Can clutter really affect your health, wealth, relationships and overall well-being?

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Do we really believe that clearing your clutter will make you happier, healthier, wealthier and improve your Feng Shui?

Daniel & Michael Hanna 2020

For those of you in the UK, you will know that we should be enoying brillian sunshine; instead, it is feeling more more Autum with so much wind and rain, which is pretty standard in the UK. I love a good windy day as it is perfect for opening all the windows and door to move on stagnany Energy and bring in fresh new Qi and even performig this task can make sucha difference.

Traditionally spring is a great time to air the house out and invigorate all the stagnaant Qi in your home and office, and this can be a great opportunity to do a big spring clean although personally, we do this four times a year and rouglky at the trime when the new season begins.

The term “spring cleaning” literally means cleaning a home or area in the spring time; this is rumoured to have begun on the Persian New Year when Iranians would practise the tradition of “khooneh tekouni” which means “shaking the house” just before the New Year.

This is very similar to the tradition of deep cleaning your home before Chinese New Year to invite fresh Qi in to the home, and this also applies to a spring clean as we should welcome new Qi as every season begins.

Clearing your clutter and deep cleaning your home or office is so important for your emotional and physical well-being. Some common negative effects of clutter and a diorty home or office include low energy levels, bad luck, financial difficulties, procrastination, blocked creativity, bad health, mental confusion, drepression and and so much more.

I spent last weekend doing chores and jobs that I’ve been putting off for a while as they are not the most appealing jobs which included:

  • Cleaning the gutters out.
  • Deep cleaning the whole house.
  • Opening up all the drain covers and flushing them through with a pressure washer.
  • Removed all the weeds between the block paved driveway.
  • Cut back dead brances and stalks.
  • Clearing all the leaves and moving all the garden furniture around to clear underneath.
  • Treating the wooden decking in the garden.
  • Going through the home and garden and cleansing all Cures and Crystals and placing them back (this one I enjoy, but it does take me a very long time with all of my Amethyst geodes).

This took up the best part of my weekend, but my house feels so much better now as I can be a bit of a hoarder at times with my clothes and I managed to fill two black bags of old jumpers, t shirts and jeans that I will never wear again but hate to throw away, but they were taken to a charity shop.

Recycle clothing Feng Shui

This section was written by Daniel Hanna

I recently read an article on simple living which motivated me to clear out everything I never actually use; this consisted of things like old cinema tickets, an old CD walkman, even broken bike parts that I hoarded with the promise of one day fixing them and putting them on Ebay.

A great deal of this clutter went to the tip although I did take a few boxes to my local charity shop which made me feel a bit better about binning my once cherished skateboard although I can never see myself using it again.

My Dad, Michael, is quite the Eco warrior as my family calls him and a few years back he installed a 7.3 kilowatt solar panel system set up in the house, and my list of chores has now become even bigger as we are having absolutely everything converted to solar and environmentally friendly upgrades.

We had an Eco office built for us fours years ago made of all recycled wood and materials which runs virtually free of charge thanks to the solar system and two solar tube air heaters we had fitted to the office, heating it free of charge most of the time.

Mercedes C220 CDI Coupe

For the last few years, we have been going around the house and office and fitting solar security lighting, solar garden lamps and the whole house on a fair day will generate 2-3 more electricity than we can use, and you are probably what has got to do with Feng Shui, it has a lot to do with it as having good Feng Shui is also about the way you live your life.

Michael has even bought himself the new alliminium Jaguar XF which is doing around 70 miles to the gallon; gone are the days of how fast your car can go, nowadays it seems to be how many miles you can get out of a tank…. forget about a cars BHP, its all about MPG these days.

This spring clean, I have recently done around the home and office and checked to see what I could do to lower our carbon footprint and luckily, there wasn’t actually that much!

I’ve always gone by a check-list for spring cleaning, Chinese New Year and other times when I deep clean my house which I have copied below although everyone is different and I am quite meticulous when it comes to cleaning.

Tips and advice on clearing your clutter in your home or office.

  • Go through all drawers and bin everything I don’t need and have a general tidy up
  • Move furniture out and hoover behind
  • Use a surface cleaner to wipe down all furniture
  • Change bed sheets and flip mattress
  • Clean behind all radiators with a long handle and brush that connects to a vacume cleaner.
  • Touch up any paint chips in the home
  • Organise and donate clothes that I no longer wear
  • Remove all Feng Shui Cures and Crystal in the home and garden (make a note of where they go) and cleanse with warm salt water and rinse off then leave in the garden overnight to cleanse and even better if a full moon or direct sunlight.
  • Smudge the house with sage to clear negative Qi
  • Disinfect all of the sinks to kill bacteria
  • Deep clean the bathroom
  • Wash all curtains
  • Wash the dog (Frankie) bed and replace when old
  • Clean all windows and frames inside and out
  • Pressure wash the driveway and decking (this is more so in the winter months)
  • Clear all leaves around the home and shake down trees and bushes to remove dead leaves
  • Clear all gutters and flush through with the pressure washer
  • lift all outside drains and flush through with the pressure washer
  • Wash down the front door and touch up any paint chips
  • Check all smoke alarms
  • Cut grass and check the plants
  • Treat the wooden decking (luckily this is an annual task as I dread doing this)
  • Clean the car inside and out, check oil, washer fluid, tyres etc

This is actually not my full list, and there are a lot more jobs on my cleaning list, but I thought I’d list my essentials for you.

This may seem a bit unrelated to Feng Shui, but a tidy home is one of the most vital parts in Feng Shui. Imagine that your house is a human body; the windows are the eyes, nose and ears of the home, the front door is the mouth. You wouldnt let dirt accumulate around your mouth or eyes as this would bring bad things in to your body so you should not let this happen in your home.

A cluttered doorway or dirty windows can block fresh Qi entering the home and also stop stagnant Qi leaving which can cause problems for the occupants of the house.

I have written some tips below to help make sure you use Feng Shui and cleaning together to create a great balance in your home. It would be great to know your ideas and suggestions when it comes to cleaning so I can add them to this document.


Feng Shui door

1) The first thing to do is decide which door you will use and use this one door only. Having two main entry doors can often cause unnecessary bickering and arguing with members of the home, that it is why it is important to just use one door to enter and leave, it is okay to use the other door if it leads to the garden and you want to access it or throw your rubbish away. If you live in a home that has two or more doors but you can only enter through the main front one as it could be terraced or semi-detached, it is fine to use all the doors as the main entering and leaving will only be through one door.

2) Make sure the size of the door is in proportion to the size of the property. If the front door is too big, opportunities will slip you by and if it is too small, it can cause disharmony within the household. If you feel your door is too big or small hang a faceted crystal sphere on the inside of the door. In traditional Feng Shui there are auspicious measurements for doors and one of the reasons why we introduced auspicious dimensions in our Feng Shui software; this automatically tells you exactly what sizes are good and bad when you put them in to the Academy of Feng Shui Software. These auspicious measurements are used for doors, windows, desks, beds, furniture and every item you can think of and taken very seriously is China and other eastern countries.

Feng Shui panelled door3) If possible, it is better to have a solid front door to a glass-panelled one. If you have a glass door do not worry, just hang muslin, voile or a similar cloth over the glass. Personally I prefer a glazed door as I prefer natural light so please do not concern yourself if you have a glazed door although you should really avoid glazed panelled doors as they represent a cutting energy.

4) Ideally a front door must be bigger than the back door, encouraging Qi to enter through this aspect. If you have a larger rear door, do not worry too much as you can hang a crystal faceted sphere here.

5) A lot of homes have their recycling bins outside their front door and this is usually because they no choice but if you are able to, you should avoid having your bins outside your front door as if you leave such a smelly and dirty bin beside your door the smell alone is not good so you can imagine what the quality of the energy is like.

If you do not have a choice make the sure the bin is cleaned and disinfected every week. A Chinese belief is if you have your wealth area where you have a bin it will bring in stinky money (a Chinese saying for money that has been obtained illegally or immorally) and if you have your relationship area where you have your bin it will bring… you get the picture?

6) A front door needs to open inwards to allow beneficial Qi to enter. There is no cure for this one it must open inwards.

Cluttered front door feng shui7) It is important that the front door opens easily without obstacles or difficulties. Broken door furniture must be replaced. Hinges should be oiled regularly. The front door must be well maintained and clean. Brass (metal) door furniture should be gleaming and paintwork or varnish should be in good condition which brings me back to my cleaning check-list; I must fill a dent on my front door this week!

8) Make certain that the name or number of your house is clearly visible by day and night in order to maintain harmonious relationships with callers.

9) The most vital thing to do is to make very certain that this door is not being hit by anything sharp or angled. This is what is considered ‘exterior poison arrows’. These structures can transform quality energy into a bad one and you would not want this transformation at your front door.

10) Make sure the front door bell is easily located and works at all times. It should also have a nice ringing tone to it. I have stood waiting outside many front doors and had to use my mobile phone to call in as the doorbell was not working.


Clean gutters Feng Shui

1) Clearing this negative sha chi is very powerful and you will be astonished at the effect it can have. Gardens are often overlooked and now is a perfect time to make sure all drains are cleared and cleaned, and I do mean lifting drain covers and cleaning out and disinfecting, this is very important and the Sha Ch’i (negative energy) from them can cause many problems.

2) Gutters and down-pipes also hold much Sha Ch’I (negative energy) especially if they are full of dead leaves, just put your nose up close and the smell will tell all. I know this may not seem like the exciting text you would normally read in Feng Shui books but to us and the more authentic Feng Shui Masters, these jobs are critical for good Feng Shui in a home or business.

Master Cure 20133) do you have Crystals from old Feng Shui Cures that cannot be reused? plant them in your garden! You would be amazed what difference can be made just from burying some crystals in your garden… give it a try and check the results with crystals from an old Sheng Chi Cure or an old Master Cure.

4) Make sure that your grass does not become overgrown as this can trap stagnant Qi after it leaves your home and could stay around for a while. Make sure that you keep your grass clean cut and remove any moss or weeds from the garden.

Green algae Feng Shui Garden5) Over the year, certain areas accumulate a large build up of mildew around the home on plant pots and on brick walls; this can cause a lot of problems for occupants of the home so please be sure that you keep your home clear of mildew. My plant pots seem to accumulate a lot of this and I use patio magic mould and mildew remover which works wonders.

Inside the house

1) make sure that you cleanse your Cures and Enhancers when possible. The Annual Cures and Enhancers are chosen as they are the perfect mix to absorb so much negative Qi throughout the year and make sure that the year is as good as it can be so please be sure to cleanse them throughout the year although you should not move the Salt Water Cures unless they have started to overflow and also please do not move the Master Cure unless necessary throughout the year.

Keep windows closed in 20162) Keep windows clean at all times. I mentioned this in an article a few years back about how important it is to keep your windows clean as dirty windows can limit sunlight entering your home by as much as 40% which can cause problems as sunlight entering a home is a great source of Sheng Qi.

3)Consult the Monthly and Annual Flying Stars throughout the year as you may have a beautiful bedroom in the northwest but could find that you are having a great deal of bad luck and even stomach problems in 2014. Take a look at the April 2014 Monthly Flying Star and also the 2014 Flying Star Analysis.
4) Always always keep a journal of changes in your home. This is another one that I have written about before and this is possibly one of the most important factors in Feng Shui; There has been many times in my past where I have introduced a new ornament in my home or dug up an area of the garden and felt the repercussions afterwards as I had not checked consulted the Flying Stars and did not make a note of it. One of the best ways to solve problems in Feng Shui is look back in a notebook and see what could have caused the problem.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this article and please share your ideas on what you do when it comes to cleaning and Feng Shui.

Are you prepared for 2020?

Are you prepared for 2020?

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4 thoughts on “Can clutter really affect your health, wealth, relationships and overall well-being?

  1. Did you know that you would be practicing perfect Feng Shui if you loved everything in your home? Feng Shui believes that everything in our environment is affecting our energy positively or negatively. A good way to ensure that your energy is being affected positively is to love everything you surround yourself with.

  2. I do know this but I enjoyed reading your tips as I have put off two jobs and it makes me feel down because I have not done them. I will get started and feel encouraged after reading your article.

  3. Thank you for a great article, but may I ask what is a salt water cure?
    I have started my Spring cleaning as usual, but living here in Nova Scotia we can only clean the inside of our house right now, our garden is not ready for us to walk on yet, but as soon as it is, we will do our Spring cleaning outside as well.

    We have been having some bad luck over the last year, and I ve been trying to figure out why, so your article is of great value to me.
    Thank you.

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