Brand new Chinese Animal Calculator

Hi everyone, 

I have just finished writing and publishing our brand new free Chinese Animal Calculator. There is a lot of conflicting advice on the internet so I have filled these pages with as much information as possible. 

To view the Chinese Animal Zodiac Calendar, please click the link below.

I hope you all enjoy reading and please be sure to give feedback 🙂


Chinese Animal Zodiac CalculatorChinese Animal Calculator Added May 2013
We have added a Chinese Animal Calculator for you all as there is a lot of conflicting advice on the internet to help you determine what your true Chinese Animal actually is. Its really simple, all you need to do is More…

4 thoughts on “Brand new Chinese Animal Calculator

  1. Hi Daniel.
    Thank you so much for the Chinese Animals Zodiac- I am a Earth Dog and it is totally spot on about me. So Spooky 🙂 Thanks again.

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