Your Secondary wealth area for 2004

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Your Secondary wealth area for 2004

Written by Michael Hanna

If you have followed our newsletter over the years you will know we share a great deal of information on how to acquire good authentic Feng Shui and more importantly how to avoid negative Feng Shui.

Between us here we hold many secrets, most we are happy to share, others we are unable to through confidence and agreement and obviously we will always honour this, the ones we do not share are not worth knowing to the average person, as the formula is so in-depth you could never follow.

Believe it or not the information we are about to give you is still kept closely guarded even though the formula is simple, why? Because many Practitioners will always feel you should pay for this advice. I recently found a UK & USA Feng Shui website selling this information contained below.

We received a few emails from Practitioners a few months ago complaining that we gave too much information away in our newsletter and website and why release all our secrets, another words making them redundant. My reply was if my little secrets that I reveal are all you have to offer your clients you should not be practising. Sounds pretty tough doesn’t it, but seriously the information we give is a fraction of what we know and we believe that you should benefit from simple advice that you can implement without causing harm to yourself. So please if any Practitioners are thinking of writing to complain don’t bother. Oh by the way the majority of Practitioners do write in thanking us for sharing so it is only a small percentage who moan.

So take this valuable information as an early Xmas present from us. Have I got you sitting on the edge of your seat? Good, here goes. The below information can only be used after February 4th 2004 until February 2024 (20 years) so this will give you plenty of time to prepare.

As you know we will enter period 8 on the 4th February 2004, at the moment (last 20 years) if you followed our advise a few years ago you would have activated the south-west with an outside water feature to activate your secondary wealth area, this can bring unexpected wealth and for a business new clients/customers.

This method is extremely powerful but must be followed carefully, it is also know as Sub Direct spirit, nothing to do with ghosts but the Ho Tu combinations 1-6 2-7 3-8 4-9.

Ho Tu Pattern (The Dragon Horse)

If you notice the combinations above you will see at the moment we are in period 7, the Ho Tu combination for #7 is #2, so for the last 20 years if you had water in the #2 SW you would be OK. For period 8 look at the combination above, if you have worked it out and you are still with me you will see that #3 is the accompanying number and #3 is associated with the east. So your secondary wealth area from February 4th is the east up until 2024.

Here is a recap:

1) To activate your secondary wealth area you must have a water feature outside only (do not place inside unless you have had a professional Xuan Kong consultation or attending our 3 day course) in the east. What if you are not fortunate enough to have an area in the east outside your property to place a water feature? If the east of your house, apartment or business has lower ground or a road this will support it naturally and you do not need water, although Even if the east of your property has lower ground or a road and you are in a position to install a water feature, do it.

2) Make sure the east of your home does not have any large pieces of garden furniture; it has to be open and clear.

3). Also remember the flow of water must be clean flowing and face towards the home or office. If it has a central spout where the water comes out of this is OK, if it has a spout that flows out the side this is where you need to make sure the flow points towards the building, I hope that makes sense. The fountain can be made of any material so you do not have to spend a fortune; I have seen some inexpensive outdoors fountains in garden centres or DIY centres.

You can also apply this formula when you buy or rent a building in a village, town or city, look at a map of the area you are planning to move to and if it has water located to the east you know that particular area will prosper from 2004 – 2024.

Your Primary wealth area for 2004 – 2024

I am afraid you are going to have to wait until next month (December) for this, one little tip though from February 2004 you MUST NOT have water in the north-east for the next twenty years.

Here is another good tip: In the year of Yang Wood Monkey (2004) you should place the three immortals (Fuk, Luk & Sau) in the east of your home or east of your main dining-living room, this is said to bring good wealth, health and longevity for all occupants especially in the year of Monkey. So if you are looking for an ideal Xmas present what could be better than this.

Now I will show you how to enhance your water feature even more, you pick a good day to install the pond; this is done with the ‘Tung Sing’ (Almanac), you also pick your best hour to switch it on. Here are the best days to install your pond 6 – 15 – 21 – 25 February 2004.

An example to ensure correct use: I am a Dog and I will be installing my water feature in the East in February, for me it will be installed and switched on within a few hours. One of my best times is between 11 am and 1pm. So I shall start on Feb 6th at 11am and switch it on within two hours. If though I was building a larger pond and it took a few days, I would start on Feb 6th and then make sure it was completed by Feb 15th and switched on between 11am and 1pm.

Sallie translates the Almanac every month and you can choose good and bad days to do jobs, the page also tells you your good hours throughout the day, visit this link every month for more details and click the month you want. teachyourselffengshui.htm

If you cannot use this method do not worry it does not mean you will not be wealthy, far from it. These two methods are the tip of the iceberg, other methods include 5 Ghosts carry money, many Castle gate methods, Later Heaven Gua, Pa Sha, Wang Chen, Fan Gua mountain & water, to name a few, these are all very powerful ways of activating wealth. Unfortunately they go beyond of what I can teach in a newsletter, they require careful analyses although many of the most potent wealth secrets are taught on our three day course, If you would like further details please visit this link fengshuischool.htm or email Sallie at

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