40 years ago” ~ Richard Branson

Richard Branson, by the way, utilises Feng Shui principles in both his personal and professional life.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is a combination of common sense, interior and exterior design, philosophy, divination along with some understanding of the earths energies. The literal translation of Feng Shui (pronounced fung shoy) means wind and water; these two original elements are indicative of good health and happiness.

The purpose of applying Feng Shui is to promote a balanced, harmonious environment and we achieve this by increasing the flow of good energy throughout our home and workplace. This energy is called qi or, as, the Chinese spell it, ch’i (both pronounced chee).

Qi is regarded as the most vital aspect of Feng Shui and is meant to flow continuously and smoothly around us creating serenity,  harmony and maintaining healthy, loving relationships with our partner, children, family and friends.  When it flows smoothly, it’s good feng shui but when it becomes stagnant and stuck its bad feng shui. Whether it’s good or bad Feng Shui, it will impact our lives either positively or negatively.

The Invisible Force of Qi

We can view qi as an invisible force that brings everything to life, filling and pumping it with vitality.  Good qi can improve our mood, our health and increase wealth and abundance in every respect. On the flip side, if it’s low-quality qi, it can subdue, create disharmony, depression, disease and lack of energy and motivation.

Feng Shui Life Hacks for your Relationship and Home
move that qi

As well as being a Feng Shui enthusiast, I’m also an exercise instructor and I like to think of qi as the abundant blood flow we benefit from during movement and exercise.  The blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to every part that is moving.  When the blood flows freely, lymph fluid is then able to drain toxins resulting in a reduction in stress, and a healthy body.   The circulation must be continuous to be beneficial.

If you don’t move regularly, connective tissue becomes bound and knotty, blood will cease to flow, fluid around joints become sticky and stuck within the fabric of the tissue.   Lymph fluid is then unable to drain toxins from the surrounding areas.   If changes to lifestyle aren’t made then discomfort, pain and disease is the outcome.  So, on that happy note…don’t forget to stand up, stretch and move, but finish reading this blog first, please.

Feng Shui and Clutter

So, It’s exactly the same principle in Feng Shui, if your home is filled with clutter and you never move your furniture to clean or dust under and around your lamps, photo frames or books then dirt and dust will collect resulting in an unhealthy environment and ultimately affecting your relationship, your mood, your health, wealth and career.   Michael has written an extremely informative and tip-filled article on how to deal with clutter. 

Designing and decorating your new home Feng Shui Style

Feng Shui Life Hacks for your Relationship and HomeEstablish firm rules about avoiding clutter, cleaning regularly and decorating your home with furniture, artwork, wall colours and soft furnishings that you both love.  Your home should represent you both as a loving, young couple starting out life together in the best possible way.  You won’t have to guess if your home is perfect for you;  you’ll ‘feel’ and ‘sense’ it.   You will feel relaxed, happy and at peace in all rooms.

Click here to read the importance of keeping your main entrance clutter free and clean.

The beauty of utilising Feng Shui life hacks in your personal and professional life is, once you understand it, it becomes easier and easier to implement.   You’ll develop a strong gut instinct that will immediately give you feedback.  Furthermore, if anything feels out of balance then you’ll know how to fix it, or in Feng Shui world, which cures to add to return harmony where it belongs

Just a Little Feng Shui History

With a history of over 3,000 years in China, Feng Shui was relatively unknown in the western world until about 100 years ago.

There was a period from 1949 until around 1969 when Chairman Mao’s Cultural Revolution banned the practice, but today it’s thriving both in China and in our western culture. Many celebrities apply the Feng Shui system and life hacks to their personal and professional lives including Richard Branson, Johnny Depp, Madonna and even the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

“Employing Feng Shui tips can help you get out of your own way to find what it is you are really meant to do. And once you discover this, the pieces will fall into place. Other people have found their calling, but their environment is not in alignment with that purpose. Feng Shui can help with that, too.” Oprah Winfrey

Feng Shui Life Hacks and Their Elements

Wind and water are only two of the elements incorporated in Feng Shui philosophy. All of the elements taken into consideration are earth, fire, water, metal, and wood.

For example, if a room is missing the element of fire then it’s as easy as placing a red cushion in the weak area to achieve balance and harmony. On the other hand, if there is too much fire it can create minor or major disagreements. It’s always about balance and with practrise and understanding, you will get a feel for it in soon.

Now, I’ve said it’s easy but how will you know that an element is missing from a room lowering the quality of qi and maybe creating disharmony?  And if something is out of balance, how do you fix it?   What do you need to create the beautiful, serene, loved-up home for yourself and your mate?

Implementing Feng Shui Life Hacks

In other words, where and how do you start to implement the power of Feng Shui life hacks into your own personal and professional life?

  • First, you and your partner will need to work out which Chinese animal and element sign you both are.  You can work that out by CLICKING HERE.
  • You then will have the option of hiring a Feng Shui practitioner who can either visit your property or conduct an online consultation.
  • The other option, which may be more practical and will be cheaper, is to check out a simple, easy to understand and implement Feng Shui Software
  • To achieve the best outcome you will need to take a compass reading of the facing direction of your home.  This Feng Shui starter kit has an easy to use compass with simple instructions on how to use.

Additional Feng Shui cures and enhancements for a couple:

Read Michael’s tips how to improve romance in the bedroom

Feng Shui Finale

Welcome to the world of Feng Shui.  You have now discovered some of the tools that many successful people apply to their daily life.   By utilising this system every aspect of your life will change.  In no time at all, you’ll discover that applying these life hacks will be straightforward.  You’ll start to realise it really is just a common sense philosophy with a little magic thrown in.

I wish you and your partner a most successful and easy transition to the next phase of your life.  If you have any questions please let us know in comments below.   We’re always happy and here to help.

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